Interior Design Ideas to Make Your House Modern and Fashionable

Want to give your home spaces a fresh and trendy feel? Well, you first need to search for relevant interior design ideas suiting your structure and its geometry in a perfect manner. More importantly, the design you search has to enhance the feel of the house and inject a breath of fresh life into it. You just can not go ahead and choose any furniture and decorations hiring them to transform the spaces into modern and trendy. Rather, you have to find a real design that blends aesthetics and functionality together to do the trick to the spaces.

Here are interior design ideas to make the house modern and fashionable –

Choose the cool color scheme

Colors will have a huge role to play in making a house look modern, or old, as you select. So, the focus should be selecting the color scheme that is cool. Only a right color can let you get the right décor for the interior. You can not choose the white and expect to make the interiors fashionable as it will not. Rather, you have to choose a color that matches well with the style and appearance of the furniture. Modern decors mostly use toned down colors and this mantra has to be adopted for sure.

Minimalism with texture and fabric

For homeowners, it's important to not mistake with the texture and fabric used in the décor. In fact, the texture for the furniture will be vital as it for other items and accessories around the house. The fabric and texture has to be chosen to blend effortlessly into the background. Similarly, it'd great to choose fabrics that are neutral and that do not look so obvious to the eyes. The focus should be on keeping the feel of the interior simplistic as this is only possible when an approach of minimalism is followed by the fabric.

Avoid lavish decorations and accessories

The thumb rule in designing a modern and fashionable interior is to cut back on lavish and colorful decorations. Home owners should say no to any accessories that put strain on the eyes. Rather, the focus should be using items made of see-through materials or of metals to create a calm atmosphere in the décor. The décor has to be minimalist at best so that a modern and elegant feel in the décor can be achieved. Similarly, it's good to use items that are less to grab attention and more to lend an order in the house.

Use more of natural and greener materials

Design ideas for modern homes are more about using natural and greener materials and less about gravitating to flashy items or accessories. The goal is to get a shade of nature in the house and this can only be possible with a sensible design idea. For example, more wooden accessories and furniture are used than ever before, and the classic green carpets are back into reckoning all over again. Metal items are more in demand and furniture are getting customized like never before.

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4 Tips For Decorating Your First Home

If any of you have ever tried to decorate your first home or are in the process of decorating your first home, you know that it is much harder than moving into and decorating your college dorm room. You are also probably looking at less money to decorate then you initially expected, or planned for. For the following few minutes, I am going to give you a few tips that help to decorate your home without spending thousands of dollars to get started!

The first tip is to paint your house. If you can not afford to paint the whole house then focus solely on your bedroom and possibly the living room. Since those are the areas that you will spend the most time and it is where visitors will come and enjoy time at your house. Remember to choose colors that speak to you and about your personality. Make your home a place that mirrors who you are. Do not make it like your mother's house, your friend's house, or even that really cool one you saw on television. Let it be yours! If you are a morning person, choose bright colors or more subtle colors if you are a night owl. This will play to your benefit and mood.

The second tip is to find and buy a bed. This will give you a place to sleep that mixes well with the new paint of your bedroom. I recommend finding a bed frame that fits you and your style. It will last for years to come. You definitely want to really like it because 1/3 of your day will be sent in your bedroom, so do not get something you do not like.

Third, focus on getting a sofa. The living room will be the center of gathering for family and friends and so you definitely want a place to sit. Since the sofa is the main furniture item in any living room, you will want one that matches your style and personality. Also, make sure it is comfortable to your liking. Do not just get one because you think your family will like it, forget about that. Make sure you love it.

Fourth, if you have any more money to spend move onto rugs or if you do not have carpet or you really do not like rugs then update your kitchen look. If the cabinets look drab and outdated, paint them for a fresh new look and it will give your kitchen the facelift it needs and you've been wanting. Now paint can do wonders.

Do not stress about all the other things that you can do, they can come later. You do not need to completely renovate and redo your first house. Once you are settled and know how you use your house, you can buy furniture and decorations accordingly. Just remember to have fun with it and let your personality shine through your home's decor. Have fun with your new home and have fun with your decorating! I hope you found this helpful.

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Decorative Ideas for Your Antique Lounge

An antique theme is beautiful because it is reminiscent of the good old days when times were simpler. The design style of this theme is ornate and quite decorative incorporating floral patterns and curved elements. You can bring this antique look into your home by being creative.

