Interior Design Mini-Seminar – The Budget, Master Plan, Backgrounds, and Space Planning

An item that everyone is interested in is, “The Budget!” This is your stake. Without a doubt, you're very interested in the amount of money you are willing to invest in any interior design project. The idea is that we do not want to spend your money. We want to invest your money with a view towards a real return on your investment. Your return on investment can happen in many different ways, such as being intellectually stimulating, emotionally satisfying, and visually pleasing. This will create a sense of completeness, so that you are satisfied with the result.

We want to make sure that we're being very honest about the budget. There's no sense in designing a room for $ 100,000 when you only have a budget for $ 15,000. Sometimes with a lower budget, one has to be much more creative in order to get the essence and feel of a job that would cost much more.

Tying back into the “Dream” and the “Discovery Process” spoken of in another article, we then focus on the essence of the proposed design. If we do this, then we know exactly where to compromise if we have to due to any current or future budget constraints. In addition, we can compromise temporarily and then add it in later, as the money becomes available. This will help the creative process immensely, and set you on a path towards the ultimate realization of your dream.

The “Master Plan” is important from this standpoint; not everyone can do a design project all at once. Many people have to take two, three, five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years to fully develop the concept and complete a major project. Therefore, it is very important have a concept! A clear picture of a fuzzy concept just is not going to work! You would agree, would not you?

A master plan is your guiding light and guiding principle. It forms the trajectory from point A to point B. We do not want to deviate from our trajectory, and that is why all the prior steps are so important, to defining the target, so we can hit it right in the bull's-eye .

Properly choosing your “Backgrounds” will make you look better! This is about how to become a “gem” in your own “setting.” You may ask, “What does that mean?” Well, let's just take a diamond ring for an example. You are the “diamond!” How that diamond is set in a surrounding of gold, silver, or platinum, coupled with the design of the appropriate setting, will determine, to a degree the color, the clarity, and the “fire” of that diamond. Now, every diamond has these particular characteristics. However, the setting helps to bring these elements out in a more pronounced way. On the other hand, if it's the wrong setting, it can subdue those characteristics and attributes.

There are lots of backgrounds and backdrops in various colors and textures, which measure what you've seen against in your environment. If chosen correctly, they will bring out the best in you. If chosen poorly, they will not. So which would you prefer? We should all know that certain people look better in certain colors. However, they will look good, or not so good, by what is surrounding them.

You look at things and your environment from your eyes outward . Other people are looking at you in the context of your environment and the backdrops or background surrounding you. It's important not only what you see, but also how others see you in your environment and that which surrounds you.

“Space Planning” is a crucial key to having your interiors looking great and functioning well. This is going to revolve around a few concepts such as form and flow. Space planning is very important especially when you're dealing with a new house; one that you are just starting, or one that is in the planning stages from an architectural perspective. In other cases, you may have an existing building or home that has a layout that you may not be able to change. Moving or alternately removing walls may increase the effectiveness of the space, but check with your architect first. Therefore, reconfiguring a space may be a viable option, so that the floor plan is more workable, suitable, and appropriate.

Take a floor plan, from a condominium for instance. We have two condominiums that have the very same footprint, and look the same. They could have mirror images of each other. The configuration in each scenario is going to make one of those condominiums a “winner” for you, and the other one, not a “winner” for you at all.

It is very important that all the doors, windows, and openings are located properly, because it determines how well that space will mesh with your furniture and your lifestyle. In addition, it affects how well the traffic flows through the space.

In my design seminars, I take two rooms exactly the same size and change-up all the door and window positions, as this illustrates that I can drastically change the traffic patterns in a space so is to make a large space virtually impossible. Therefore, even though you may be paying the same price per square foot, one scenario is delivering a much better return on your investment than the other one!

Configuring a room properly regarding the location of doors and windows, and a fireplace, will determine how traffic flows in and out of the space, and from one point of interest to another. Depending on how well that is done, will determine a traffic pattern that will either open up space for larger groups or it can cut into small pieces so that it's worth hardly anything. Then sometimes, you have to reconfigure and redirect the traffic flow with your furniture placement.

Remember, everything happens within the confines and context of architecture. Designing a rooms or home correctly, with the proper placement of doors and windows, will provide a great foundation for space planning and furniture arrangement. Therefore, we can not overlook the importance of good strong architecture that is appropriate to the lifestyles of the inhabitants and fully supports all the activities in an unencumbered fashion.

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Amazing Tips to Fill in Your Home With Colours

Redecorating your home is an essential task and a lot of people fret about it because it is also something which requires splurging on a large-scale if you are thinking of a complete makeover.

