Here Are 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Humble Abode

You and your bae have been out on dates a few times, and tonight you are inviting her to your place. Should not you be caring about how your home looks? Obviously, a clean and tidy home does not equal consent, which means if she likes you, she would like your messy apartment as well, right?

If you are in the thought that she will not care about those dirty floors and moldy dishes, those soiled bed sheets or your no-furniture bachelor pad, then you are probably living in your fantasy world!

Cleaning your home and tiding it up, would obviously be your first step, but how about going for furniture rental to make your home more inviting? The lowest furniture rental options can really help with your budget. Rent a bed or a cozy couch, or go for a fluffy mattress rental to set the mood. After all, it is your first home date, and everything should be perfect.

Here are 5 simple and inexpensive ways to make your home girlfriend-friendly: –

1. Clear the clutter

Obviously, a bachelor's pad will be full of clutter, and that's of no use. Before you call your girl to your apartment, you must clean all the unnecessary stuff to make room for the useful stuff. Get rid of those useless boxes, or the worn-out couch in your living room, and replace them with some quirky options. And if you're broke, then furniture rental can be your savior.

2. Eliminate the obnoxious smells

Your apartment wrapped in cigarette smoke may feel kosher to you and your buddies, but definitely not your girl. The dirty dishes or the full trash can, the soiled linen or those sweaty gym clothes, there are innumerable reasons that can make your apartment smell like a gas chamber. So, get rid of all those causing causing agents and use a pleasant smelling air-freshener.

3. Add quirky furniture

Furniture adds a sense of volume to your apartment, and when you have a bachelor pad, there are some amazing quirky furniture rentals out there to explore. You can rent a few statement furniture pieces like bean bags or an egg swing or a comfy recliner.

4. Own a real bed

While a mattress on the floor is an eye-catching setup, it is not a replacement for a real bed. Do not worry about stretching your budget as you can rent a bed with ease to make your bedroom look the best! And, there are mattress rental options as well to complete it.

5. Set the mood with the lighting

No one would disagree to the fact that lighting can set the right mood. In moments like these, a relaxed set up that offers cozy comfort levels, along with the right lighting effects, can make things click! Put some floors lamps or tripod lamps to add that much-required gleam to your date night.

Making a good first impression with your home is not that difficult, and with furniture rentals conveniently available these days, also it does not require a fortune. Creating a clean and cozy ambience shows the kind of man you are. It's time to make her feel proud of the choice she has made.

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Ask An Expert: Interior Design

Over many years as an Interior Designer, what would be 3 major shifts in consumer preferences during that time?

One thing that comes to mind right away is the shift from stain grade cabinets to paint grade cabinets. White kitchens are back! Clients are trending more towards lighter and brighter over the red / orangey tones of the last decade. Flooring has changed quite a bit with more clients opting for LVP (luxury vinyl plank) through their house. LVP has come so far, and is now super durable, easy to maintain and looks crazy real. Thirdly, quartz countertops are now becoming the standard. I rarely question granite anymore. Quartz is so easy to maintain vs granite and the colors and patterns that are available now mimic everything from natural marble to exotic granites.

What are some future ideas and predictions going forward? Any new trends that may be taking place in 2018/19 and beyond?

Natural woods are very popular right now: hand scraped, wide plank barn board flooring as well as overtly distressed furniture pieces. What is also starting to come forward in design is more of a traditional style again. Details on everything and the use of rich jewel tones are hot right now along with warm metal tones (yes brass is back but in an updated way!).

What are some of the challenges to face in helping customers realize their dream renovation?

A lot of clients are afraid to trust their style intuition. They often fight between their heart and their brain over what they want. Often, they are trying to force themselves to change color palettes or styles from their last house and sometimes its way out of their comfort zone. I always tell clients to listen to their gut. Their home is their sanctuary and they need to feel comfortable, relaxed and love being home.

Are there certain types of renovations that tend to bring the greatest value to the selling price of a home?

Kitchens, Ensuites and basement developments are always the spaces people use the most, therefore increase the value of your home. Those rooms are the ones potential home buyers are looking at predominately because they know those are the areas they will spend the most time in.

How does one get ideas or inspiration to help guide them when considering renewal options?

I will often suggest that clients send me photos of homes, rooms, styles, products that they find on home décor sites. Often clients do not know what their style is, so if they can show me pictures of things like like, then I can usually understand them better. Visiting showhomes is also an excellent way to find inspiration and new ideas.

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Blue Wool Rug – What Do You Need To Know About Them?

Blue area rug is a great addition to any room that has something in blue color design like upholstery, bedsheet, and cushion cover. It is a cool color that will cool down the temperature in your room on a hot day. The soft plush furs of large blue wool rugs feel cozy to step on every time you walk over them. Because wool provides a fluffy padding, you can lie down and take a nap in the afternoon without hurting your backbone. The thick wool wool fiber on the striped blue wool rug will keep you warm when you are sleeping on the floor.

