Yoga Inspired Interiors

Yoga inspired interiors heal your mind, body and soul. A zen home that's devoted to peace, tranquility and emotional well-being, creates a balance between you and the surrounding energy. A house that energizes you, lets you escape the stresses of life and connect with a higher power, yoga inspired interiors are healing and power houses of energy.

The single most important room in your house is where you do your meditation to recharge your body both physically and mentally, keeping you chakras balanced. Meditation is a healing, trans-formative practice that can change the way our brains work.

There should be a natural flow of energy in your house with no clutter, the door that you enter from should bring in a flood of positive energy. Antique Indian doors with carvings and motifs of chakra, lotus and peacocks attract the positivity and abundance into your home. Blue washed consoles in the hallway, sunburst medallions carved buffets and vintage furniture made from reclaimed woods, disturbed natural metals like brass and iron cladded chests charge the zen as well.

Sun is the giver of life so always meditate facing east or the rising sun, the hues of orange and yellow are associated with the second and third chakra that connects with nourishing and grounding. Sun carved doors were used in India mainly to attract the energy of the sun. Peaceful, serene, energizing interiors, with lush green potted plants of basil and aloe. Handloom cotton blankets can be used as floor throws or wall tapestries. Mandala printed bed throws and matching curtains, create color balanced rooms to infuse your home with peaceful vibrations. Wear recycled sari yoga pants and cotton embroidered tunics, ethnic printed wrap skirts and bohemian kaftans to keep your zen free and charged.

Mother Nature is relaxing and healing, old wood chai tables and cart benches beautified with up-cycled toss pillows help you unwind and meditate. Meditation is connecting with the source and old Indian furniture has brass and iron ornamentation that removes the electromagnetic charge around us, thereby creating a space that will help you stay calm. A beautiful natural stone Buddha sculpture with water flowing in the back is zen positive. Water is essential in meditation as it is a great carrier of sound vibration. The balance is essential between Sun, Earth, Air, Water, Space or Ether. Mantra music playing in the background with zen sculptures of Ganesha, Buddha and Shiva, the incense fragment sets the mood for a peaceful and calm meditation. Om Shanti!

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Moroccan Architecture and Interior Design

Moroccan architectural design and interiors showcases the country's rich history through intricately carved archways and columns, exotic fine textiles in vibrant hues and geometric symmetry seen in doors and furniture. The seductive style adapts to modern, contemporary and traditional interiors. Opulent luxurious and global design, Moroccan style is a favorite of many interior designers. Architectural detail shaped by centuries of traditional Moroccan culture seen in cusped archways and keyhole doorways are some of the style's most used elements.

Bold brilliant reds, vibrant oranges, lush greens and sapphire blues dominate the interiors, with a neutral background reflecting the rolling sand dunes of the desert or the brilliant Mediterranean ocean. Ornate carved furniture and silk upholstery are a must in Moroccan interiors. Brass cladded chests with camel motifs, or armoires with Arabic calligraphy, the green washed patina of the wood creates a mesmerizing story of the past. Cabinets with brilliant pinks and greens, contrasting with the brass, add in the rustic palace doors and the arched doorway, the opulent extravaganza blends well with muted walls.

Pashmina blankets and throws with beaded zardozi, silk curtains, gold trimmed sheer drapes spin tales of the Sheikhs and harems. Create spellbinding decor with hand embroidered bed throws and matching toss pillows. Dark wood carved armoires and coffee tables with brass and iron are resplendent in their contrast. Rustic dense carved woods and fine inlaid furniture, columns with stone bases and huge benches that are magnificently crafted from old oxcarts. Vivid imagination takes it a step further, using old palace doors as headboards, and a masterpiece bone carved dining table. Intricate detail and a mastery in color patterns, the inlaid bone chests and brass cabinets are a filled with beautiful artifacts.

Geometric symmetry is a must in architectural doors or columns as seen in stars, octagons, along with floral vine motifs and calligraphy. Apparent is the importance of numerology where as you see the 8 pointed star expanding into the 96 pointed ones as in the expansion of the universe, growth multiplied multiple times.Triple arches line up the courtyard and you enter through a beautiful colored teak door with old rustic patina. The traditional carvings and textures draw you into their old past, the energies multiplying with your lavish care and design. Beautiful serena gardens with a rustic daybed or bench, an old carved swing and brass planters, the setting is perfect for a romantic evening.

