Why Is Matte Gray So Popular?

Advantages of Gray

Gray is a common occurrence in modern kitchens. Namely because gray goes well with almost every color with which it is paired. In fact, some people think that adding a gray finish is one of the best methods to add contrast and depth to a kitchen.

Gray is so adept that it gives the designer freedom in every category from transitional, to modern, and even traditional. The fact that there are over 50 shades of gray (hehe) is what enables this color to harmonize so well with others. By choosing the correct shade you can add elements of brightness for a cozy ambiance or keep it monochromatic for a more modern look.

Benefits of Matte

One benefit of a matte cabinet door is that imperfections such as fingerprints and scratches are a lot less obvious than on cabinets that have a gloss finish. This is not to say that they do not appear at all, they do, but it is much less noticeable.

Furthermore, the color on something with a matte finish will often appear more consistent than that of a glossy finish. This is due to the fact that light does not reflect off of a matte finish as much as it does on a glossy finish. The reflecting light can often create the illusion of different shades.

Disadvantages of Matte

A cabinet door with a matte finish soaks up light instead of reflecting it. This results in a less vibrant look. You should also be aware of the fact that matte cabinet doors do not reflect any light, so they will not help to make your space feel any bigger. This means that matte is often chosen for a large spaces while gloss is usually picked for small spaces.

Matte cabinet fronts are not quite as easy their glossy counterparts, having said that, they are not difficult to clean. Just be sure to use a microfiber cloth so that you do not scratch your cabinets.

If you're using a laminate material for your cabinets, make sure that you check out samples carefully and that the material has a smooth finish. Some matte-finish laminates have a texture to them, this means that there are plenty of nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to hide in. However, this should not stop you from buying textured laminates because they can look spectacular in the kitchen. Just be aware of the pro and cons between them.

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Colour Matching Cabinet: A Detailed Study

The name “color matching cabinet” is familiar to many people working in textile and plastic industry. As the name suggests, it offers a standardized visual assessment of color. It is used for the determination of the color fastness in the textile and other industries. The color fastness is determined by electronic crockmeter machine which is an anticipated and highly coveted machine in the textile market.

The textile market has noted a significant growth in the last several decades with increasing use of a color matching cabinet. The increasing awareness about fashion and color among people has become a great factor to lead the growth of the textile industry. In today's world, there is a huge demand for high-quality textile products. Therefore, it is important for the manufacturers to ensure the best manufacturing process and better quality control. A color matching cabinet makes the job easier for them.

The main problem that the manufacturers face in the textile industry is Metamerism with the fabrics. It is the common phenomenon as the fabrics come in different looks in different lighting conditions. This can be a possible problem for the consumers and color conscious people. This is why the manufacturers of the products want to do this job sincerely. It becomes very tough to maintain consistency of the products. In such a condition this equipment becomes the best weapon to ensure a satisfactory customer service.

Color matching cabinets are used in numerous industries to provide standardized environment for assessment, justification and visual assessment of colors. It is perfect for almost all applications where you need to maintain color consistency and quality. It allows a user to assess and evaluate color sample under different light sources like filament light, ultra violet light, artificial daylight, and tube light TL 84 better known as tri-phosphor fluorescent light. The evaluation of fabrics under multiple light sources is the best way to detect and determine metamerism when samples appear to less than one light source. This is the only way to distinctly differentiate one from another. Needless to say, color matching is the globally accepted and preferred choice for quicker, closer and accurate color matching of the samples.

Color matching cabinets are used in various industries like painting, plating, plastic, paper, textile, etc. It has no better alternative in the case of faster, closer and accurate color matching solution.

A color matching cabinet measures the color difference between two samples.
An advanced and accurate color matching cabinet is equipped with most accurate light cabinet for visual analysis and evaluation of fabrics, dresses, cloth, textiles, plastics and leathers, etc. It checks and analyzes color-matching under a standard light source. The checking method is executed under a closed environment to minimize the interference of external lights.

Color matching cabinet booth

Color matching cabinet booths are used extensively in textile industry for color assessment. These come with doors. Garment manufacturer and exporters use these to decide the perfect color combination.

Salient features of a color matching cabinet:

• It is made of Teakwood. Sometimes Ply Board and Sun mica are used. The quality of these materials must be international standards.
• It includes major tube lights and fluorescent bulbs for quick and accurate color assessment.
• It is fitted well with ballasts for instant start and power saving tools to safeguard the expensive and highly sensitive tube lights and fluorescent bulbs.
• There are button switches to start and stop.
• There is no heat emission
• It is compact and high quality
• There is no feeling of warm-up
• You will find no flick
• Elapsed time displays each light source.
• It saves energy and gives efficient lighting.