Colors play a vital role in everyone's life and no one in the world is skeptical about it or have a conflicting thought. Well, when you want to make a change in your home and want to be playful with colors, it's important to know the color psychology as few of them are vivacious and energetic while others may be cool and calm and relaxing.

Here we are going to discuss about the ways you can bring in colors to you life …

1. Give your walls a life

Adding vibrancy in your room is always a great option to bring in a beautiful positive aura into your space. One of the trendy ways of doing it could be focussing on just a single wall and giving it a complete transformation while keeping the rest in simple tones. Just adding a beautiful floral pattern or a cheeky colorful wallpaper to one of the walls in your room can shift the focal point in no time. You can choose either bold and contrasting color theme or a tile color palette depending upon your personal preference.

2. Giving your nook or alcove a desired splash

Why not splash your reading or resting sessions with amazing rainbow colors for a unique and creative look and feel. These places always catch the attention at first sight and you should be careful in choosing the right color to give them a revamp in style.

3. Make good use of pillows and cushions in your living space

Nothing can come out more appealing than few strategically scattered pillows and cushions on your sofa or a chair. Try opting for a multicolored floral patterned cushion or a pillow to entice in a vibrancy factor in your living space.

These cushions and pillows will bring in the comforting element while adding to the style quotient as well. Choose the right fabric depending upon the right season like for spring, it is recommended to go for linen or cotton as they allow the fabric to breathe.

4. Bringing in the nature is always a good idea

Natural plants and flowers are the best ways to inculcate the best of the colors into your decor. With spring season on the cards, try opting for seasonal flowers like tulips, daffodils and bluebells; three of the most common flowers to spruce up your indoor area. They will infuse the best of the colors while adding a touch of mother nature into your decor.

5. Add some colors to your floor as well

With the rest of the room being taken care of, it is now time to add some colors to your floor. The market is full of modern and designer rugs available in amazing colors to fill in your space with the best of the colors possible. Not just the colors, you have got an impressive range of designs and patterns which can add an x-factor to your room in no time.

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Genuine Wool Rugs and Wool Blend Rugs – Are They The Same?

Many people who are shopping for wool rugs would often consider buying wool blends rugs because they are also made from wool and cheaper. At the store, they would label it as a wool rug when it is in fact blended with synthetic materials. Usually, wool blends carpets such as wool and silk blend area rugs are made from 80% of wool and 20% of synthetic material. However, you will also find wool blend rugs in other proportions.

Pros and Cons of a 100% Wool Rug

Every consumer must become familiar with the pros and cons of both the genuine wool rugs This knowledge is crucial to help them in picking the right wool blend rug. The following are the pros and cons of a genuine wool rug.

  • Durable in Many Ways – Wool is a strong fiber with high resilience, It can end heavy traffic without any problem. It looks aesthetically pleasing at home, hotel lobby and other large hallways in a building. Because of its flame retardant property, many buildings like to put it at the entrance door. Wool carpet is almost always the last piece of furnishing to catch fire when there is a flame in the building. When it is burned, a black char will develop on the surface which can be easily brushed off.
  • Provides Good Insulation – Wool carpet is a good insulator and can aid in the regulation of the room temperature. When you put a wool rug in the room, it will release up to 1/3 of the airborne moisture and regulate the room temperature. In winter time, it makes the room feel a bit warmer. In summer time, it ensures the room temperature is cool throughout the day.
  • Good Absorbency – Wool carpet has a high absorbency level. This means it can respond well to cleaning with water. You can scrub it with soap water when you are cleaning it. Moisture can make the fiber swell and easily release the dirt. However, this also means that it can easily be cured by accidental spilling of moisture.
  • Easily Stained – Wool is soft and not designed for families with kids and pets. Spilling something on the carpet can cause permanent stain mark on it. Wool is good at holding the dye color so the stain color may be hard to removed. It is sensitive to chemical with an alkaline level higher than 9.5 pH. If you accidently spill some alkaline bleach, it will dissolve faster than you have time to wipe it away.
  • Expensive Price – Wool carpet has a hefty price tag. It is priced around $ 5 – $ 26 per square foot. In addition, you also have to take into account the cost of cleaning it since it is very common for wool carpet to get dirty stain caused by accidental spillage. For this reason, a genuine carpet may not be your perfect choice if you want to buy a large area rug in a budget.
  • Easily Become Distorted by External Impact – Wool carpet is soft and easy to become distorted when exposed to agitations, for example, using a spray hose to spray against a wool carpet can leave jet streaks. It also may lose its shape when there is frequent disturbance. Regularly changing its position can subject it to the fuzzing effect. Because of this, it is best placed in areas that are cool and subject to minimal level of abrasions.