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6 Weird Ways Your Decor Makes Your Home Messier Than It Is

Everybody has a cleaning routine that perfectly fits in with their lifestyle and keeps the home in a good shape. If that is your home still looks not as clean as it's expected, do you know where the problem is? You can not figure it out? Think from this angle – are your home decor arrangements, making your home look messier that it is. Peruse this list to check if you need to make any decor adjustments so that your work will not go to waste.

1. Inappropriate Leaning And Stacking

We all love books, but we should be very careful when it comes to decorating. Usually, a few casual stacks of books look rad, but if they are not compatible with the room's style, they will make it feel off. Interior designers recommend to make a good estimate of the decoration and to remove the stacks, retaining elements and other piles out of the room. Then step back and see if those arrangements have made your room better. If so, you might want to reevaluate. Also, do you realize how much time you should set aside to clean them? Most probably, cleaning the house will turn into the most tedious and annoying task for you.

2. Stuffed Tabletop Vignettes

The very busy, bursting with stuff vignettes can give the room a feeling of overload and messiness. So try to keep stuff like coffee tables and the credenzas clean and not stuffed in order to look more stylish and tidy. Just think this way – what will be if you have many small, usually arranged objects on the table, but at different sizes, shapes and heights? It will feel like you've forgotten to pick them up. So catch the right balance.

3. Cluttered Spaces

Not just the tabletop vignettes can be stuffed. Rooms can be full of too many small objects as well, such as lots of side chairs, pictures, pillows, ottomans, and more. Moreover, it may look like everything is in “order”, but actually not to be. That's why try to get rid of the unnecessary objects, make the room more breathable and spacious. For example, if you are from those people who are in love with the bohemian style decoration and have thrown pillows all over the room. Actually, if they are pointing in different directions since your efforts to put them in order, consider reducing their quantity.

4. Stuff In Open Shelves

Most people use open shelving for splurging on their ceramic collection. Actually, those furnishings work very well in the kitchen or the bathroom, but if you insist on using them in the living room, then you should think carefully. What you can do in order to prevent the messy look of the room is to tack your items in beautiful boxes or baskets which to be placed in the open shelves. That way, the room will look tidy, neat and mod and cleaning the house will be a pleasure for you!

5. Inappropriate Hook Placements

Everybody loves hooks! They are the easiest way to makeover unused wall space. There is only one danger – to overload the hooks, especially if they are in a place that can be seen from another room. The view will be a little bit unpleasant. The solution – relocate your hooks to a more hidden place and try not to overload them in order to look not so messy.

6. Weird Patterns & Wrong Materials

Before buying new materials or patterns, scrutinize them carefully. Ask yourself these questions: “Does this textile pattern look like it's covered in dirt?”, “Does this shiny flooring make it look like it's always dusty?” and etc. They will help you make the right decisions.

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The History of Quartz Countertops

In 1963 Marcello Toncelli founded a company known as Brevetti Toncelli, which roughly means Toncelli Patents. A few years later that name was shortened to Breton, he took the Bre from Brevetti and the Ton from Toncelli to create a new brand. Afterwards he developed a patent for his process of solidifying quartz and resin slabs to be used in countertop surfaces. The Italian inventor created the Bretonstone technology used for producing engineered stone, also known as vibrocompression under vacuum. As a result he was able to create an extremely durable surface that would one day be used around the world for all sorts of surfaces, particularly countertops. This method has been picked up by other companies around the world such as Dupont, Cambria, or Cosentino in order to create their own specific mixture. Zodiaq for example, is Dupont's version of a quartz countertop.

It's not just popular around Italy, according to Wikipedia it's the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. Not only is it abundant, but almost every ancient culture revered quartz for different reasons. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Australian Aboriginals, and Romans all used quartz crystals as talismans. The Romans used rose quartz as a seal to signify ownership, and the Egyptians believed the stone could prevent aging.