How does a color matching cabinet work?

• The equipment provides a wide viewing area. It is well-equipped with multiple light sources or lamps or tube lights to detect the phenomenon of Metamerism. Here samples come to match under a single light source. In order to reach the final destination and receive approval, the fabric has to undergo various light sources. These light sources encompass artificial daylight, tungsten filament light, triphosphor fluorescent light, cool white light, and ultraviolet black light.
• The sample needs to be tested. Moreover, the original samples are to be sent in the viewing cavity.
• You need to check the original specimen closely, after switching on the D-65 Light. This is same for the specimen to be tested.
• When the match is perfect and satisfactory, the specimen needs to be tested under TFL Lamps and CWF Light
• Needless to say, the test is under under UVB Light. It is mandatory to ensure whether both samples react equally and perfectly to ultraviolet radiation.
• Then the final test is done under Fluorescent lamp tube, the colors are accepted at the 'Point of Sale'.
• All these help in judging, justifying and evaluating the color differences accurately, comparing the samples in different environment and conditions. When the match of both samples is carried out under all the lights, it becomes perfect for Dyeing, Printing and the coloring of the fabric or yarn as per the industry needs.
• The color matching cabinet ascertains the international standards. It can meet the color combinations needed in various industries.
• Most of these products come with a warranty. This ensures satisfactory customer experience which helps you build a long-term customer relationship.

Keeping pace with the time and demand, a wide variety of color matching cabinets has come to the market. Nowadays, many reputable companies have started manufacturing this equipment. As there is a tough completion in the market, these are coming with clever features and functionalities. However, at the time of buying these, you must buy from a reputable company. If you buy online, you need to buy a branded product from a reputable eCommerce. This will save your time, money and efforts.

Testex is a manufacturer and supplier of a color matching cabinet. You can learn more at http://www.testextextile.com/product/color-light-box-tu300cd/

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A Basic Guide for Buying Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

A vanity is an often overlooked piece of bathroom furniture. It can not only increase storage in your bathroom but can add a stylish touch to your decor. You can not only hide any unsatisfactory pipe work, but you can also incorporate drawers or cupboards for all those bathroom necessities. However, there is a massive choice of vanity cabinets available, so you may need a little help to choose the right option. Fortunately, here is a basic guide to buying vanity cabinets.

What Kinds of Bathrooms Are Suiteed to A Vanity?

Bathroom vanity cabinets are available in a wide range of styles and designs, which means that they can be used in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Even if you have a smaller bathroom, you can make use of the potentially dead space under the sink. You can fit a slimline unit that looks stylish and adds valuable storage space.

There is no one bathroom style that is suited to a vanity. There are units available in traditional and contemporary styles to suit all types of decor and personal preference. Whether you choose an ornate design or the clean lines of a basic unit, a vanity is sure to be an excellent addition to your bathroom.

Considering Size:

The size is despite the most important consideration for vanity cabinets. Bathroom dimensions will determine your choice of sizes for your unit. Remember that you will need to allow space for the doors or drawers of the unit to be opened fully. Be sure to take careful measurements of the existing sink area and consider if you would prefer a little more space. If your bathroom is on the larger size, you could always opt for a double vanity unit. This will allow you to have two sinks side by side for even greater practicality.

Recessed or Semi Recessed Sinks:

The first choice you need to make for bathroom vanity cabinets is wherever the sink is recessed or semi recessed. This simply means wherever the sink is flush with the cabinet top or if it is raised above it slightly. This is usually a matter of personal preference, but there are some considerations you may not have given any thought. The first is how you tend to use your sink. If you are the kind of person who likes to have clean surfaces with everything tidied away, you are likely to appreciate a recessed sink. However, if you prefer to have bottles and containers around the sink, you may prefer a semi recessed sink, as there will be a more defined perimeter of the sink. It may also help to prevent bottles from slipping into the sink.

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Why Are White Oak Kitchen Cabinets So Popular?

There are a lot of variations to white oak. Most white oak is really more of a light brown than a white, with antique white oak being an exception. Most very light brown oaks are considered white.

Now, why are these colors so popular among homeowners, interior designers, and kitchen designers?

For one, it's a neutral color. Neutral colors are very “in” right now in contemporary design because they help to bring out the subtleties of furnishings and textures.

Often times the textural components of a space can get lost in the fray. Interior designers' education teachings that a neutral background creates a welcoming interior when mixed with warm textures such as rough wooden elements, shiny tiles, nubby linens, and brushed velvet.

For instance, if the walls of a room are painted in a bright red, then the bold color will take precedence, making any textural elements disappear into the backdrop. This can make a room feel unwelcoming by omitting a layered, textural design.