Beside, the blue color is a nice color to relax the eyes on. If you visit the store, you will find various shades of blue wool rugs including navy, indigo blue, and blue green. Many of these rugs have repeated geometric or striped patterns. Some feature painting of the clouds, skies, hills, and mountains. You will also find blue rug with compiled floral and leaves designs. There are also patriotic blue rugs that feature the statue of liberty and white stars.

Striped Blue Rug

Striped blue wool rug is a blue rug with repeated stripe pattern. The pattern can be stripes with same or different thickness. The traditional blue wool rug that has stripe pattern often features blue and white stripes. However, nowdays, you can find many other styles of stripe patterns in blue green wool rug, for example, thin and thick horizontal stripe pattern, and thin and thick wavy stripe patterns

  • Apart from the traditional pattern, it can also be blended with other colors like gray, orange, turquoise, yellow, tan, brown, beige and red
  • Rug with straight horizontal stripes is a great match for modern slab floor. This is because the stripes resemble the wooden planks on the floor.
  • The wavy blue stripe on a blue green wool rug looks like the boisterous sea waves that is ever fluctuating. The tan color wavy line looks just like the light brown sand on the seashore. Another thing to note is that the striped blue pattern is the casual pattern of clothing or picnic cloth for beach goers. Your room will look much more casual and relaxing when you have a large blue area rug with stripe pattern regardless of whether it has horizontal or wavy stripes.
  • Blue wool rug with stripe pattern is great for decorating a room that has a nautical theme. The reason for this is that the striped blue looks like the scenery at the beach in which the blue represents the blue color of the ocean water and the white represents the clouds in the sky. Therefore, whenever you run your eyes over it, you will be reminded of the relaxation vacation at the beach and find your mood uplifted.

Navy Blue Rug

Navy blue wool rugs feature deep blue color that resembles the marine army logo color. It is available as a washed out solid color, or with patterns.

  • Navy blue rug is great for decorating a room with marine navy theme or sea theme. Many people who have navy carpets in the room would decorate the wall with wall decors like boat paddle, and sailboat models. If you have a large navy rug, you can put it in the foyer, living room and family room.
  • Large blue wool rugs are also often used to decorate a room with planets and galaxy space theme. The wall may be painted with the planets of the solar system or you have a bedsheet that features a planet design.
  • Small navy blue wool rugs can be used as a stepping mat at the entrance of the bathrooms. The navy blue color will match perfectly with a deep blue toilet seat cover.
  • You can also use it as a step mat on the floor near the kitchen sink. In this way, the water that is splashed from washing the vegetables will wet the carpet. For a kitchen rug, it is best to look for one that has a small size like 5×7, 5×7.5 or a runner style area rug that is 19×5. The rug has a non slip surface specifically designed for your feet to grab onto the floor. It'll bring you from slipping when the carpet is exposed to water.
  • Some feature nautical theme designs like ropes, anchor with chains, sail boat wheel, shale, crabs, compass, map, sailboat, octopus, starfish, sea shell, squid, and lighthouse.
  • Alphabetical navy blue wool rugs use pictures of different animals that live near or in the ocean to teach your children alphabets from az.

Blue Green Rug

Blue green rug is associated with colors like emerald green, sea foam green, and the green colors of the eggs of certain bird species. Often, this type of rug is over dyed and has a washed out design that gives it a retro appearance. It is the perfect choice if you want to give your room a unique look but you do not have any vintage décor or antique to put in the room.

  • The blue green color is the same color that is used in depicting kelps, sea weeds, moss and mermaids in the pictures. If you have a simple blue green rug, it will add a luxurious touch to the room like it is a room at a beach front resort. The blue green color resembles the turquoise sea water in your dream beach vacation.
  • Many people also like to put the blue green rug in their patio. When you put it in the soil area, it gives the impression that you have a fish pond with turquoise blue water in your garden. If you put it in the soil area, make sure the soil underneath is dry and there is no mud. You can also put it in the lawn with the patio table and chair on top.

Indigo Blue Rug

Indigo blue is often confused as navy color but it is actually a darker blue than navy blue. Because it is dark blue, it can darken the atmosphere of the room. Indigo blue wool rug is best installed in a room that has a dark color theme, for example, dark brown furniture, and dark carpet. If you feel that your room gets too much light, you can reduce the light by placing an indigo blue rug. The dark indigo blue will absorb the light so that the room looks lightly darker.

  • The dark color is an advantage for homeowners who are looking for a carpet that is immune to the stain, especially if you have kids or pets at home.
  • From time to time, you will accidently spill something on the carpet. Beside, dust is everywhere in the air in the house so you can not avoid dust not accumulating on your rug.
  • Some large blue wool rugs have soft color mixed into the design, which makes it suitable for decorating a home office, to help you get relieved from the work stress. Mediterranean style carpet blends in well with a bright color theme.

Bonus Tips

Wool rugs are expensive but they can last for up to 50 years if taken care properly. If you can not afford to buy a 100% natural wool rug, you can buy a wool blend rug that features 80% wool and 20% synthetic material. Some wool blend rugs like wool / nylon and wool / viscose rugs are worth buying as they have many positive hits incorporated. Before you shop around, you may want to visit the local carpet shops. Wool carpet is expensive and it is always best to buy it locally if you can. In this way, you can inspect the carpet quality, for example walk on it, and feel the pile.