It's often found in passage tomb cemeteries around Europe, such as Newgrange or Carrowmore in Ireland. The Irish word for quartz is grianchloch, which means “Sunstone.” This has claimed in a number video games referring to it as a Sunstone. Quartz was also used in Prehistoric Ireland, and many other countries, to make stone tools; both vein quartz and rock crystal were knapped as part of the lithic technology of prehistoric people.

Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are one of the most durable options for kitchens. However, unlike natural-stone slabs, which are mined, these slabs are engineered in a factory. They are made of a little over 90% ground quartz and the other 10 percent is made up of Polyester resins and pigments.

Until recently people would refrain from using quartz as a countertop because it lacked the beautiful patterns and color variations you can get with natural stones such as marble and granite. But thanks to plenty of technological advances that is no longer the case, we now have the ability to make quartz slabs that have a variety of flakes and swirls to generate random patterns that can make quartz slabs absolutely stunning. Finally able to rival the natural beauty of marble and granite.

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Home Decor – Family With Dogs

We were finally ready for a dog in our home. We searched different breeds to match our lifestyle. We both wanted a big dog with a gentle disposition, and, as we looked through the pictures of the different breeds, one caught our attention. Bernese Mountain Dogs are beautiful, big and sweet-natured. This was what our new “baby” was to be! After meeting with the breeder, and a bit of a wait, we bought our little fella, Dante.

We were very happy to have a vinyl kitchen floor during potty training. Although he was quick to learn, he was after all a puppy. Vinyl floors are durable and very easy to keep clean. This was also a blessing because Dante had no idea how to wipe his feet during the rainy summer days.

We also learned that baby gates were not just for human babies. Because the rest of the house had mostly carpeting, we felt a gate was just what was needed. This saved on a lot of extra carpet cleaning, which is not my favorite chore.

For the first several months I surprised why everyone talked so much about this breed shedding so much. I had not noticed much at all. Well, as our cute little fluff ball grew, and he gained about ten pounds a month, I began to notice a little change in that situation. Little by little there began to be little fluffy tumbleweeds in the corners of his domain. Soon the little fluffy fur balls were requiring daily broom attention. Sometimes it became obvious that a vacuum was the only way to keep those floating clouds of fur from outrunning my broom. First I tried a little cleaning upright vacuum. Just charge it up and go! Only I found that I could empty the canister multiple times before I was done and the charge was gone before the fur was.

Well, if that littleright was not working out for me, I decided to move on to my old faithful canister vacuum that had disposable bags and an electric cord. It was great! There was no recharging mid-job, the bag could hold all the fur that puppy of ours could shed. I still had to make use of it daily, but it worked like a charm. Dante did not mind the noise, and did not chew the cord. He did not even seem to wonder where his fur was going. I did not mind his shedding since I had figured out an effective remedy for the flying fur. Somewhere in the back of my mind I may have thought “What was it they said about going through a vacuum every year or two?”

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Do You Love the Tropical Islands Around the World? Would You Love to Decorate Your Home With It?

So when I started looking into the history of Hawaii and Polynesia I was drawn to the art and culture of the people that arrived there 1500 years ago. They were fishermen farmers architects carvers of canoes and more.

The first people to colonize Hawaii were skilled navigators. They sailed double-hulled canoes across thousands of miles zeroing in on tiny islands in the center of the Pacific. They packed their vessels with food plants medicine tools and animals: everything necessary for building a new life.

Mother Nature carved out verdant valleys, brilliant rainbows in the sky, and sandy beaches in a spectrum of colors. The indigenous Hawaiian culture symbols the “spirit of aloha” Easy-going generosity that takes the shape of monumental feasts shared with friends and family and hypnotic Hawaiian melodies played late into the night.

Leis are one of the nicest ways to say hello, goodbye ,, congratulations my sympathies are with you, or I love you. Giving leis is a historic custom: According to chants the first lei was given by pineapples the sister of the volcano goddess Pele. Hiiaka presented Pele with a lei of lehua blossoms on a beach in Puna. The presentation of a kiss with a lei did not come about until World War II; it's generally attributed to an entertainer who kissed an officer on a dare then quickly presented him with her lei saying it was an old Hawaiian custom. It was not then but it sure done on fast.