  • Go to thrift stores or pawn shops and look for antique ornaments. Ornaments such as porcelain dolls, vases or tea sets. Curved porcelain vases with gold trim filled with flowers create a wonderful scent and ambience in the lounge. Porcelain tea sets with floral patterns and tea cups with beautiful curved handles give you that antique look.
  • Find an antique display cabinet. Look for a display cabinet that has a glass door, precision carved frames, as well as decorative curved feet and handles. You can display the tea sets or porcelain dolls in the display unit which will accentuate the theme.
  • If you have a fireplace in your lounge, you can place antique ornaments on the mantle.
  • Look for a floral rug with a bold border and place it under the coffee table. Also find a wooden coffee table that has curved edges and carved designs in the legs. This combination will look beautiful in your lounge.
  • Find floral curtains to drape on your windows. Try to keep the floral design similar throughout the design elements. If you select a pink floral pattern for the rug, then the curtains should incorporate the same colors. If you select random floral patterns for the different items in your lounge then you could end up with a cluster of patterns that do not match.
  • Go bargain hunting for antique lounge chairs. If they are still in their original state then the wood frame should still be intact. The wood may just need a coat of varnish. As for the fabric, you may need to replace it. Take it to a furniture upholstery specialist to reupholster the lounge chairs. At this point you can select a fabric that matches the curtains so that you can keep the styling consistent throughout the theme. By reupholstering the lounge chairs you have the freedom of creativity.
  • Look for wooden picture frames. More specifically look for picture frames that have carvings in the wooden frame. Accentuated corners and detailed carvings will frame your photos beautifully. For the photos, select sepia toned photos to create a good old days feeling which complements the antique theme.

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Latest Interior Design Trends to Beautify Your House

Living in a beautiful house is a dream many of us cherish for long. However, only a few among us take steps in the right direction and realize the goal of beautifying the home. Those who do look for latest interior design trends so that the spaces can start looking charming and inspired corners are transformed completely. Such home owners want neighbors and relatives to take note of the interior designing work and thus, search for ideas in magazines, on the web and on TV etc. They also make sure the interior design trends fit well into the trends of the modern times and meet societal ethos.

Let's look at some of features of latest interior design trends –

Latest trend do not fade out soon

Latest trends in interior designing will not change soon as they're quite unlike those in the fashion and tech industries. Rather, they stay in there and gradually get to people and grow on people across societies. They will be in vogue for years and you can find homes accepting them and assimilating their virtues in a slow manner.

They blend traditional and modern ideas together

Latest interior design trends are not any unique discovery or concept; rather, they are a coming together of the merits of the traditional and modern ideas. For example, the use of wooden materials is growing across modern structures and it's like going back to the classic touch. And home owners now prefer small yet cozy spaces which was norm during the 60s and 70s.

Greater use of natural materials and colors

It's true that home owners today do a greater use of natural materials and colors in beautifying the interiors of their house. In fact, hand-crafted items are also a fad these days among people aspiring for beautiful home interiors. Similarly, the use of modern geometry and colorful texture is on the up in interior designing. Not to forger, the use of glass or other see-through objectives is rising up steadily for transforming the interiors.

A touch of nature in design

Calm and cozy atmosphere is the latest desire for home owners when they design the interiors of the house. They want the spaces to get a cleaner and greener look at the cost of flashy ornamentation and gaudy enhancements. Using greener and natural materials or options to bring in a touch of nature is certainly the latest trend with interior designing. This is why wood and green carpets are used more these days in interiors.

Hand-crafted items more in demand

Let's admit it straightway – people want classy look and feel. They can vintage furniture and accessories, preferably hand-crafted ones to grace the interiors. The focus is to lend the interior a dash of artistic craftsmanship through the use of items hand-crafted with perfection. So, you can feel the difference with the way customized furniture are used these days.

More natural light, less dark shades

As per latest interior design trends, the focus is shifted to more natural lights and less dark shades. So, only those objects and materials are used that bring in more light and take out dark shades. Similarly, home owners today prefer bold patterns, objects with smooth edges, accessories with soft edges and bright primary colors.