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The Benefits Of Investing In Handmade Linen Throws

When it comes to home improvement, there are numerous items that can match the needs of homeowners. For instance, when planning to make living rooms look luxurious, the use of wooden fixtures is best. In order to make it more appealing, it is also ideal to make use of handmade linen throws. By opting for such product, homeowners can obtain a number of benefits when they want to create a wonderful and unique home.

More unique designs

One of the main benefits of opting for handmade products like linen throws is it is more unique than other throws offered in the market. Of course, manufacturers have their own designers who create appealing styles to market. However, these designs are sold in bulk. Therefore, there are instances when your neighbor has the same linen throw design as you have. By opting for handmade items, you are assured that the designs are unique from others.

More attention to details

The next benefit of investing in manufactured products is creators are more attentive to details. Huge companies make use of precision instruments to ensure accuracy on items they produce. But, there are cases when small details are neglected since they need to make use of expensive machines and programs to make products in bulk. Meanwhile, handmade product experts have extensive experience on manufacturing products manually. Thus, they have an eye for even the smallest details.

Cheaper than others

Another benefit of handmade linen throws is it cheaper than other items available in the market. One of the common factors that affect product price is its manufacturing cost. So, the higher the production cost, the higher the retail value is. Other than that, some companies let buyers shoulder the taxes of products, which can also add to its price. As for handmade products, some costs are eliminated such as production costs and machinery maintenance and repair expenses since these products are handmade.

Better value than standard items

Lastly, handmade linen products have better value than standard items. As mentioned above, huge companies mass produce designs and styles of linen throws. Not to mention, these companies make use of standard materials in creating such products. As a result, its value is lower than handmade ones. In addition, some craftsmen make use of high quality linen to ensure its reliability and durability.

By knowing all these benefits, individuals can easily choose which product can make their homes better and more appealing.

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Reasons to Choose a Course in Interior Design

Trends in the art world are changing rapidly. The rapid expansion of modern media and information has now also filtered into interior design. As a consequence, the interiors of offices, homes and apartments are now designed with infinite care and attention. The need for excellence in the design of these room spaces has led to a huge demand for interior designers and individuals are unsurprisingly concluding that it is rewarding to learn about this subject and are looking to join the best courses available. Given that our lives have only gotten busier in recent times, it is imperative that someone wishing to study for a diploma in interior design can do this within a flexible program. Because of this rapid growth in the field of interior design in the last decade, there are now so many permutations of study and the number of organizations to join so numerous, that the question of which course to be chosen is difficult to answer at the outside .

There are interior design courses that are designed to fit into a busy schedule. Some have rotating schedules that ensure all options on the program can be accessed at a later date if they are missed and one to one attention means that students are able to complete their coursework at the highest level so that they are properly prepared for their future careers . The main purpose of such courses, after all, is to provide students a gateway to become interior designers. These kind of organizations offer courses to students from all over the world. Hundreds of students will have had their skills grooved through the program and will now be having a successful lifelong career in their chosen subject. This framework provides a flexible, personal and friendly atmosphere so that individuals can put all of their efforts into their work to produce the best effects. Research is encouraged and information is provided about the best suppliers, so that individuals can practice before embarking on their future careers. This type of environment is congenial to study and students can explore whatever ideas they want. Professional tutors assist individuals to polish their talents and skills and students can learn subjects as diverse as how to combine different colors, how to dress the walls in homes, to the finer details of, for example, what lighting to choose to fit a particular room . In addition to this, they can learn how to choose curtains and furniture amongst other subjects. All skills are molded beforehand so that once they have been learnt in this supportive environment, candidates can be free to have a successful career in interior design.

These types of academies provide a wide range of courses and their flexible timetables allow individuals to fit in those sessions that they think are most valid at the beginning and they can dip into others as their interest in those subjects grows later on. This flexibility means that candidates can gain their interior design diploma within the shortest possible period of time.

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Interior Ideas: Tips for Chosing Colours for Curtains & Soft Furnishings With Confidence

Choosing the right color for your soft furnishings and window dressings seems a challenging task to many. Understanding what goes with which color and how to get the best out of your interior through the use of colors in your soft furnishings is fundamental to your dream space.

Many people make choice and combination of colors so complicated that average person is either put off or too afraid to experiment. Well at the very basic, choice of colors and what they mean to you is very personal. Experiment with colors and be bold to test your imagination.

Brighter living spaces bring life to the interior and what can be better than a touch of bright blooms in the living space. Mixing colors with neutral base. Treat your walls as canvas and your choice of interior colors as your art work. Fresh blooms, yellow, pinks, blue can brighten up the space.

Your window treatment plays a significant role in the setting up the mood for your interior. Floral curtain fabric are the best way to bring in that live feel to the interior. You can mix them with stripes or plains to create a coordinated look to your interior.

Another tip for modern interiors is to use a mix of gray with bright colors to create a spacious elegant feel to the interior. Consider a curtain or blind fabric with gray pattern on neutral color or mixing grey tones with blue, red or yellow to create a contemporary spacious interior with bold use of colors.