Neutral colors do not overwhelm the senses. Most people consider this to be the greatest feature of neutral colors, you will become a weary of them. Have you ever painted a room in a bright, bold color? If so, did it take long before your great tired of it? More often than not the answer to this question is no. Because it's so overwhelming to our senses. It's usually better to have the bright things be subtle, because then they pop more and as a result their effectiveness is increased. With neutral cabinets such as white oak, your personal tastes can come to the forefront, allowing you to show off your brightly colored appliances, or vibrant countertops.

Neutral can be applied in almost any circumstance.

We have already gone over why neutral is best for contemporary kitchens and interiors, but a wonderful thing about neutral colors is simply that they work with any style.

In addition to the color scheme, white oak cabinets are popular because they're natural and have a pleasant texture. One goal of contemporary designers is to make things feel natural. For some reason natural settings seem to bring us peace. Perhaps it's due to our roots as a society, sometimes we crave a taste of what once was.

Yet another reason white oak is popular is durability. Oak is a strong wood with a lot of structural integrity. Most high end cabinets are built with the intention of being able to withstand being disassembled and moved from one home to another. After all, if you're going to spend a lot on quality cabinets its understandable that you may want to bring them with you upon moving.

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Textured and Structured Cabinet Doors

Structured and textured cabinets are essentially the opposite of high gloss cabinets. Instead of smooth and shiny these are coarse and matte. Consequently giving the doors and drawers a more natural look and feel. While high gloss is still quite common in kitchens and bathrooms, when one is trying to achieve a more organic design they tend to go with a more textured or structured door.

Over the years structured and textured cabinet doors and drawers have become a common occurrence in modern kitchen and bathrooms. The lovely textures bring movement and depth to a bathroom or kitchen without being too loud.

In addition to structured and textured cabinets, contemporary style is also represented by cool colors, a relaxing atmosphere, stone surfaces, and elements inspired by nature. The ultimate goal is to combine a lovely ambiance and a beautiful appearance with practical functionality.

Building a nice 3/4 inch cabinet box that is sturdy enough to be dissolved and taken with you if you move homes is becoming standard in the European market. If you have a nice strong box, with high quality hardware from a company like Blum, and some nice structured and textured cabinet doors without handles. Then you have an excellent foundation for creating a very luxurious feeling kitchen (by without handles I mean with fingerpull doors or push doors with magnets).

In addition to structured and textured cabinets, some of the more popular finishes of today are gray oak, white lacquer, cedar, and stone. The finishing details and furniture are simple and use clean lines.

Cool tones are seeming to dominate a vast majority of modern kitchens. They have a very simple, contemporary appearance and can assist you in feeling calm & tranquil.

Clean cabinet lines can do wonders. One can design cabinets in a such a way that they become completely integrated with the wall. The employment of a tool such as textured cabinets gives one the ability to stay within the modern style.

Some more trends that we have been seeing occur these days are large windows, uncommon shapes, cabinets without handles, and an open floor plan. An open floor plan is most notable. This layout grants one the ability to flow through their own home more easily and then is more conducive to a social environment. Moreover, this layout enables people cooking in the kitchen to interact with the rest of the folks in the lodging.

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What Are Custom Cabinets And How They Can Be Used

Who in this world does not want a highly customized house and rooms in order to utilize the space in the best way it can be done. One can not simply spend money every time on renovation. Custom cabinets are best for this purpose. These are storage areas that are measured, designed and built to fit a particular room, as the word customized delineates it is specifically built for the area in which they are going to be used, unlike ready-made ones that sometimes misfits the space they are buying for. These cabinets can be mounted over floors and ceilings to utilize the area that is being wasted. Custom cabinets can be designed for multipurpose rooms or around appliances that are not in standard size.

How customized cabinets can be beneficial to you and your house?

Customized cabinets are far better than the stock and semi-customized cabinets as you pledge to choose which material, style and dimensions suits your room better. Semi customized and stock cabinets came with predefined and limited variations and varieties. There are many more other advantages of having a fully customized cabinet that are discussed below:

  • One can do endless configurations and experiments with the material, style and almost everything in it.
  • Space is fully utilized, in fact you build and design your cabinet to give you such satisfying results in terms of looks and space occupation.
  • It's highly eco friendly as you design it to be so. One can never be 100% sure about the thing bought from the market. As these are made in front of you in your guidance only, you can be 100% sure about their quality.
  • In case of customized cabinets, craftsman is the king, he can go as far as he wants in terms of creativity. He can add quality Touches by carving the drawers slides, door and other parts making them long lasting by using dovetailed joints, dowels and all, instead of glue, nails and other temporary items.
  • It lets you implement your personal creativity as well. There may be thousands of combinations in stock cabinets, still they are somewhere limited by product availability. As they are manufactured in an assembly line in batches at different times, they often mismatches in materials and finishes.