Types of Wool Blends Rugs

Wool / Silk Blend Rug

Wool and silk blend area rugs are lighter, and more breathable. They can keep the room cooler on a hot summer day. If you observe the wool / silk area rug closely, you will find that it has a shiny glimmering sheen.

  • Silk can absorb up to 30% of the water weight without giving the feeling dampness. Any moisture spilled on it will wick and dry up fast.
  • Silk is the strongest natural fiber with an incredibly high tensile strength. Silk also adds a hypoallergenic property to the rug.
  • The sericin residue will keep away all kinds of bad things, for example, bacteria, and hinder mold growth. Buying a wool / silk blend rug will protect you from allergy reactions like skin rashes and eczema.
  • Another thing is that the incorporation of silk reduces the overall weight of the rug allowing you to move the rug easily to another position.

Wool / Viscose Blend Rug

The problem with 100% viscose rug is that it can be very soft when it is wet. You can accidently tear off the rug as it becomes like paper when it is wet. With wool / viscose blend carpet, you do not have to face this problem.

  • Another benefit is that it tend to provide an expensive look yet it is available at a cheap price. Wool blend rugs that feature viscose is a good alternative for households who are not prepared to spend money to buy a 100% wool rug.
  • Both wool and viscose are alkali sensitive fibers so it is recommended that you wash it with a caustic strong solution. Just like wool / silk rug, it has some shiny sheen reflected from the light on the surface.

Wool / Nylon Blend Rug

Nylon is the strongest synthetic fiber and it is the most popular type of synthetic material used in making wool blend rug.

  • Nylon is believed to have a higher resistance against abrasion. Therefore, mixing both fibers can make the rug more durable.
  • The appearance of a 100% wool rug and wool nylon blend rug are quite the same.
  • It is significantly cheaper and is an economic option for homeowners who can not afford to purchase a 100% wool rug.
  • This type of rug usually has a layer of stain resistant coating.
  • You will also find that it is available in a large range of pattern selection. Short pile wool / nylon blend rug shed much less.

Wool / Polyester Blend Rug

Polyester is a cheap synthetic filler for wool rug. When polyester is blended with wool, the carpet will have a better shape retention regardless of whether it is wet or dry.

  • It also tend to have a higher resistance against wrinkles and will not easily crumple when there is a heavy traffic.
  • Proper ratio of the two types of fabrics can increase the strength of the carpet. It may have durability problem if the blend consists of 80% wool and only 20% polyester. The best ratio for polyester and wool rug is 65/35. If you want the carpet to provide more warmth, you should choose the one with 50/50 blend.

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10 Home Decor Traits To Prove That You Have A Bohemian Soul

If you are looking for the signs, here we have listed 10 of them to prove that your home is a reflection of your gypsy soul.

  1. You have a no filter attitude towards colors

For you, colors express your mood. Your rooms hold myriad colors in such a way that every room celebrates a side of your vivid personality. Whether understated or bold, colors face no discrimination in your house.

  1. You own lots of plants

Plants are your best friends. You have an enviable collection of greens in almost every corner of the house.

  1. You know patterns work best with patterns

Your love for patterns and textures reflects in your decorative style. Whether it is combining a set of cushions or picture frames or simply placing two decorative objects next to each other, you can play with patterns like a pro.

  1. You have uncountable rugs, lanterns and cushions

Rugs cover most part of the floor of your house. Cushions and throws find themselves uncontrollably present on every seating area and there is no dearth of different sized lanterns around.

  1. Minimalism is a word you can not refer to

According to you, decor is not about organizing minimally around one piece piece. It is about introducing numerous artifacts in a sweet chaotic manner without following fancy decor rules.

  1. You are in love with canopies and beaded curtains

You are definitely a devout follower of the boho decor if your bed is made like a canopy and you love to stay snuggled in. In your house, beaded curtains act as room separators or simply attend to your bohemian whims.

  1. You own interesting furniture

You never invest in the latest designs and styles of furniture. Instead, you scout around flea markets and garage sales for furniture which has an interesting history. You love to collect antique pieces, especially the hand painted, differently painted ones.

  1. Your abode is a spiritual retreat

Your house exudes a calm and soothing environment in spite of the little chaotic decor. There are fresh flowers and the rooms smell of incense.

  1. Your tapestries qualify as wall art

You have a bohemian heart if you love hanging various textured tapestries on the walls together with the other wall arts.

  1. Your bed exudes artistic grandeur

Your four poster bohemian bedding is comfortably wrapped in mandala bedding sets, completed with quilts, pillows, cushions and some rice lights, for that extra drama.

The most interesting aspect of bohemian decor is that there are no prescribed rules. You bring together a series of non-matching objects which when placed in the most chaotic way, appeals to the aesthetics and render an uniqueness in it's own.