Use color wheel to assist you in understanding which colors compliment each other and what are the colors that coordinate with each other. It is very helpful especially if you do not trust your creative instincts. Use of dark colors in a large space creates a pull together effect. Use it to the advantage. Where as smaller spaces may benefit from more neutral and bright choices of colors. Your window treatment plays a pivotal role in your interior statement. Use longer curtains to create a sense of height. Mix coordinating colors to create depth in the interior.

There is a popular misconception that you have to be an expert to add color to your home. Color is personal and as good as the way you like it. The key is being confident in the use of your choice of colors. Never be afraid of trusting your instinct about a color for your interior ,ides, you make choices based on colors every now and then anyway.

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10 Ways You Can Make Your Home Even Homier

While the phrase “home is where the heart is” may seem cliché, in so many ways it's true. Homes are typically full of life, memories and love.

If you're looking for ways to make your home even homier, there are some simple things you can do. And this does not have to involve purchasing tons of expensive décor. Follow along for some simple tips to get started today:

  1. Decorate with Pictures: Adding personal memories and mementos to your tabletops and walls will help personalize your home. This gives your home the look and feel that someone is actually living there, rather than looking like a model home, sterile rental or hotel room. This is also a way to finally get those pictures off of your phone or camera and give them a real purpose.
  2. Create Comfy Seating: Your home will automatically take on a homier feel when you decide to create comfy couches and chairs for guests and family. Having enough seating for all of your guests will make your space feel more inviting and decorative.
  3. Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary: A good night's sleep is a priority for people of every age. Ensure sound sleep by making your bedroom as comfy and cozy as possible. This may include coordinated pillows and bedding, soothing lighting, and light blocking shades, to promote high quality sound sleep in your peaceful bedroom sanctuary.
  4. Throw Blankets: Incorporating throw blankets and decorative pillows into your seating areas makes this space more welcoming and homier. This is a simple and functional way to make your space more inviting.
  5. Candles: Adding natural light and scents from candles will enhance the ambiance of your home. Candles add another dimension to your senses, while making your space visually appealing as well.
  6. Eliminate Overhead Lighting: Instead of turning on those industrial-designed overhead light fixtures, try switching on a tableside lamp! This will eliminate harsh lighting and provide a warm glow to your space. Even better, recessed LED lighting with a dimmer switch can give you maximum control to create just the perfect brightness for your space.
  7. Add Seasonal Decorations: Keeping up with current holidays and weather trends will help update your home every season while also getting you and your family into that holiday spirit!
  8. Clean Out the Bathtub: Making your bathtub suitable for bathing will dramatically transform the feeling of this important room in your home. It may seem odd, but having the space for a calming bath will actually give your house a homier feel. While a warm bath decorated with candles and bubbles may be visually appealing, it can also work wonders for your stress levels.
  9. Hang From the Walls: While hanging pictures was already mentioned above, adding decorative wall hangings or paintings can transform your walls. This can also eliminate the need to repaint your walls.
  10. Use the Kitchen: The kitchen is not just a decoration. Use this space to your advantage by entertaining, creating and designing a functionally appealing room! Plus, the wonderful smells emitting this room will act as an added bonus!

Now that you have read 10 ways to make your homier home, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get started. You can transform any room, or the entire house, by practicing one or all of these tips. And if you're in the market for more dramatic changes, consider a kitchen or bath remodel . Transform your bathroom into a spa or your kitchen into a place for fine cooking, dining and entertaining. Updates to your home, whether big or small, are sure to bring you and your family an amount of pleasure and comfort in the days and months ahead.

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9 Tips for Planning Your Indoor Garden

There's something special about gardening – the process of growing living things for the enjoyment and possible consumption. Although gardening is a great hobby, not everyone has the outdoor space required. In other instances, the climate may not be ideal for the type of garden you'd like to develop and nurture. Perhaps neither of those apply to you, and you'd simply like to plan an indoor garden in order to bring life to your interior space. If so, you will benefit in numerous ways.

It's well-known that plants provide a number of mental and physical health benefits, while adding to the overall design of your home. If you have been wanting to plan and execute an indoor garden of your own, here are 9 practical tips.

1. Be Mindful When Positioning Your Plants

When it comes to design, various plants will, of course, look best in certain spaces. With that being said, decide on locations which suit you and your needs. If you spend most of your time in the family room, make sure you bring plenty of life into that room with you, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of each unique plant.

To make it easier, planters allow you to play around with the positioning. Try different locations to see what looks best. Also, be mindful of what the plant requires in terms of lighting (as discussed below). With so many indoor planters to choose from, you can easily select a style that fits your taste and living space.

2. Know What Your Plants Require

When you have a better idea regarding what your plants need, you'll be able to position them more effectively. You may think that a room is too dark, however, certain plants thrive in dim environments. There are plenty of subtropical and tropical plants which prefer filtered light. Other plants require full sun, so just be mindful of their needs when planning.