Cabinets are mostly used in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Customized cabinets for kitchens lets you choose your own infrastructure style and design with longer lasting and good quality materials. One can simply build a cabinet for his small or large, new or old kitchen so as to fit in the free space and provide solutions to him. Simply, the other room that could be in need of customized cabinets is the bathroom, as the space in your bathroom could have been more than your typical kitchen. The bathroom is the high humidity and moisture intact room of the house, one should be very careful before choosing the material for building cabinets for it.

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A Great Sink That Can Endure Just About Anything

You can not go wrong with a ceramic sink because they are able to stand up well to just about anything. The various items that find their way into the typical sink to be washed can be quite varied from one household to the next. Some items can cause damages to the sink, leaving ugly scratches and stains behind.

A ceramic sink is very durable and the materials make it extremely difficult for any type of penetration. As a result, it is going to look like new even years after you have installed it. Such materials are resistant to staining and to scratching so you do not have to be worried that it is going to get messed up soon after you make that purchase.

Lovely Appearance

There is no question a ceramic sink is lovely, and you can buy it in a variety of types of colors. It is not hard to find one that is the perfect fit for your bathroom. Some people stick with plain white but once you see all of the colors you can pick from, you may be included to select something different this time around.

Keep in mind, some of the acrylic products out there look very similar in colors and designs to ceramic sink products. However, they are going to be damaged, stained, and scratched before you realize it. While those cost less, the overall value and reliability is not going to be there. Make sure you hold out for the better materials so you can love the way it looks for a very long time!

You can choose just to upgrade the sink portion of your bathroom design if you like. However, you can also decide to get a unit that offers both a cabinet and a countertop and the sink. The overall change it can make for your bathroom can be amazing. It is one more step to consider if you want it all to match well with a very sleek overall appearance.

Cleaning is a Breeze

Another reason your ceramic sink is going to stay looking new is it is so easy to clean. This type of material does not hold on to odors and you can easily wipe it out with a sponge or a paper towel. You do not need to use any types of chemical products to get it clean. Not only will you be done with the cleanup in less time, but you can do it all without exposing your household to those harmful toxins from chemical cleaners.

Size and Shape

The room you have for a ceramic sink can vary from one home to the next. The good news is you will find them offered in many sizes and shapes. It is not hard to find what you need, but it is important for the overall fit to be perfect. It should fit snuggly but not be forced into the opening you have for the product.

Round shapes are the most common for a bathroom, but you can also pick those that are square or rectangle if you desire. For the kitchen sink area, the square design is the most common. You can choose from a one bowl or a double bowl for the kitchen. It all depends on which you prefer.

Do not overlook the differences in the depth of them either. It can make a difference, especially in the kitchen. You want the depth to be significant enough that you will have no trouble at all cleaning dishes and your larger pots and pans. Explore the possibilities and you will get the perfect one for your needs and the appearance you want.

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Why Fabuwood Cabinets Are Called the Finest Choice for Your Kitchen

The cupboards for the kitchen are considered as one of the most distinguished features in your kitchen. Installing a beautiful cabinet or semi-cabinet enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Cupboards are the first and major thing that an individual notices once they enter a kitchen. So, a cupboard can be quite difficult to choose for each and every individual.

A suitable cabinet will match the kitchen or your others room. It will provide a positive impression on your guests or neighbors. Cabinets have a huge and promoting impact on your kitchen's appearance as well as the reasonable of the landowner. There is much stuff to only looking for in a kitchenette cupboard other than a particular of the closet. For instance, the toughness, as well as a style quotient of the closets also plays the main factor in their assortment.

A closet must be sturdy enough to proceed for an extended period of time. The closets must be fashionable. A modish cupboard is an extremely mandated factor that provides for forming the needed impression among guests in the kitchen.

What are the benefits of Fabuwood Cabinets?

This is an imported cupboard. Various options are available which offers people along with reasonable along with striking kitchen closet that the people have only fantasized about. Persons who are opting for an excessive looking closet in their kitchen and wish to beautify their ancient kitchenette, and then it has an awesome choice in the name of cupboards. It has a kitchenette plan for each and every kind of client.

In these categories of closets, people can select numerous types of designs to begin from numerous plans as well as collections to contemporary and archetypal, fashionable to customary style. Each and every individual can get the option to acquire a great quality wood for closets.

Knowing several instructions on buying the best closet for your kitchen

Selections of kitchen dresser wood

If a person is buying custom made cupboards, stock cupboards, RTA dressers they all showcase an extra choice of selections of wood. Solid wood cupboards such as Oak, Maple, Birch, Cherry and Hickory costs more than a surface or a complete cupboard.

