Whether it's making sleep easier or highlighting design features, installing the correct window treatments makes a noticeable difference in a room's aesthetic appeal. Here are some things to consider when it's time for a new look.

Make Any Home Look Better and More Expensive

It's always a good idea to take the time to install something special. The following are a few ideas and concerns to keep in mind:

1. Realize the power of the right panels.
Correctly placed curtains can exaggerate the size of windows, making them look more grand, as well as elongate the height of the wall. Not the owner of a mansion? No problem! With the appropriate window treatments, any home can look huge. It's actually quite simple to steal the look with cleverly placed panels.

2. Shop with the needs of the room in mind.
It would look silly to put sweeping silk in a standard kitchen, right? That's why it's important to keep the room's purpose in mind. Dining rooms benefit from soft light that will not distract during meals, so sheer options are perfect choices. Kitchens generally need just a bit of coverage that will not hinder natural light, so valences are ideal. For media rooms or home theaters, thick materials can really lend that cinematic feel. Another bonus? Dark, heavy curtains enhance acoustics, resulting in a major sound payoff.

3. Enhance the unique.
Smart decorators use window treatments to bring out the unique features of the home and hide the less pleasant ones. Draw the eye to the floor to ceiling windows with sheer panels (to let in all of those natural rays) or dramatic draperies. Got an air conditioning unit? Hang curtains with adjustable ties to customize coverage, or hide the unit during cool months with longer panels.

Save Money and Improve Everything

It may seem like a tall order, but consider the following:

1. It's easy to save money with the right coverings.
Installing the right treatments can greatly minimize the amount of sunlight rooms receive, resulting in cooler temperatures and reduced energy bills. Light-blocking curtains are a popular choice for homeowners for this reason. For businesses, Roman shades look clean and get the job done with no bells and whistles.

2. Purchasing the correct curtains can pay off in improved sleep.
Besides driving up energy costs, extra sunlight can prevent restful sleep. Do not suffer from sleep deprivation because of unwanted light from the sun or street! Light-blocking panels can make a world of difference for even the most nocturnal personality, and they're generally very affordable.

3. Enhanced privacy equals maximum peace of mind.
Perhaps the most vital role of window coverings is privacy, and this issue is definitely one to consider. Get a little more peace of mind with window treatments that befit your need for privacy, such as dark, drawn shades or pieces made with dense fabrics.

When it's time to redecorate, do not forget to start with the windows, and be sure to consider these aspects for a final result that will live up to every expectation.