3. Do not Forget the Bathroom

There are various species of plants which do very well in moist environments. Ferns and spider plants, for instance, tend to thrive in vaporous rooms. Regular exposure to mist is a great way to keep them healthy. These plants generally have low light requirements and since space is generally limited, plants on shelves are often ideal, as well as wall and hanging planters .

4. Water From Underneath

It may be your first instinct to water from the top, but this increases your risk of flooding and dry roots. When planning your indoor garden, know that some plants are better off sitting in dishes. You can then place water in the dish, allowing the plant to naturally soak up the water it requires. Fuchsias are a classic example, benefiting from this method of watering.

5. Avoid Drafts

Plants are living species which are often affected by temperature changes. If drafts are too hot or cold, this could significantly hurt the health of your plants. Try to keep your indoor plant pots away from heating ducts and air-conditioning units.

6. Invest in a Mist Bottle

Filling a mist bottle and having it on hand is a great way to easily water your plants. Since overwatering is often the most common cause of indoor plant death, misting can help reduce the risk of premature death. Also, be mindful of the climate, as plants often require more water during the summer months.

7. Do not Forget the Fertilizer

If you have gardened before, you know that fertilizer is a great way to feed your plants. Of course, fertilizers vary, so select an option that suits your plant's needs. Always follow the directions on the label, as application recommendations will differ.

8. Away Most Days? Use Ice Cubes

Ensure that your plant is not sensitive to extreme temperature changes, although it's mainly the soil that will be exposed to the ice. Ice cubes are a great way to water your plants at a slow and steady pace. If you need to be out of town for the evening, this is a great way to ensure that your plants receive the water they need while you're out.

9. Grow Fresh Herbs

Select a windowsill that receives at least six hours of light per day. Within a small planter, grow your own herb garden. This will not only add beauty to your kitchen, but you will also be able to cook with the freshest, healthiest, most flavorful herb varieties.

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White Marble is a Great Choice of Residential and Commercial Use

Worth is proven from historical monuments

White marble has proven its significance in the past. Taj Mahal made of white marble is the prime instance. An individual does not need to create one monument like that. He requires only white marble usage in his house judiciously. The service industry is on the rise and people are now inclined towards technology. Nowadays, wide arrays of options are there in the market to go well with one's requirements and funds.

· White color joins and catches an individual's attention quite fast. There are lots of options to be had and can be given a try with white color. Therefore, an individual can be creative with marble to give a superb and different looks to his house.

· India is the third largest marble producer in the world and within India; there are lots of arrays available. If an individual desires to have more options then he needs to spend more and can opt for Italian marble as it is also accessible to India.

· In the world, multiple options available are an issue but it is even more important to be aware of the facts involved in choosing the appropriate one. Therefore, an individual should think wisely.

Quality does matter

Today, there are various available qualities in marble and an individual needs to choose carefully from them. Makrana marble is quite frequently used in India as it is found here and made here. Since India is its originating place that makes it quite affordable in comparison to other marbles of equal quality. In this eminence there are different ranges available and the whiteness will be according to price. Price increment will lead to a more superior and durable marble.

Places where it can be used

An individual can put the marble in his house anywhere he would like to apply. Flooring using marble is the most ordinary place. He can also use it on the walls to make them look awesome. Marbles are well known for their elegant look and durability.

· To give more astonishing and superb looks an individual can place a statue made of white marble. It will add more great looks to his house.

· If he wishes for more whiteness, he can employ the most expensive marble. An individual needs to remember one thing which is quite important. All that glitters is not gold before he has to be cautious while choosing the right marble and the supplier company.

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Investing In Professional Interior Designing – Ideas for Every Budget

Every home owner wants a home that can stand for his own choices and personal preferences, and of course, to achieve that in the right perspective, it is more than essential to have an interior expert. Sadly, not all budgets are the same. In fact, less than one percent of all homeowners use these advanced and custom services. However, you do not need to be sad. In this very special post, we will try to unleash some of the ideas that are often used by professional designs, but without actually topping the budget.

Invest in New Elements:

First things first, you should start with creating a uniform look for the house, and that's pretty much possible with fresh paint. Look for a color scheme that would complement the existing architecture and for this, you can simply head to the showroom of any known paint brand, and they will give you some great ideas. It does not matter whether you can invest in high-end residential architecture, but with small things, the changes can be pretty evident for the interiors. The next thing is crown molding, which can help in creating a smooth transformation for the walls and ceilings. You do not need to go for old school designs, because the contemporary ideas are equally good.

Change the Window Decor:

This is another thing that can be done in a budget. Curtains are easily the most visible fabric in any room, and when you choose something that's feeble and cheap, you create a straight bad impression. Start with understanding what kind of curtains can work wonders with your furniture, and if you have the space, you can use the windows for placing indoor plants and even a few decorative.

Tweak the Lighting:

Nothing works better for any room than good lighting. If you want to change the feel of the room, add some warm lights and a few pendant lamps. You can also balance free standing lamps in the mix, while adding lights on areas that need attention. Play with the tones of lights, because every light creates a new kind of appeal, and you can find quite a few choices even for smaller budgets.

Should I Hire a Designer?