Face edged kitchen breakfronts

It is one of the largest renovated types of kitchen closets that are utilized by persons across the world. The structure technique includes the building of a kitchen dresser face from hardwood bits. Usually, a dresser face is completed by utilizing various vertical as well as horizontal hardwood sections.

They charge quite less than the usual ones. It is suggested that persons find dressers that use rock-hard plywood along with rock-hard timber for the container of the attachment. It is also quite useful for numerous kitchen usages.

Online breakfronts for kitchen

Buying online closets for your kitchen is one of the greatest workable stuff that an individual can do in the time of buying the sideboards for the kitchenette. Likewise, buying reputed Fabuwood Cabinets from the marketplace can be a very expensive entity.

If you want to make any kind of changes in your sideboards you have to know several techniques which are extremely beneficial and helpful as well. So, in that case, you can make a replacement of it. In recent time's lot of sideboards are available in online retailer shops. So, you can easily buy from the best one. In fact, one can easily get it at a great discount.

The quantifiable of the sideboard

Breakfronts are made with certain components like Oak, Cherry, Birch, Maple are available at present. It is accessible in various shapes, size, colors, and textures and designs as well so make a smart move while purchasing the best one for you.

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Selecting a Sink Without a Cabinet

You do not have to go with a sink that has a cabinet underneath it. There are plenty of other choices that may be more appealing to you. With a wall hung sink, you can open up some of the area and that may allow the room to look larger. This type of design also gives the room a current look versus one that is older or basic. It may be something you have not seen in a home very often.

If you already have enough storage, you can do without the cabinet under the sink. Some households do not have much to store in the bathroom so it does not matter. For a kitchen, there is often enough other locations for storage so this can be a viable choice to consider.


There are several styles to pick from if you are interested in a wall hung sink. Some of them are round and others are rectangular. Some have only one area where the water comes out and others have two. Take a peek at these choices before you make up your mind about what you will buy. That way you do not come across one later on that you wish you had purchased instead.


When it comes to the materials for a wall hung sink, there are two primary choices. Those made from porcelain are white and very durable. They tend to be heavier than those made from stainless steel or aluminum which are silver. Think about the color you want and the look you want to help you narrow it down.

It may depend on the other components in your kitchen or bathroom to help you make up your mind. You may be interested in only adding the wall hung sink or it may be one of many upgrades you plan to make in that room of your home.


It is important to understand the mounting instructions for any wall hung sink you purchase. They need to be properly secured to the wall to make sure they are safe and they do not pull away. You also need to make sure you get it on there straight because if it is angled it will not look nice at all. Use a level to ensure you get it at the right height and straight across.

You can choose to mount the wall hung sink on your own or you can hire a professional to do it for you. It is a two person job although so if you want to do it on your own, you will need to ask someone else to assist you. It is a good idea to use a stud finder too so you do not have to guess where to secure it to the wall.


The cost for such a sink will depend on where buy it, the brand, and the quality. It will also depend on the size and the materials it is made from. As you shop around, you can take note of the options you want and compare prices on those. Do not be in a rush to buy such a product, take your time to find one that is exceptional in how it looks and how it functions.

Some consumers assume this type of product will be out of their price range. Yet they are thrilled to discover it costs far less than they imagined. Do not rule out getting such a sink because you do not think it will fit with your budget. It certainly does not hurt to spend some time looking around and comparing offers. Then you can smile when you find one that is in you budget!

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The Russians Are Coming* – The Russians Are Going

In this day and age, Russian spies have been identified, living amongst us, hacking at will, stealing our most precious secrets. Like we do not have enough to worry about! But, apparently it's true, and to be sure, nothing is safe. They even could peeked into your kitchen, pretending to be friends, or even sneaking through your iPhone , discretely replicating your recipes or copying the layout of your cupboards. Even worse, they could have been making notes on the construction of your cabinetry to send to China, so that they can produce them cheaper, thus underrating our fragile economy.

While it's true that 35 undesirables have recently been given 72 hours to leave town and go back to Russia, more than probably there are others still lurking about. And, just by examining your cabinets a trained spy could discern a great deal about them. So it pays for you to be aware of the differences, and be wary of people looking too closely at them. Lipped, inset, full-overlay, standard overly, framed, frameless, European, custom, semi-custom, stock, etc., etc. The wise kitchen cabinet owner / buyer / spy should understand the differences, because without knowing the basics they may not end up with the dream kitchen they hoped for.

Cabinet construction / design can be broken down into four distinct groups: CABINET TYPE, CATEGORIES, CABINET STYLES, and DOOR STYLES. (I'm not referring to cabinet door designs in this article, [that information is classified], only to the different types of construction available).