Visitors are drawn to Hawaii not only for its incredible beauty also for its opportunities for adventure. Gaze into that fiery volcano snorkel and swim in a sea of ​​rainbow-colored fish. Tee off on a stunning golf course hike through a rainforest to hidden waterfalls and kayak into the deep end of the ocean where whales leap out of the water. You'll discover that life moves at an unhurried pace here. Doses of sun and sea allow both body and mind to recharge.

Religion, farming, fishing weather prediction out-rigger canoe (catamarans) construction and navigation were highly developed skills because the population of an island island depended on them. Trading of both luxuries and mundane items was important to all groups.

The Islands are well known for the Dole pineapples sugar cane Kona coffee Plantations, bright colored paintings tiki sculptures surf themed products carved wood sea shells tropical birds boats Hawaiian clothing and much more!

If you have never visited a Polynesian Island you will be missing out on an adventure of a life time. Bring tropical decor home with you to remind you of the Islands. Add a visit to your bucket list you will not be disappointed!

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How Brightening Up Your Bedroom Can Be Made Possible

“Come let's chit-chat in my bedroom” or “You do not a television in your bedroom, poor thing!” Statements or comments like these are given by your friends and relatives are becoming quite common in today's scenario. The bedroom has started to become one of the most serious rooms in the home. Where it was once a place where one used to rest the head on the soft pillow and take a sound eight hours sleep every night, it has become a hub of learning, relaxation and even entertainment.

For many of us, it is becoming ordinary to boast a game console, a television or a music player in our sleeping areas. Gone are the days when you used to call it a day, change into your soft printed pyjamas, and turn off the lamps. Now, you can see yourself spending hours while being in your beloved bedroom – wealth delivered by the entertainment at your sleeping quarter.

And it is never to forget it is also an ideal spot to retire from the day, lie back and simply feel the leisure. If you have entered your bedroom, either you will be taking a nap or just chilling out in the space. Well, that can happen without mentioning activities such as writing, reading and chatting. All three require much silence that can possibly be found in your most personal room in the whole house.

After keeping all this in mind, what improvements would you like to make trigger brightness and look of your bedroom, so it retains its originality?

Suggesting to take your first step by contacting and enlisting the services offered by a decorator and painter looks like a good one. Painters and decorators can add a fresh stimulus to the bedroom through their skills of color selection for walls. For a soothing feel, typically, you will have to go for calm and fresh tones, so white, lilac and yellow are superb tones to start with.

But, this is not the end of improvements as colored walls alone can not give a new life to your bedroom. Why not you call an electrician and make him install a big, high-definition television? Either you can team it with a gaming console or a DVD player to get a high quality ultimate audio-visual experience from the comfort of your sleeping quarter.

Another option is to bring in new furniture, that actually matches with your bedroom décor. Presently, fitted furniture is in trend as it requires the least space in your rooms and it gets easily installed. As it is not freestanding, your room becomes spacious and stylish in no time. If you want to see some fitted bedroom furniture ideas, consult a professional interior designer as they are trained enough to fulfill your needs. Splashing out old-school furniture tailored by a local carpenter and replacing it will new furniture.

We are aware of the fact that we do not have extra pennies just to stylize our bedrooms, but little advances and attachments here and there can give you immunity pleasure. It is guaranteed that when you will lie on your soft, cozy bed, lying in a newly made bedroom, all the efforts and spending will be worth it!

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Elevate The Value of Spaces With Fitted Kitchen Designs

Home owners are increasingly growing aware and conscious of look and feel of their structure. They now want only the latest in style and design to grace their abode and win them appraise from neighbors and relatives alike. To them, every corner and space in the home holds value and describes a touch of elegance and beauty. Their approach is no different to kitchen and they consider it more than just a place for preparing and serving foods. In fact, designing kitchen interiors is perhaps the latest fad amongst home owners who are ready to splash money to transform their important spaces.

Further, fitted kitchens are the latest trends and they are also a piece of innovation lacing technology and art together. Great design ideas are crafted to perfection so that the kitchen and home can get a modern and sleek look with ease. These designs bring a complete visual transformation to the spaces and ensure beauty and charm in big dosages. In this, customized solutions are prepared based on the requirements and space layouts of the place. With fitted kitchen, every inch of the space in the kitchen is leveraged in an optimum manner so that nothing looks out of sort and out of sync there.