Now this is a question, which depends on your budget and choices. Many homeowners feel that taking risks on their own may mean more expenses and mistakes, while others like the idea of ​​creating contemporary designs that reflect their picks and choices. However, there is no denying that interior designers and experts have their own take on spaces and they can offer great value for the money you spend. The best idea is to ask the designer for his fees and charges, and you can further assign the project on a strict budget. That way, you will not run out of money and will have all the things done to the best levels of perfection.

Check with a few designers and discuss the options for knowing better, or else, you can try one of the few ideas listed!

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Determining a Rug’s Country of Origin

Learning how to classify an oriental rug can be a timely endeavor. In addition to learning the expansive variety of ways that a rug can be classified, you need to understand that some classifications methods are more important than others.

For example, weavers and merchants can classify a rug based on its color, weave pattern, material, and the weaving group that made the rug, but each of these criteria take a back seat to the most important and influential classification form: country of origin .

Country of Origin

Given that many of the designs and color schemes that a rug uses depend on where the rug was created, it is logical to classify a rug based on its country of origin. Many different rug styles are simply deviations from a country's cultural design.

Determining a rug's country of origin also helps consumers and merchants understand the associated tariffs, exchange rates, and productions costs as each country has different rates associated with their rugs.

Another important factor of the quality and overall value of a rug is its production costs. Knowing what a rug costs to produce can help create a price anchor for merchants to use in approximating the rug's economic worth.

Changing Boundaries

Several of the most popular rug producing companies have expanded and contracted their boundaries over the last century. This presents a challenge for rug appraisers in determining how to label a rug as several, very popular weaving and rug producing areas have been absorbed by other modern states.

In addition to being absorbed by other areas, some popular rug producing locations and tribes have merged together and now produce such a wide variety of products that it is very difficult to categorize all of the products together.

Popular Traditional Weaving Countries

Many well-known weaving areas are now referred to by different titles due to their modern state names. For example, very popular Oriental rug producing areas in Persia are now classified as Iran under the country of origin.

Other highly popular areas such as West Turkestan and the Turkoman nomads are now classified under the north-east Iran and Afghanistan areas. Even the well-known Anatolia weaving area is now classified under the country of Turkey.

Other Classifications

There are more ways to classify rugs besides the methods previously mentioned, but these methods are the most popular and provide the best approximate value of the rug's quality and worth. Knowing your rug history can help provide you with a better understanding of what you should pay for a rug.

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Spicing Up Your Home With Shabby Chic Home Decor

The Shabby Chic décor style popularized by Rachel Ashwell and Arhaus seeks to have an opulent vintage look. Colors prevalent are white, pastel and ecru. Fabrics are generously hemmed giving a soft and deep feeling.

Shabby Chic furniture is given a distracted look by covered in sanded milk paint. The whole décor style has an intriguing flea market look.

Pink peonies collaboration

Items in this range have soft pink fabric covers and include beddings, bed skirts, settee upholstery, and pillows. Styles in this range are charlotte, petticoat, tufted and Lilliput.


The Shabby Chic rugs are in sheepskin and vintage designs. The sheepskin rug is made from natural sheepskin and is milk white. The vintage rugs are in soft pinks and browns on white backgrounds depicting natural plant art.


These are different accessories that show spontaneity in art and craft. Items in this collection include poufs, metal trays, globes, matchboxes and vases. Colors are more divergent with indigo, poufs, blue vases and brown wood decorations.


An opulent décor style is bound to have mirrors in various designs. The Shabby Chic mirrors styles are long, liberty, renaissance, estate and grand. Frame colors come in silver and tan colors.


The Shabby Chic pillow designs are damask, Bella, lace and Venetian. The emphasis is on a deep fluffy look with covers being dominantly pastel and ecra in color.

Window covering

Curtains are for privacy as well as decorative functions. The range of curtains come in petticoat white, silk dupioni, embroidered voile and cottage linen styles. The colors are white and pink.


The throws have a hand knit look and go very well with soft pink and white couch and settee covers.


No décor style is complete without art. The works of art in the collection are by Jorunn mulen. The pencil and charcoal etched drawings are done on soft pink and pastel colors to stay with the theme.


This decor has furniture items for dining, living and bedrooms. The Shabby Chic furniture is covered in white, pink and pastel colors. Dining sets, settees and reading bureaus are also in the furniture collection.

This décor style also includes lighting, bath and gift items. Baby items are also available in this refreshingly feminine collection. The shabby chic collection is able to give a complete look for the whole house with tasteful items for everyday use.

You can learn more on applying the shabby chic home décor style by reading books by Rachel Ashwell.

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Investing In A Flat Weave Style Rug Or Tapestry Is A Smart Move

There are varying kinds of flat weave rug and they come with different names according to where they're from and also how they are produced or made. Some of the most common names for flat weave rugs include:

• Kilim
• Navajo
• Rag Rug
• Aubusson
• Dhurrie
• Soumak

The flat weave rug is typically made of cotton, wool or a blend of the two. Of course there are some modern imitators that use synthetic fibers, but most prefer authentic styles which are hand woven and not made by a machine. The weaving is the same on the front and back, this gives them an advantage over knotted styles because they can be flipped. The look and feel are popular worldwide, and they are durable and long lasting especially on a set vacuum and cleaning schedule. Professional cleanings will have a flat weave rug looking like new for many years.