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5 Amazing Ways To Channelize The Bohemian Decor In The Bedroom

Bohemians do not follow trends or patterns. They have shades of bright magnificence and shabby eclecticism in an artistic combination. Rather, bohemian is all about a heart which loves colors, creativity, adventure and above all, freedom from rules and conventions.

Since our bedroom is the most private space where we can be ourselves and let our imaginations loose, below we will discuss five amazing ways in which the bohemian decor can be effectively implemented and channelized in our bedrooms.

  1. Embrace Colors

There is no harm in going against the sleep inducing conventional colors in the bedroom. No color is bad. It all depends on how you would like to express yourself through them. Make your bedroom an oasis of spontaneous colors and mix them, instead of matching. The world of colors is where bohemians find solace in therefore, let the paint and the upholstery be a fun festival of colors. Consider plum, orange, aubergine or yellow. Alternately, you could also look for interesting wall papers.

  1. Make a beautiful bed for yourself

The bed is sometimes the most favorite furniture for many of us. Consider your bed a piece of art and weave magic around it. You can use the mandala bedding sets, a bright rug and numerous cushions of various sizes, colors, textures and patterns to make the bed look bohemian. Rustic wooden beds exude a boho vibe and hanging interesting woven carpets instead of wall arts as a backdrop for your bed can reflect the bohemian bedding style.

  1. Introduce interesting lighting

Bohemian lighting is warm, soft and hypnotic. You can achieve this effect with moroccon or filigree lanterns which can either hang from the ceiling or can be placed on the ground or a slightly elevated shelf. Vintage chandeliers or antique lampshades can also create diffused lighting and render a cozy and comfortable vibe to your bedroom.

  1. Select furniture which tells a story

The older the furniture, the more bohemian vibe it exudes. Hand painted cupboard, dressers and armoire also looks artistically mystical. Use old trunks instead of fancy shelves to keep your books, lampshades, plants, photo frames and other knick knacks. Hunt for furniture which has interesting shapes and carvings. They will instantly render a character to the bedroom.

  1. Never leave the walls blank

Free spirited bohemians never keep their walls blank. Let your fantasies run wild and display your souvenirs on the walls in a sweet chaotic manner. If you are looking for an edgier feel, consider painting graffiti and murals on the walls.

You house is a reflection of your innate style, taste and your soul. Display all that you have in a playful manner and create a personalized space which is unique and inviting.

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Professional Staircase Accents And Railings

Staircases are much more than just steps and access routes. In fact, they are an essential part of any home decor or design. While most residences feature wooden banisters and railings, others showcase more contemporary and unique designs. This includes metallic accents, along with stained designs and especially glass components

In recent years, several homeowners have installed glass balustrades in their properties. These units are designed to refortify staircases with more durable components. Many customers have said that these products are an economic alternative to traditional wood banisters and railings. The choice, of course, is yours to consider or reject when opting to remodel or renovate your stairway.

These structures are also said to illuminate home or office lighting systems. Some customers, however, have stated that these products are no different than generic windows. As a result, it is essential to conduct adequate research before installing any of these accents or enhancements. This includes reviewing customer testimonials on the Web, along with price comparisons and industry reviews.

Glass railings are provided to enhance any interior design. In fact, manufacturers consistently claim that they can match any existing decor or theme. While this might be true, the ultimate judge is of course the customer. If opting to strengthen railroads, keep in mind that not all products are designed to correlate with your existing theme. No truer is this then when it comes to abstract or stained pieces, which may throw off any traditional design or essence.

If you are determined to go with these units, local companies are always available. While they have installed a range of items for countless homes and properties, you must consult with them before agreeing to any job. For example: you may simply want dividers or sectional pieces for stairways and rooms. Local contractors, however, may try to lure you into other items that you may not need. This is why its imperative to discuss all your ideas and goals before going ahead with any installation.

According to industry experts, balustrades can also be done on outdoor patios and decks. The process is somewhat intricate, however, the objective is simply to reinvent existing components. At the same time, old or outdated wood divisions can absolutely be replaced with glassy ones. The main goal of these installations is to remove any divisions within the existing designs. This includes frames and panels that make it difficult to get a clear and crystal view of the surroundings.

For homeowners looking to protect their pools, there are external dividers available. While they do protect pools from debris and weather elements, most installations are to secure convenient entrance and exit paths to and from these outdoor structures. At the same time, full enclosures have doors that offer access to and from living or other connected rooms.

Glassy enhancements are said to make rooms and areas look classy. However, there are several things a homeowner must keep in mind before adding these glass balustrade items. For one, there are units that only have plain sheets, while others resembled cubed blocks that are mainly used in Jacuzzi settings. The decision will be yours to make when it comes to which brands and products you feel will best meet your needs.