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Reasons To Go For Ganesha Candles This Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi also identified as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is one of the most popular and loved ten day Hindu festival. It basically celebrated Lord Ganesha’s birthday. During the festival, colorful pandals are set up to worship the Lord for ten days. And people even take their idol or Murti to their home for worshipping him.

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How to Decorate Your Home With Wall Shelves

You can make your house a dream home with its perfect interior and decor so that it will serve your family well and inspire you to achieve your dreams. One of the décor accessories that can add enchantment to your room by offering you much of storage with their unique and classy designs are Wall Shelves.

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Tips to Use Decorative Vases

Hundreds of years have gone by but vases have still been used as refreshing decorative pieces. Nowadays, decorative vases are used to hold flowers in them. Aside from this, they also serve as standalone pieces of decoration. The great thing about them is that they always entertain both homeowners and guests. If you have been looking to use vases as decorative centerpieces for your office or home, we suggest that you follow the tips given below.

Important factors to consider

First of all, if you do not have vases already, you may want to buy a few. When buying, however, make sure you take into account three fundamental factors: color, shape and size. Apart from these factors, you may want to decide on the type of vase you need. You can opt for a ceramic, metal, glass or wood vase. Besides, you should consider the overall design of your room before you choose a vase. Actually, the purpose of considering the theme is to make sure that the vase will match the room décor.

Types of flowers

Unfortunately, you can not put all types of flowers in a vase. The first thing that you need to consider when putting flowers in a vase is the size of the vase. If your vase has a narrow base and big mouth, we suggest that you opt for flowers with big petals like lilies and dahlias. Apart from this, flowers with single stem like sunflowers and roses are an ideal choice for vases that are narrow.

Decorative pieces

If you put another vase next to the one you chose, it will make the table look more refreshing. What you need to do is put some decorative pieces like marbles, stones, small rocks, seashells, colorful buttons, old coins, ferns, or dried leaves in the vase. These small items will look great in the transparent vase. So, you may want to buy another vase to serve as an additional decorative piece.

Other creative ideas

Aside from the ideas given above, you can try out tons of other creative ideas to arrange your vases. For a modern style and look, we suggest that you line up a few vases on the table. Make sure that these vases are of the same type, color, size and shape. Apart from this, you can use candles to put inside the vases for a romantic theme. So, you can use these creative ideas in order to decorate your room with decorative vases.

The great thing about using vases to decorate your house is that the vases do not cost too much money. By spending a few bucks, you can buy beautiful vases with flowers. Even if you do not have the budget to purchase vases, you can use what you already have in your house. All you have to do is use your creativity and imagination. This will help you come up with unique and creative home decoration ideas.

So, if you have been looking to use decorative vases to beautify your rooms, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article.

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Ways to Create Lighting to Your Indoor And Outdoor Home

Decorating with light provides clarity and brightness to your world of décor. It is also important to point out that exposure to the right light can greatly impact health, as well as your mood. Light can be used for creating romantic ambiance, and adds brightness that will enhance the room. Light can complement color, and shapes or create a special atmosphere to any room or corner of the room for that matter. There are a variety of ways to bring light into a room. You can bring light into any room either by candle or light fixture.

The obvious one is light fixture. Selecting the light fixture is also important. For example, a dining room lighting is different from living room lighting. In the dining area, most people opt for a subtler look. The living area where you read or write you need a brighter light. If your home décor is modern you can find a wide range of modern fixture that has a sleek look and provides a modern ambiance to your décor. There are also a wide selection of traditional as well as old world rustic fixtures that can create a nostalgic look to your home décor. It all boils down to taste and it is safe to say that you will have a wide selection of fixtures to use to suit your needs.

Use of candles for lighting is nothing new. Candles initial use was for source of light centuries ago. With invention of electricity we no longer use candles as source of light but for decorating. Decorating with candles is not new, and it has been very popular since the 1980s. Candles have been made in wide range of colors, shapes, scents, and material such as wax versa soybean wax. They can create light as well as romantic atmosphere by providing a warm glow. The scents have been gaining popularity too. Candles are no longer viewed as light but aroma as well. They have also been incorporated with flowers and mirrors for light and ambiance. Candles are also used in outdoor lighting for table settings when having cookouts and barbeques. Outdoor candle light dinners have been very popular and many proposals have been made by creating outdoor candle light dinners.