Advantages of a flat weave rug compared to other rug styles:

• Flat weave rugs are usually priced to fit any budget in comparison to a hand knotted rug style that's the same size. This allows one to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful rug without the astronomical price tag.

• The fact that flat weave rugs are reversible makes them longer lying between cleanliness, which is a huge bonus. Colors and patterns are the same on both sides.

• A flat weave rug that's hand woven in the Middle East typically carries a high value, and is a worthy investment as well as a beautiful piece.

• Need to get the rug out of the way? They fold up very easily for storage.

• The endless array of colors and designs patterns make them easy to match to most types of decor.

• The weight of a flat weave rug is much less than a pile style rug of the same size. This means that one will not need help to move it around.

Possible disadvantages of this style rug in comparison to other styles:

• These type of rugs sometimes slide around on a hard floor of tile or wood, this means that they can be a hazard for falling and tripping. Adding a great quality rug pad benefit them solves this problem with ease.

• The rugs are thin, and will not hide spills or spots as well as a pile type rug. They'll need to be cleaned a lot sooner.

• Figuring the difference between a flat weave rug that's been handmade or machine made is very difficult, even for a professional! So it can be hard to determine if one is getting a great purchase or not.

• The rugs are prior to curling up on the edge after being clean, especially if they are made of cotton. The solution is to place them under something heavy to flatten them.

• The fringes on this type of rug may fray over time. This is especially true if a vacuum with a brush bar is used to clean them. However, this will be common for any type of handmade rug.

• Some handmade rugs are marked by the weaver, somewhere on the warp yarns. This shows that the rug is authentic, and is used to show the pattern to be followed. They use chalk or ink that may not be colorfast. So the downside to this is that these marks may show up once the rug has been cleaned. This is not the fault of the cleaner, but a chance that one must be willing to take when buying a flat weave rug of any kind.

The long and short of it is that one can get many years of enjoyment out of these rugs when purchased carefully and weighing all the good with the bad. In most cases, home and business owners love their flat flat weave rugs or tapestries.

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The Iconic Lisa Cane – Guaranteed to Enliven Your Landscapes

Whether it is the interior space or the outer landscape, the addition of faux plants will provide a splendid outlook to the entire ambience. It also refreshes the surroundings. You can use various items such as a sophisticated showpiece or a chandelier to make your outer space more appealing but nothing can surpass the beauty and vibrancy of artificial plants and flowers. If you are searching for the appropriate artificial botanical beauty, then the Lisa Cane can prove to be quite effective and attractive.

The Eye-catching Elegance of Lisa Cane

It is true that some people may not be familiar with the name of artificial Lisa cane plant and so it is important to note that it has become one of the most alluring decorative products that make people admire it more. The green strap shaped leaves can simply team up with any light colored flower and so you can easily match it with the external decor. This also means that you can choose your preferred color. Another vital character is that which is available in different assortments and shapes. You will pat your back every time when you look at its stunning beauty and elegance.

Adding exquisiteness to your landscape

Now that you have decided to embellish the outer surroundings with the natural looking artificial plants you must know how to place them right at the accurate position. This will certainly enhance the charm of the landscape. Just follow the simple tips and you can notice the difference instantly.

  • It is always better to plant it in a clay or a bamboo pot and then put it at the corner of the garden or at the two sides of the entrance door
  • It is a faux plant which can be used for both exterior as well as interior decoration
  • You can add some light colored flowers and then place them with the real flower plants that will provide a more sophisticated appearance
  • While you are using them for external embellishment, you can better decorate them on the pavement of the halls, or beside the jogging track in the park that adds greenery to the environment. It will make monotonous looking surroundings live.
  • You can make use of beautiful LED or solar lights above it or benefit it which will spontaneously gain the attention of an onlooker.

Different Categories of Lisa Cane

The Lisa Cane Artificial Plant has been broadly classified into two different categories. They are –

  1. Hawaiian Lisa Cane
  2. Dracaena Lisa Cane

Hawaiian Lisa Cane

The scientific r the botanical name of the Hawaiian Lisa Cane is Dracaena Deremensis Lisa. It usually grows up to a height of about 5.5 to 6 inches. However, when placed inside a plot, it can grow till ten inches. One of its major advantages is that it can be used for both domestic as well as commercial purpose decoration. It is a very versatile plant. It does not require sunlight at all for the growth. Since it is a synthetic plant, it also does not require water for nourishment. The high durability and the ability to withstand all conditions make it an ideal choice for malls, parks, restaurants and other office buildings. Thus, it can prove to be a great alternative to real plants and trees which need a lot of factors for growing.

Dracaena Lisa Cane

The species of this plant subtropical, evergreen, woody plants and are often mistaken as the palms. It has got its name from Drakaina which is a Greek term for the word dragon. This plant is actually taller in comparison to the Hawaiian Lisa Cane and can grow up to a height of fifty to one fifty feet. Because of its hefty height, it is usually used for exterior decoration purpose. It has almost all the major characteristics of the artificial plants and you can search for this option when planning to buy this artificial landscaping product . You will surely get it well within your budget estimate.