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5 Home Decor Accessories That Make a Statement

Home décor is a very good way of pronouncing your personality to the world. A house that is very lived in has to have some accessories that add to its personality. These range from works of art, antiques, and rugs that come in various colors, patterns and shapes.

Many people opt to go the DIY way and gradually fill their homes with handmade items. You could also shop at other places that sell shabby chic home décor. Whatever their source, these items will make a mark in your house;


Since time immemorial, vases have represented the creativity of various civilizations. Almost every archaeological dig has unearthed partial or full vases with art on them. Vases are versatile home décor accessories as they can act as containers for many items like stationery, plants and pebbles. Antique vases do not come cheap and some like Ming vases could fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.


These are to go into the vases. Flowers are the favorite plants as they add color and scent. Plants have the added advantage of acting as natural air recyclers as they take in carbon and release oxygen. Choose plants that will blend with your décor style


These lighting items have been around in one form or another since the ancient time of the roman and Chinese times. Today candles come in different colors and scents. They are very ideal in lighting decorations and can be placed around the house to create a relaxed romantic feeling.


This is another great accessory that can manipulate the lighting in your house. When placed strategically, they light up the room and create an illusion of larger space. Mirrors blend well with all décor styles and are a must have in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Works of art

Artwork is the ideal statement of taste whether it is a Shabby Chic wall hanging or a canvas painting. Artwork is also very diverse and can be picked very well according to the prevailing décor style. Minimalist art goes well with minimalist style of décor and so on.

Family portraits and photos when well framed also make for interesting objects that lend a sense of continuity and history. You could choose to go with DIY art which is a bold statement of your creativity and taste. If you can afford it an artwork by a celebrity artist like Picasso or Van Gogh is the ultimate vanity item. Shabby chic decor has featured artists like Laurence Amelie who artworks go along with soft color décor styles.

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Sneaky Ways To Trick Up Your Home Decor

Make art on the furniture

Did you see an interesting motif somewhere you would like to import? No sweat. If you trust your art skills go to work on your shabby chic furniture and put the art on it. You could make simple geometric shapes with a ruler and pen and you would be amazed how great they turn out.

Put up a gallery

This is one of the simple tricks to try out. Try out wall hangings like shabby chic wall hangings that blend into each other. Wall adornments could also be made from framed photos and art. Ensure the frames contrast with the art inside for example narrow black frames with white backgrounds.

Nothing says taste like good artwork on the wall. You could pick modern artists like Kinley Winnaman which art is bound to blend well with many décor styles.

Go blue

Remember blue is the color of life. Pick out blue hued items and blend it with hints of white in the background. This gives your living space a sense of freshness and vitality.

Expand storage space

Get creative with unused storage. Paint neutral colors and set clear glass containers in them. Better yet learn how to make extra storage by hanging containers under existing shelves.

Theme out your bookshelf

If you are a bookworm, make the bookshelf a focal point in the room. You can arrange books with the same color on the covers together. If this disrupts the arrangement by subject, make simple book covers with store wrapping paper in the colors you want.

Get a new look door

Surprise your visitors by changing the color of the doorway. You can also add a coat rack while at it so that your guests do not have to drag their dripping coats into your living room.

Play with the curtains

Simple arrangements of your curtains could change the look of a room's size. Put two layers of curtains of different densities and tones of color.

These ideas are cheap or free to put in place and make your home look attractive and refreshed, without hiring expensive interior designers or making expensive purchases. There are a lot of places that give away old furniture or skids that you could create that special piece for whichever room you are decorating. Just sand down that old paint, then paint the piece of furniture with the color of your choice, add new hardware and it will look brand new. If you want to make it look a little distracted, take a piece of wallpaper and scratch over certain area to make it look worn. However you choose to decorate, it does not have to cost a lot to look expensive.

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Guide On How To Install Wall Stickers

For your wall stickers to stick properly and look great for long, you have to install them properly. Here are tips on how to properly install the units:

Ensure that the wall is properly prepared

As you may know, wall stickers do not stick well on rough and dirty surfaces. If the surface is rough, you should smoothen it by sanding or using any of your other preferred methods. You should also clean the surface in order to get rid of dirt, oil and any other substances that might be there.

You should remove dirt using a damp sponge and use a little bit of soap to remove any oil that might be on the surface. After smoothing the surface leave it for sometimes so that it can completely dry. In some cases you may be required to paint the wall before applying the sticker. If this is the case with you, ensure that the color that you use is the one that you would like for the background of the sticker.

Be cautious when applying the stickers

Wall stickers are installed solely for decorative purposes. This means that you have to be keen for you to pull off a great impression. To have an easy time, start by laying out your design and placement of the stickers. It's recommended that you draw registration marks along the edges of the backing. The marks come in handy when placing the stickers on the wall.