Lighting and decorating go hand in hand. Creating the right atmosphere with the right lighting is also important part of design for your indoor or outdoor decorating. Light used in the right amount can brighten our world and create its own special glow. Light improvements our surroundings and décor for all to enjoy.

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You Can Feel the Physical World of Tiles Around You

Is not it rather common that boredom creeps in after many years of looking at the same walls and floors in the home? Walls with textured surfaces present interesting colors and design schemes. These are not really fake finishes or printed wallpaper. Tiles have evolved far indeed with all the advances in technology and contemporary tastes that reflect artistic ingenuity. We offer tile textures that are tactile enough to actually feel and touch with the skin of the hands. Spaces come alive nowdays with a new dimension of feeling that you actually get to touch unlike the gaze that we are all used to doing for an eternity.

A tremendous variety of tiles is available

The diversity of absolutely electrifying 3-dimensional tile effects would keep you spellbound and have proved often popular in recent times. They look absolutely bewitching with the raised third dimension that looks so very real as if you were out in the grand outdoors. Check out the amazing list of options in glass and metal or stone mosaics, stone ledger panels and split face stone patterns.

Along with the kitchen and bathrooms, the other living, dining and sleeping spaces adjacent the storage areas require their share of attractive tiles too. A brick accent wall could have been installed in older homes. The loft too could do with some tile decorations. Explore the immense variety of tile options that speak to the soul. Natural stone has its unique beauty straight from the wild.

The Giallo Fantasia Cobble Stone / Arctic White Ledger Panel

Among the key elements, pay attention to the integration of texture in designing a living space. Would you be interested in wood grain or grass cloth, shag rugs and seeded glass? The creation of a visual attraction is very important to hold the attention and please the spirits every day. A personal preference matters to make it distinctively yours. If you are looking out for trendy designs, the split-face stone undergoes a procedure that brings a highly textured surface. The rough surface exposures the crystal reflections to create a randomly excellent pattern of low and high lighting.

The Mixed Travertine Splitface / Emperador Splitface / White Oak Splitface

Experimenting with textures, why not combine a few materials? Matching perfectly may not be necessary with the contemporary approach. Glass, stone, and metal would combine dramatically indeed. Blend them or contrast colors and textures to create amazing effects! Imagine a bathroom with ledger panels in the bottom half of the room. Large glass sublay tiles were installed above along with glass and metal mosaics that worked like mirrors. There is so much that can be achieved with some creativity. Use the online tools to feel the impact.

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Go for Timeless Styles With Highland Park Tiles

Along with the Sophie Collection, the Highland Park designs are worthy of high praise. People wished to get at the alluring secret that joins with simple designs and colors. It has much to do with the functionality of course and a balanced look. Along with humans, patterns attract insects and certain animals! Bees understand patterns to distinguish the friend from the enemy. Humans worked with patterns since the beginnings, traveling the forest and using weather and benchmark indicators for a better understanding of positions and dangers.

The Highland Park patterns are very Elegant and peaceful

Even in the absence of color, patterns could be visibly attractive. The high-end HP tiles contain three colors with a worn look for an eternal appeal. The subway tiles have coordinating mosaics with shapes like hexagons, herringbone, and bricks in simple, smart designs. They are delicately striking without adornment. Simple designs work best without confusion. They create peace in a disturbed world.

Regularity in design creates a sense of order and many people find them attractive. Research indicates that nature appears prettier when there exists order like in the colorful wings of a butterfly or a painted face. The ideal symmetry is found in many places like in architecture and in dresses. Tile arrangements reflect that sense of regularity too. In the bathroom, well-arranged tiles promote calm in the hot bath. On the other hand, confusing patterns or lopsided tiles disturb the consciousness.

The creation of pleasing textured patterns

The challenge then is to create patterns that bring harmony and happiness rather than distract the mind. Nice designs require artistic skill and are not easy to make. Dedicated artisans have created mosaic tiles. You can use subway tiles that may be easily placed in perfect, basic patterns. Subway tiles could also be arranged along with natural stone, either alone or as a design within a design. Imagine a rectangular herringbone design inside an arrangement of subway tiles.

You can Install any of the Highland Park Collections for that attractive feeling of simplicity with a touch of complexity. A little complication opportunities because we desire movement and texture too. Thus, the design feels overall satisfactory.