The CABINET TYPE includes framed and frameless cabinets. If you've helped your kids do basic geometry slowly, you'll recall that a box generally has 6 sides. A frameless cabinet (also known as a European cabinet) only has 5 sides; it does not have a front to the cabinet box. Consisting of a top and bottom, two side pieces and the back, the front of the cabinet is made up only of the edges of the top, bottom and two side pieces, (usually 5/8 “or 3/4” thick). The door for this type of cabinet must cover the edges of the sides, top and bottom. A framed cabinet includes the sixth side to its box, which makes up the front of the cabinet. The opening for the framed cabinet is cut out of the sixth side, (the front), creating the “frame”.

Both of these types of cabinets are available in custom, semi-custom, and stock CATEGORIES. Custom cabinets are built to the exact specifications indicated by your kitchen designer. Semi-custom cabinets are also built to order but from the manufacturer's specifications. They can be modified to a certain extent, for an additional charge. Stock cabinets are mass-produced to the manufacturer's specs, with little or no configurations available, and are the most economical.

CABINET STYLES refer only to framed cabinets and indicate how much the door covers the front of the cabinet. (Remember, in a frameless cabinet the door must cover the whole front of the cabinet box). Framed cabinets are available in full-overlay, and standard overlay, where a portion of the frame is exposed.

Standard Overlay doors come in two DOOR STYLES. The standard style sits on the top of the frame and is also referred to as an onlay door. The other variation is the “lip” door, where the center of the door protrudes into the frame. Usually lipped doors are only available in custom lines because they are more difficult to build and therefore more expensive.

Of course, there is always the exception to the rule, and in this case it's the inset door, which is usually only available with full custom cabinets. This type of door fits completely inside the face frame, making the door fit flush with the frame. Although, the most expensive option available, many feel that it is, by far, the most exquisite look. If you choose an inset door it is imperative that the cabinets be hung by a professional because if it is not installed perfectly true and level, the doors will bind on the frame.

Now that you possess the basic understanding of modern cabinet construction, I strictly advise that you delete all references to this article that may have been saved in your computer history. This will help keep it out of the hands of insidious spies who may be watching you at this very moment.

* “The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming “, (click here) a very funny 1966 American comedy film directed by Norman Jewison .

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Things to Consider When Installing a Glass Sink in Your Bathroom

If you're having a glass sink installed in your bathroom, you'll want to be confident that it's going to stand the test of time.

Many people can be initially daunted by the prospect of a glass washbasin, but if you use the right methods of cleaning and care, it can prove incredibly study and durable – as well as giving your home a sleek and contemporary look.

On the whole, bathroom sinks, bathtubs and toilets are manufactured to withstand high temperatures and impact – even if they are made from glass. But it's still important to care for them correctly to make sure they continue to serve you well.

No doubt when you were deciding which basin to bring into your home you took the durability of each material into consideration, but will still want to do everything you can to avoid having to replace it in the future. Obviously the method for cleaning and care will differ from stone or ceramic basins.

In terms of durability, caring for your washbasin begins at installation. It is always recommended that a professional plumber installs your sink, as the leading cause of breakage tends to be poor installation. The next thing to consider is how you will look after your new bathroom feature.

If the basin is made from glass, you'll want to make sure you never pour scaling water into it. This is because a dramatic, immediate change in temperature can cause it to shatter and break, even though glass will usually withstand temperatures of up to 21 degrees Celsius.

It's also important to make sure it is installed with a glass ring support underneath; this will make sure it stays tight and leak-free. A ring support can be particularly effective if the basin is being mounted on a marble or granite work surface.

Another thing to bear in mind if you're opting for a glass basin is that it will be see-through. This means that excessive sealant will be visible through the material, so be mindful of how much silicone you use and where you apply it.

As you will already know, glass is also prior to shattering, even if it is high-quality, so make sure the plumber who installs your new wash basin knows to tighten the waste by hand, rather than using a spanner or wrench.

For further security, make sure you opt for a sink made from safety glass, which will be resistant to small accidental breakage – such as dropping a brush or bottle into it. However, be aware that a heavy object will shatter a glass basin – just as it would if it were made from porcelain.

Similarly, most glass basin manufacturers recommend that they should not be installed in areas where indoor temperatures are not regulated, as vast variances in climate can cause thermal shock – extremely breaking the glass.

Unfortunately, one of the dangers of glass is that thermal shock could also cause it to shatter. Due to the nature of the material, once a breakage has occurred, however minor, the entire sink would need to be replaced for it to remain safe for use.

When it comes to cleaning, glass basins do not require any special method, although it's best to avoid using abrasive bathroom cleaning products, as these will permanently scar the glass. For similar reasons, do not use scourers or rough pads.