Using a painter's tape, attach the stickers to the wall. Apply the stickers with the backing intact to the wall. When arranging the units take your time to step away from the wall to see how they relate to each other. You should make the necessary adjustments until you are fully satisfied with the look.

When placing the units you should be keen. To avoid damage keenly remove the covering that protects the adhesive side of the sticker then religiously following your guidelines stick the sticker on your wall. For the unit to stick smoothen it with the side of your hand while pushing out air bubbles. In addition to doing this also rub across the sticker with a hard, flat object such a squeegee. This is to properly secure the sticker.

After you have installed the sticker, remove the top layer. If installing large stickers, the top layer can stick to itself which gives a bad look. To have an easy time ask a friend to help you with the installation.


This is a guide on how to properly install wall stickers. For a great look ensure that the stickers are of high quality. This calls for you to buy them from a reputable store.

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Different Applications of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are frequently utilized as a part of five distinct applications. This article examines each and every application, and a few other decisions that you can make while dealing with the ceramic tiles . Lavatory earthenware in your house is both delightful and exceptionally pragmatic. Nothing else can coordinate with the magnificence and the considerable assortment of hues, surfaces, designs and shapes conceivable with the development. Particularly in bathrooms, ceramic stuffs can not be coordinated as a strong and helpful surface.

Tile lavatory ledges are exceptionally down to earth. Commonly, porcelain ones are utilized on ledges. Porcelain stuff will be the one that is terminated under specific conditions. The surface or shine of porcelain one is exceptionally smooth and glass-like. On account of that smooth completion, porcelain tile wipes off effectively, which is incredible for tidy up in a washroom. Porcelain always comes in numerous sections of trim shapes, suitable for trimming edges and plate in bathrooms.

However, different types of tiling stuffs are utilized on restroom ledges. Stone and marble stuffs are great on ledges. Indeed, even floor ones are fine. Simply consider how you will trim the tile around the edges. An epoxy grout is exceptional for restroom ledges. Epoxy grout is stain evidence and waterproof, ideal for use anyplace in a lavatory.

Bathroom floors get wet, making clay tile a flawless floor covering choice. Make a point to choose something with some specific texture so it will not be smooth. The application goes under the entire commode edge. The commode must be elevated to introduce the tile. This is a decent time to supplant the commode mounting equipment and seal. Once more, epoxy grout is ideal for the floor grout since it is waterproof.

Lavatory dividers are an awesome spot for tile, particularly in a hot shower environment. The dampness will not trouble the earthenware divider by any means. A clay divider is essentially a no support surface. Furthermore, porcelain is ultra simple to clean. Keeping up numerous types of tub encompasses is a steady fight. Only a basic wipe-down every so often is all that is required. Likewise, implicit plate and racks can be fitted to the clay tub to make it both excellent and valuable.

Ceramic showers can be installed quickly and at sensitive expenses. There are online stores that sell all types of tiles these days at great prices. For your satisfaction, you can make a comparison between the online and offline offerings. You will definitely find a great difference in both the above-mentioned offerings. A personal visit to the store is, for sure, a highly practical move in case you want to buy the ceramic ones to serve your purpose.

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Calacatta Gold Marble Bestows Intense Italian Elegance Upon The Surroundings

Stunning golds and whites bewitch the eyes, mind, feelings and emotions all at once and you know that something wonderful is coming to the senses! The pricey, luxurious Italian marble known to enthusiasts the world over as calacatta gold marble would light up both the interiors and exteriors of residential and office complexes with a consensus allure that promises the world. Nature's gifts are probably infinite and interior designers, architects, homeowners and developers do swear by the Italian dream that would transform life itself.

The gold and white auspicious combination do apply to religious occasions of certain Asian cultures who offer fresh garden flowers to deities on religious occasions of these same shades.

Gaudy colors often do not achieve the lulling effects that pastel shades can speak in gentle undertones that reach the patient eyes and ears. Beside, you have all those natural patterns shining through in utter radiance since nature has been preserved just like it was found. Rather, technology heightened and strengthened nature's gifts into ending building materials that stands all the human or weather rigors with ease. Delve into something rare, although you pay far more in comparison to some cheaper materials. The reward is an outstanding elegance you would treasure through a lifetime. There can be no wearing out where marble is concerned.

Calacatta gold marble will never go out of fashion either, though technology may evolve further.

Choices in plenty wait like calacatta gold hexagon, polished mosaics of several sizes and the interlocking hexagon. You also have the meshed subway and subway tiles in different sizes, chair rails and pencil moldings. Among the tile patterns are calacatta oro brick marble, calacatta gold polished and calacatta gold hexagon polished, all of them ranged between $ 16 and $ 21 per square foot on discounted rates. As you will see, it is worthwhile to pay a little more for the good things in life!