Set up a personalized surrounding with the Highland Park Collection. If you wish you feel some thing peaceful surrounding, you can use these tiles for floors, backsplashes, and countertops. More complex applications would require mosaics and crowns. Suppliers have a variety of tiles and mosaics along with subways in many shapes and sizes. Feel satisfied with the unique symmetry and style statement.

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Create Beautiful Decor For Your Garden Or Patio

Outdoor decoration is equally important as indoor décor. We tend to not care as much about decorating our outdoor environment as we do our indoor space. We typically think of outdoor décor in the fall or spring. Summer or winter is too hot or cold to think about outdoor decoration. With that said there are few things that can make our outdoor décor just as appealing and inviting as our indoor décor. We can decorate with decorative fire pits for the colder months and create a lovely ambiance. The fire pits are a warm touch that encourages family and friends to gather and start a conversation that can create last memories. Making fond memories around the fire is great past time. It reminds us of the love of outdoor and camping. It will make one think of marsh mallow Smores and nostalgic memories of times gone by. There are a variety of options when it comes to fire pits and it depends on individual taste and the mood that one wants to create. The options range from gas to wood burning as well as portable fire pits. They each create its own ambiance that is warm as well as inviting.

Another way of decorating our outdoor environment is by placing whimsical water falls around our garden, patio or pool. Water creates a Zen atmosphere to your outdoor space. The soothing sound it creates as well as provides calmness to our busy life. The sound of water and the look that it creates in our patio or garden nurtures our soul and eases our mind. Therefore; waterfalls are a great way of creating décor as well as wellness to our outdoor.

Wind chimes are another option to create serenity and joy to our outdoor. Wind chimes are thought to be good luck in many parts of the world especially many parts of Asia. Wind chimes are used in indoor decoration as well. The usage of Feng Shui is what comes to mind. There is a little history about wind chimes too. Did you know that wind chime started to become modernized around 1100 BC after the Chinese began to cast bells. In those times wind chimes were considered religious objects. They were also thought of as an object that could attract kind spirits and drive away evil ones. There are so many wide selection and variety of wind chimes to choose from. Depending on the atmosphere you need to create with different sounds of wind chimes from soothing church bells to amazing grace.

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Some New Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Wooden Handicrafts

You cannot go wrong with wooden handicrafts when decorating your home to achieve an earthy, down-to-earth, rustic, or traditional look and feel. A versatile material, wood has been used for centuries to craft a wide array of items-including home decor.

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Rustic Chic Vs Industrial Decor Style

In interior design and home décor, there are many styles that one can choose from. There are the “pure” styles and then the mix-n-match styles. Two of the more common styles are the rustic chic look and the industrial look. Many people think these looks are one in the same. I'm here to explain why they are not the same style. First, a couple of questions.

What do you think of when I say rustic chic? Do you think of a farmhouse, wooden cabin feel with wood tables and exposed beams? Or do you think of quilts, repossessed troubled wood with chicken wire and galvanized metal? Both of these descriptions are correct when talking about rustic chic.

Now, what do you think of when I say industrial design style? Do you think of hardwoods, pipes and other metals? Maybe dark, neutral colors, old typewriters, and wood burning stoves? If so they have the right idea of ​​industrial design.

Both the rustic chic design and the industrial design have common elements but they have their distinct difference too. Let us look at each one individually and then maybe we can really see the difference.

Rustic Chic

The rustic chic design is lighter, more feminine, and focuses on natural wood colors or light stains. Like light colored paints and disturbed woods. Décor items would include mismatched hardware, chicken wire, galvanized (rusted) metal, exposed wood beams, and wood specific furniture. The easiest way for me to remember rustic chic is to think of a perfect little farm house on a prairie with its simple colors and used items.


The industrial design is darker and more masculine. It has dark neutral colors and dark woods. It incorporates a lot of polished or brushed metals. Common features include exposed ducts, pipes, and basically anything we usually try to hide when building a house. Décor items include old metal items, hardwood shelves, and things that remind you of the hard working industrial era of America. An easy way to remember this design would be to think of a warehouse or commercial kitchen made into a house or apartment.

These two design styles have many things in common like their uses of woods of metal but the colors and finishes of those woods and metals are different. It is very common today to find people who mix and match between these two styles to create a rustic industrial style house. They complement each other very well and make for a cozy, yet practical home. You can find many great pictures of rustic industrial homes on the internet for more detail on how they work together.