The best way to clean a glass basin is with a soft cloth, vinegar and water – as you would clean a window. This will remove water spot and keep it looking sparkling clean.

So, when they are treated properly, glass basins can prove incredibly resistant to wear and tear, and will stay looking as beautiful as the day they were purchased.

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Picking the Perfect Details for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing refreshes the look of a kitchen more than new kitchen cabinets. The crisp, clean lines and shiny hardware draw the eye and tie the whole room together. But there are so many options-how does a homeowner know what to choose? Here are some tips to help anyone pick out the perfect cabinetry for their home.

First Things First

Before a homeowner begins picking out new kitchen cabinets, he or she should know the exact layout of the kitchen. Measurements should be taken, and an overall design theme should be chosen. This will make the ordering process much more streamlined. Standard lower cabinets should be 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall, while upper cabinets are usually at least 12 inches deep and 18 inches above the counter. However, these measurements are only a guideline and can be customized.

Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom

Kitchen cabinets can be ordered three ways: stock, semi-custom, or custom. Stock varieties come as-is and are the most affordable options. They may come assembled or in a package to be assembled by the homeowner. Semi-custom means Buyers have a few additional options when they are ordering that will give them more flexibility, but they are still limited to what is already available. Custom options are designed specifically for the homeowner and can be adjusted to fit any configuration.

Framed vs. Frameless

Standard cabinets are typically framed, meaning that the door and drawers are attached to a front frame. However, European, or frameless cabinetry, has been rising in popularity in recent years. In this option, the door and drawers are fastened directly to the box. The lack of a front face can lead to reduced strength of the structure, so experts recommend avoiding cheap materials such as particle board and instead using more fundamental wood.

Door Styles

There are a number of different door styles, from traditional Shaker to flat to doors with glass panels. The door style will make a significant impact on the overall style of the kitchen. Consider flat doors for a minimalist look or Shaker for a more traditional feel. Custom molding and different finishes can be added to existing doors to create an even more personalized look.

Built-In Accessories

A number of accessories can be integrated into cabinetry to customize it. Designs tend to change based on technical trends. For instance, homeowners today often design built-in charging stations that will keep electronics off of the counter. Appliances such as heavy mixers or coffee pots can be placed on lift-up shelving that is hidden behind doors. Other popular trends include pullout trash cans, doors that open with a touch, and integrated LED lighting.

In order to get the best value for their money, homeowners should focus on the quality of materials and construction over desired features. Avoid over-customizing, as some features can be so personalized as to damage resale value. However, well-done construction will always be a sound investment.

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Tips to Make Bathroom Cabinets Last Longer


Selecting a material that is able to handle the humidity in this room is vital to make sure that they are for a long time. If a material is chosen that is not made to withstand moisture, it can expand and warp, resulting in a room that looks less than new. Bamboo is one of the few materials that can handle a little bit of humidity over a long period without changing size.


Making sure that cabinets are made of durable material is also a key to reflecting good looks, particularly in households with smaller children. Softer woods, such as pine, make a beautiful cabinet, but they also tend to dent and scratch easily. Smaller children tend to have a bit rougher on everything, and can leave a brand new bathroom cabinet looking less than new in a matter of weeks.

Harder woods, such as oak are less likely to dent as easily, and more likely to leave a lasting impression on guests. Bamboo is another great option for cabinets in homes that have small children.


Making sure that bamboo cabinets, as well as those made of other materials, stay clean will help them be long lasting. The cleaning process will often vary depending on the type of material used. For example, a bamboo cabinet can be wiped clean with just a cloth and water. Harsher chemicals can sometimes be used on other materials. It's important to know which cleaning solutions to use, and to clean bamboo cabinets as often as needed for long lasting good looks.

Preventative checking

Every so often, home owners are advised to simply look over the bamboo cabinets to guarantee that all the hinges are still in working order, all the screws are nice and snug and so on. This can easily make them long lasting. For example, if the screws on a hinge are loose and homeowners do not know, they will never be tightened. Then, the hinge may fall out, sending the door crashing to the ground and damaging the wood. A quick glance over the screws and hinges can easily prevent this problem.

Clean spills immediately

Bathrooms and bathrooms are the most common places for spills. Allowing liquid liquid to sit in a pool on a cabinet can, and will, ultimately damage the wood. If this happens more than once, it will result in several spots on the wood being worn and damaged, and the cabinetry looking horrible. They will be long lasting if homeowners clean up spills as soon as they happen instead of leaving to sit until the room gets cleaned later in the day.