Add the classic touch of the supreme, classy calacatta gold marble right at your doorstep if you wish or on the walls and floors, inside or out. They are versatile enough to fit in anywhere to do heavy duty, especially at places that need solid, strong surfaces like the wet areas, backsplashes, and even in kitchens and bathrooms. Place them outdoors to liven up the evening gatherings at the heart and the intimate dinner parties. Since we easily tire of things, an assortment of tile types like combining them with rainforest marble, travertine or limestone may lend the tedium and provide a study in contrasts.

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Recreate The Mystical Forest With Rainforest Marble

Do you fancy living in the embrace of the living mother nature deep in an exotic forest? Rainforest marble makes it quite possible! The secret lies in the numerous veins in the natural stone that motivates the feeling of being amid the dense forest, surrounded in every direction by branches and leaves. What could be more exciting? The general background is a mid-tone cream with an endless variety of creations in special effects of tiles for the astonishing exit. Themes from nature go a long way rather than many garish modern illustrations that often signify nothing.

Spend a moment with these electrifying tiles and feel their warmth see into the heart. Consider the most reasonable prices! Although we mentioned cream tones, a large range of delightful shades greets the soul. Rain forest tumbled, cafe forest tumbled and rain forest polished are three of those marvels with prices ranging around $ 9 per square foot.

Originating in India, traditionally the land of mystery, rainforest marble would do wonders with all their strength and resilience in any department of the home or office. Consider them good enough for floors and walls, and even for kitchens and bathrooms too, especially in areas that require strong surfaces. Cafe forest marble and rain forest marble reach you all the way from India and deserve an honored niche in your existence by virtue of beauty and durability, a classical poise and unbeatable beauty.

Marble has many distinguished stories to tell the legacy of the past when palaces, churches and temples used this natural awesome stone for construction in the days when technology was scarce. Buildings still stand tall that were built many centuries ago with marble. In contemporary architecture too, marble occupations a mighty pride of place and continues to be in great demand because of a superior luxury, variety, transparency, translucence and luminosity. A fancy world beckons!

Rainforest marble comes to you as 1×1 and 2×2 tumbled mosaic. Flooring and subway tiles are also available. You can not but admire the antique finish that improves the classic look and feel.

The dense forest would stand out with greater effect on accent walls and intimate corners by combining with other tiles that present a contrast. Of the four walls, sometimes one or two could depict the lush forest and partly so if preferred while the other walls could be of simpler designs and shades to provide relief for the eyes and mind. Avoid clutter and go for soft and wholesome combinations.

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Types of Looms for Oriental Rug Weaving

There are a wide variety of looms in different shapes and sizes to meet the extensive range of needs that weavers have when making an oriental rug. Looms can be small enough to hold in your hands or big enough to take up a large portion of a room. When weaving an oriental rug, the size and sophistication of the loom used determines the rug's structural quality.

Fixed vs. Adjustable Frames
The basic component of every loom is the frame that holds the warp strand ties. Fixed looms are usually made with a rectangular frame that has set dimensions. The fixed looms restrict the size of the rug, as the rugs have to be smaller than the inside of the loom's frame. Popular fixed loom styles include the horizontal loom and the village loom.

Adjustable frames have movable beams that can expand or contract depending on the dimensions of the rug. Usually, adjustable looms have one or two movable horizontal beams and fixed vertical beams. Popular adjustable loom styles are the Tabriz loom and the Roller loom.

The Horizontal (Nomadic) Loom
Horizontal looms were invented thousands of years ago, and they are known for their simple construction and design. The design of the horizontal loom features four wooden beams that are secured by pegs driven into the ground. Because the rugs are woven horizontally, the weavers must go back and forth from one side of the rug to the other when creating the pattern. This weaving technique becomes difficult if the rug is too wide.

Less skilled weavers who work on this equipment often have designs that vary slightly in size or are not even spaceed. As claimed by the name, Nomadic looms were originally used by Nomadic tribes. They are easy to assemble and smaller than other styles, which was beneficial for the traveling lifestyle of Nomads.

The Village Loom
Unlike the Nomadic looms, Village looms have two vertical beams that are staked into the ground. They have two horizontal beams that are fastened at the top and bottom of the vertical beams to make the dimensions for the loom.

The Village loom's vertical design provides the weavers with easy access to any point in the rug, and as a result, the rugs produced can be much wider than Nomadic rugs. However, the Village loom's fixed beams still restrict the overall size of the rug.