Whether you decide to style your house one way or the other or mix them together for an even broader spectrum of opportunities just make sure your house speaks who you are. Your home is a place where you can be you! Let it be a perfect window into your soul and show off your rustic or industrial home with style. Have fun decorating your home with your newfound knowledge.

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6 Great Types of Decorative Home Accessories

Home decorating is not a simple task. Textures, decorative items and wall colors must be made to complement each other. Also, the style of the home should give the desired comfort and warmth. To really create the well-designed home, it is practical to include a variety of decorative accessories.

Here are a few of the most popular decorative home accessories:


A great fashion statement to include is the traditional and ethical lanterns. Metal, paper and candle lanterns are a popular choice and widely available in many different styles and colors. Plus, they can create a practical option to add a touch of accent light to the home. A great place to locate the lanterns is by the windows or on the fireplace.

Photo frames

The photo frame is a traditional decorative accessory and great for encasing your fondest memories. They come in plenty of varieties, sizes and shapes. The most appealing choices include the handmade frames with special hand painted borders or carving designs. A great look to complement the modern decor is the crystal and silver photo frame. A simple strategy to make sure the photo frame matches the local surroundings is to pick one based on the wall color or pattern.

Wall hangings

Adding a few wall hangings in the dining or living room can give the otherwise blank wall space a sophisticated and elegant look. This is a decorative feature that continues to increase in popularity and made in the stylish materials like wood, jute, brass, iron and fabrics.

Gel fire

A gel fire bowl is a great feature for a side or center table. They are a really practical feature to light up the room, but do not have the annoying issue of creating smoke or soot. The most stylish bowls can feature in high-quality steel and metal. Also, the gel fire bowl placed on the dining table can make a very graceful feature.


Mirrors are no longer used solely for seeing your image. They are now a very popular item to use for decorative purposes. A stylish mirror is certain to increase the look in the modern or minimalist houses. A few of the most popular styles include silver sunburst, gold ornate and round shaped. Also, the fusion colored mirror is a great choice for the truly eye-catching look.

Lamp bases

Lamp bases can make a unique piece of art with the graceful and antique designs becoming more in demand. They are easily located in any corner of the room.

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All About Printable Wallpapers

The interior wall color and finishing off a room plays a key role in creating an impression of the home, a color painting was a common trend, but it is slowly being replaced with wallpapers. Wallpapers are designed to wholly or partially cover these walls, in the living room, office or the bedroom, so giving them a new decorative appearance. These are preferred over the painting because, they can be specifically designed and customized to suit your taste and imagination, as well as they, can incorporate all the ideas you want on that one wall.

The wallpaper printing technology uses different materials to imprint graphic images that are used to mount on various wall surfaces. The materials used depend on the wall which these wallpapers are to be applied on. The different materials used include:

• Paper, this is the plain biodegradable paper, they come in various sizes, quality, and gauge.

• Fabric or cloths material, the illustration is done on them, generally used to make great wallpapers and the customized designed pieces.

• Poly vinyl materials, this is where the wallpapers are made of a PVC material. Most wallpaper contains PVC for lamination purposes.

The process of manufacturing wallpapers follows a series of events that are as follows;

• The processing of the paper from its raw materials into rolls that is of the desired weight and thickness.

• The paper coating with a solid background color, this is done using a material that can easily be printable. Examples of materials utilized in the coating are the PVC, latex or kaolin clay.

• Printing process, this is the primary process where imprints are made on these plain paper services to bring out the desired pattern. There are various ways of printing these papers, such as; surface printing, rotary, digital, silk screen and digital printing.

• The last but important step in the process is the application of an adhesive on the paper to attach them to the walls. They are packaged in rolls of equal measures ready for use.

Wallpapers are great essential decorations to any surface wall, and we conclude by sharing tips on how to remove them once they are worn out or whenever you want to change the look of the room.

• The best wallpaper remover especially the paper made ones, is water or vapor. Water helps in dissolving the material by soaking it wet as well as weakening the adhesive glue used. As a result, the paper peels off the wall.

• Wallpaper chemical remover, usually these are specifically manufactured to help in the removal of these papers from the surfaces. They are available in most stores.

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