Check the weight

Often, drawers and shelves have a weight limit. Home owners should always double check the weight limit and make sure that they do not put too many things on the shelves or in the drawers. This will cause the shelves to break, or the bottom of the drawer to fall out.

Cabinetry has the power to make a home look beautiful and brand new, or the potential to make it look like it is slowly going downhill and in desperate need of a remodel. These simple tips will help every single home owner help their home look wonderful and brand new for many years to come.

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Kitchen Cabinets: Choosing the Perfect Color


White remains a more popular choice for areas that are going to be decked out in white, black and gray. These custom cupboards will correspond perfectly with a modern home or complement an elegant look, making them a versatile choice that will help them last for years regardless of how many remodels a home sees or what style a homeowner prefers.

On the downside, white shows dirt easier than any other color. If the house is full of small children with dirty hands, homeowners are going to feel as though they spend half of their day scrubbing dirt off of the doors and drawers, particularly if they are place in high traffic areas. This color also shows dirt and dents easier than any other color, as well as imperfections like scratches. Homeowners with several children, or grandchildren, that are always in and out of the dining area may want to consider another option.


Custom black rta cabinets will add a sleek look to any modern home. This color will not show every single smudge or fingerprint, letting homeowners wipe them down when they have the time to instead of when they can see the dirty smudges.

The primary downside to owning custom black cabinetry is that it offers to show scratches just as easily as white ones, if not more so. The only other con listed by consumers is that black is simply not as versatile as white. These will complement modern styles, but will not look well if a homeowners wanted to remodel and change everything over to a traditional style.


Custom gray rta cabinets may seem a bit outside of the box, but that is exactly what makes this color so popular. Instead of wood or going with a black and white, gray allows homeowners to showcase their unique personality and style. They also give the perfect combination of pros from both black and white. For example, they coordinate wonderfully with several different decorating schemes, from modern to elegant. Gray will not hide dirt as easily as black, but it will not show dirt the same way that white does either. It does not show scratches as much, but does not completely hide them either.

Custom Gray kitchen cabinets give the perfect balance between the benefits and downfalls of black and white.


Wood kitchen cupboards come in a variety of colors, but the same basics of black white and gray can be applied to the shade of wood. For example, darker woods will show scratches easier, but they will not show dirt as well. Lighter colored wood is more versatile, and will stand the test of time as it coordinates perfectly with one remodel after another.

The important thing to consider when choosing wooden rta kitchen cabinets is the type of wood. Harder woods are usually submitted due to their durability.

Designing rta kitchen cabinets is a great way for couples to make their home look unique as they showcase their personality through every single detail of their home.

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Add Style in a Colorless Kitchen


Simplistic designs are as hot as these colors are now. For example, gray shaker cabinets offer a simple style that will compliment a modern look without appearing too flashy. Homeowners that want to stick with these colors should go with this style to make a modern kitchen shine more than ever.

For inspiration, look back on the Shaker movement. This is when the cabinets became more popular than ever, but that is not all that was created. The Shaker movement consulted of all kinds of chairs, etc. based on the belief that less is more. Merely browsing through pictures from the Shaker movement will help give anyone ideas on how to add style while maintaining simplicity.


Contrast is the perfect way to spice up anything. For example, painting a delicate white flower on the door of gray cabinets is an affordable way to add elegance. For homeowners that want to stick with the crisp, clean lines that modern styles are known for can still add some contrast to the area. Hang some black shelves on a white wall and then add in some straight white lines instead of a gray cabinets instead of a flower.

These colors may seem boring, but they give the perfect opportunity to include the ideal amount of contrast and style to every cooking area.

Cut back on gray

This color is best used for appliances and storage along the edges of the area instead of accent pieces. Gray Shaker cabinets have never gone out of style, and they coordinate perfectly with any theme. Every cabinet will look great in this color, and then the rest of the area can be decked out in black and white for the perfect color combination. Use contrast and a simple style as before mentioned in combination with this tip to make a room more appealing than ever before.

Add some color

Whether a lack of color is all the rave now or not, if it makes a homeowner want to avoid cooking in their own home due to the cold, calculating feel that it gives off, it's best to forget about the trends and add some color. Hang up some interesting wall art, include a few different accent pieces and pick up a fun rug to put down on the floor; whatever it takes to help a home showcase the personality of the homeowners.

Famous decorators recommend using red and orange for adding warmth; brighter, fun colors like yellow and purple add energy, and shades of tan can be used to help colors blend together.

Trends are always fun, and they can be a great way to get the creative spark going in homeowners that are searching for redecorating ideas. On the other hand, trends can also lead to homeowners being full of redecorating remorse. These stylish tips will help transform a homeowner that is full of remorse into a homeowner that loves the area that they live in, and cook in, once again as they slowly make it showcase their wonderful personality.

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