Now Let's Get Down to the Advantages

Lisa Cane synthetic foliage is becoming popular as more and more people are getting to know about it. Therefore, many online shopping websites selling artificial trees and flowers have started keeping its varieties. But before you can explore at the various available options, it is viable to be acquainted with some of its benefits –

  • One of the great features which distinguishing it from the other products is easy maintenance and highly tolerant to adverse weather conditions. You do not have to keep on watering this faux plant every day. Neither does it require any pesticide or fertilizer for proper growth
  • Since these are synthetic foliages there is no threat of any pest or insect attacking on the plant
  • You can add artificial flowers based on your choice and in accordance with the surroundings. For example if you are placing it in a water park then you can choose contrasting colors of blue (which is the color of water)
  • The Lisa Cane false plants have been manufactured from the high quality durable material which is fire resistant. You can easily wash and clean it with water without worrying about the fading color of the leaves and flowers
  • Keep it right at the entrance of the mall or the restaurant or on the pathway leading to the park or mall, it will showcase the same elegance and gracefulness over the period of time
  • False Lisa Cane foliage does not require any sunlight either. It means that you can place it anywhere where the sunlight is sparse or not reachable at all

Choosing the Appropriate Pot

When you are choosing the Artificial Lisa Cane plant for embossing the exterior spaces, one important aspect is picking up the right pot for placing the product. However, this decision depends on the specific purpose of placing the faux flowers and beautiful plants. If the area is such where these products can easily get damaged, you need to choose a pot made of robust material such as wood instead of clay. Make sure that they are out of reach of the people and especially children who can try to pluck out the flowers. Moreover, it will be better if the pots or the containers have proper handles so that they can be easily transported from one place to another.

Buying the Affordable Lisa Cane Synthetic Plant

After gaining some knowledge about the Lisa Cane Synthetic Plant, it is now time to decide which variety you want to opt for. It will be a wise decision to root for online sites selling these useful products rather than the physical shops. It is mainly because you get far more options there in terms of variety and also price. However, if you want you can consult your exterior designer regarding the right choice of the false plants. But you can be sure of one aspect and that is availing these decorative pieces within pocket friendly prices. The product is delivered right at your doorstep within the shortest of times.

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The Best Locations to Buy Oriental Rugs

Once you decide to purchase an oriental rug or carpet for your home, you may be lightly overwhelmed by the number of places to buy from. It is important to shop around before you make a purchase to ensure that you find the best offer on the market.

Testing the Product

Many shops allow consumers to place a small down payment on the rug and take it to their home for a few days to see how it compliments their space before making the official purchase.

This is a great precaution to use when making a purchase, as a rug that attracts your eye in the store may not go with your living space.

Types of Stores

1. Specialty shops

Buying from a specialty shop can be a great way to take your time considering the variety of rugs that are available to be purchased. Specialty shops usually allow you to try the carpet or rug out in your home before you make your final purchase.

Due to their large stock and location, the down side of specialty shops is that they are more expensive than other selling options. However, if you wish to take your time and acquire a better understanding of the history of the rug that you are about to purchase, specialty shops are the best option for you.

2. Department Stores

Similar to specialty shops, department stores offer a wide variety of merchandise that you can try out before you fully commit to a purchase. Another benefit of shopping at a department store is that stores typically offer an installment plan or credit deal.

Also similar to specialty shops, department stores can be a bit more expensive than other rug seller locations because of the additional markup that department stores charge after buying the rug or carpet from a retailer.

3. Private Sale

When buying from private rug salesmen, it can be very beneficial for both parties to include an outside informant to make sure that both parties are treated fairly in the sale. Unless you are an expert negotiator, you can easily be swindled into paying more than the rug is worth.

Neverheless, a good private dealer can offer many advantages to the purchasing process, similar to department stores and specialty shops. In several situations, private salesmen can even offer lower prices than mainstream stores.

4. Foreign Sellers

Buying from foreign sellers can be more problematic than beneficial, and it can also end up costing much more than buying from a department store or specialty shop due to the added fees. In addition to the cost of buying a rug, transporting the rug to your home country will usually involve paying a duty tax.

Before purchasing from a foreign country, make sure to do your research on the product, your own country's export / import customs taxes, and to look at any other additional fees from buying overseas.

5. Auctions

Shopping at an auction can be an adventure, as you never know what type of Oriental rug will be auctioned off. Auctions can be very intimidating for inexperienced consumers because buyers lack the background knowledge of rug pricing.

Check to make sure that there are not hidden fees and costs in addition to the hammer price of the item before you start to bid. Buying a rug from an auction can also make it difficult to determine the quality and style of the rug before the bidding starts, as there is only a small viewing-time window for each item being sold.

There are many different places to purchase beautiful Oriental rugs from, and it is important to do you research on the rugs themselves as well as their current prices so that you can become an informed consumer.

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