The Tabriz Loom
This loom style features horizontal beams that are adjustable, meaning that the rug length can be altered. This style was developed to meet the needs for larger urban workshops, and it features a device that consistently moves the completed weaving to the back of the loom. This allows the weaver to sit in the same spot the entire time as he or she makes the rug.

The Roller Loom
The Roller loom is very similar to the Tabriz loom, but it features an adaptation that enables the warp strands to individually hook to the horizontal beam. The beam can be rotated, and the rug's finished portions are then rolled onto the beam. This enables weavers to make even larger rugs.

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A Guide To Purchasing Wallpaper For Your Home

Wallpaper has made a comeback in recent years. Today, they are used as a decorative trick to make your room look larger and larger. But, if one makes a wrong decision, it can leave your room looking exactly the opposite that you would have wanted.

One of the first things you need to think about is the size of your room. It will help you get an idea about the design that will look best in it. If you have a small room, you can use wallpapers to open up the room and create the illusion of space but, you will need to select light coloring wallpapers. If you are looking to add height to your room, you might want to use vertical stripes. Using pastel shades will allow the walks to look wider. If you are having a doubt about the kind of wall paper to use in your room, pastel shades can broaden the room and add height to it. If you have a small room and you happen to pick wallpapers with large print, it will make your room look smaller. While you can easily get away with a bold print, you need to limit the print to a feature wall and use only a neutral shade on the other walls.

The type of wallpaper you pick also helps in creating a major impact in how your room will look. People who have irregular walls need to avoid stripes and geometric prints that they emphasize on the flaws and make the room look bad. In many homes, where the walls are in bad condition to pain, printed wallpaper is much cheaper to use. Another interesting way to cover old walls is by using feature walls. Feature walls need not be created by simply using wallpaper. It should be added naturally and the eyes should lead naturally to it. Wallpaper is the feature wall is a good idea if you are on a budget and want to use an expensive print.

Before you purchase a wall for your home, you need to get as many samples as you can get and hand them around the room you want to use them in. You will need to check how the light in the room affects the design and how it looks at different times of the day.

To know exactly how many much wallpaper you will need, you need to –

  • Measure the walls and multiply the width by the height of each wall in feet.
  • Add all the measurements together to know the total area.
  • Subtract the measurement of the doors and all the windows.
  • Next is to check the roll label and find out the square foot coverage that each roll provides. You need to ensure that the roll coverage is more than the total wall square area.
  • It is best to order one roll more than what you think you need.

It is important to purchase all the rolls you need at the same time so that there is no variation.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Classy World Globe Bar for Your Home or Office

A bar globe set with a vintage replica globe or a current world globe is definitely worth consideration if you're looking for a unique option to store your liquor (or non-alcoholic beverages alike) in your home or office. These exquisite globe drinks cabinets bring together elegance and convenience, making them a great choice. Buying one is almost like purchasing a beautiful piece of vintage art. It is sure to be the focal point in any room of your home or office. If you're not sure this is the right choice for you, here is a look at just a few of the perks of buying and using one of your own.

Perk # 1 – Add Old World Elegance to Your Home or Office

Probably one of the most important benefits you are sure to enjoy is adding old world elegance to your home. If you love the classic style decor, you'll definitely find that a world globe bar set is sure to bring this sense of style into any room you place it in. The globes are exquisitely detailed and they have an antique flair to them that you are sure to enjoy. Even the shelves on the sets are often hand-painted works of art and the beautiful illustrations on the set are incredible and breathtaking. If you want to add a great statement piece to your home that serves a purpose, this is definitely a wonderful option for you.

Perk # 2 – Plenty of Storage Available

Another wonderful benefit you'll enjoy with a world globe bar set is that there is plenty of storage for your glassware and stemware. Not only do you have storage room inside of the globe that opens, but many of the floor stand bar Globes come with functional and beautiful shelves on the bottom of them, offering even more storage for your spirits and glassware. Some even have side shelves on them to make it easy for you to have room to pour and serve the drinks right from the globe. With all the storage they offer, you'll find it convenient to have everything you need on hand when serving your guests.

Perk # 3 – Roll It In With Ease

You'll also find that the world globe bar set can easily scroll around into any area of ​​your home. It definitely will draw a response if you roll it right into the room to serve your guests. The world globe, whether it has an antique replica map or a current world map, is sure to make a huge impression and no doubt your guests will admire the incredible bar while you are serving up drinks. Since it is so portable, it's easy to keep it in one room and then roll it to other rooms whenever you need to if you want to serve up some drinks.

These are only a few of the benefits that can be enjoyed with bar globes. It's easy to see why they are a popular choice, since they provide old world elegance, plenty of storage, and easy portability. When you purchase one of these bar carts, you are sure to enjoy it again and again.

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