More so, no home owners would want their kitchen to face either space constraints or look chaotic in the want of proper planning and design. Even though the architecture may not be changed that easily, there is always an opportunity to have fitted designs with furniture and ensemble charm to there in the spaces. This way, not an inch or not a corner looks out of sort there and this is how kitchens are designed in the best way possible. For all this, you can consult an expert, get the kitchen spaces mapped out and then go for customized solutions.

Further, customized and fitted furniture are good to lend your kitchen with a touch of style and grace together with modernizing it. You are in command of the color, shape, sizes and design of furniture suiting the ethos of the architecture in true sense. Home owners can decide which materials to use and in how much amount so that the best of design and utmost of quality can be delivered with ease. Even better, there will be a range of fitted products such as kitchen cabinets etc. that can be made to order to elevate the aesthetics of the spaces.

Home owners can consult experts familiarize with complete design process so that the best of results remains a mere formality. Whether the focus is on beauty or functionality or a blend of the both, there is always an option to choose the right solution and attend the desired touch of grace and charm to the spaces. You can decide how much money to be spent and how much far you can go with designing the kitchen. So, you should benefit from fitted kitchens designs ideas and transform the visual appeal of the spaces in the desired manner for sure.

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Quality And Efficiency For An Amazing Look

The versatility and efficiency with roller blinds encourages many people to buy them. Yet it is often the great appearance and quality that result in them telling other people about what a great idea it was. With this type of product, you do not have slates in the blinds. Instead, you have one piece and you can have it all the way up, all the way down, or somewhere in between.

You may discover there are times of the day when the windows let in too much light. With roller blinds, you can control that amount of light so it is not overbearing. You can also pull them all the way down at night to offer more security against anyone being able to see into your home. Many of the roller blinds are cordless and that may be what you are looking for.

Many houses with children and pets strive to stay away from such products with cords. They do not want to take the risk of an accident occurring with that item dangling. Yet they still need the functionality of blinds they can count on. This is a wonderful option to consider, and they are very easy to use.


Shop for roller blinds made from quality materials so you are able to use them for a very long time. If you sleep during the day or you plan to place them in the room of a child, consider those that are materials that will completely block out the sunlight. This can make it easier for someone to sleep and rest during daylight hours. At the same time, keep your home looking nice.

Some are made from a mesh material that looks very nice and it allows the sunlight to come through, but filtered. There are also those that are thermal so they will help to prevent the cold from coming in. This can help you to keep your home comfortable without turning up the heat. Check out the various materials to find what works best for your needs and the look you wish.

Select your Color

You can stick with a shade of white which will match with everything. It is classy and it will blend nicely regardless of what else you have in that room. You can also select a neutral color such as beige to help you brighten the room but not be overbearing. If you want something bright, there are also colors that are going to bring some fun into the room.

You are in complete control over the look and feel you desire with the color. Some will offer you a calming effect in a room too. It is a good idea to think about the overall vibe you would like for the room to help you decide the best color to get for it. Your personal preferences also should influence that choice as your home is your castle.


You will find roller blinds are very affordable and they are also easy to use. Take overall quality and the brand into consideration though when you shop for them. Do not pay bottom prices and then wonder why they did not last. However, there is no reason to go with the most expensive product out there either.

Learn about brands and providers before you buy so you can make a well-informed choice. Ask questions too so you can be certain the roller blinds will be fully functional and fit where you plan to use them. Make sure you measure correctly so you can get the size you need to a great look you can count on!

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The Right Materials Can Help Your Blinds Last Longer

With wood blinds, it is going to be easier to keep your home looking lovely. Not only do they look very nice, they are going to last longer. Too often, the materials for such products are flimsy. It is easy to see when a tab is broken or the pieces do not fit together anymore like they should. It can become an eyesore and you have to replace the product soon.

With wood blinds, the materials are sturdy. Therefore, they are not going to bend or break off when you move your blinds up and down or your open and close them to control the amount of sunlight. They will look great day after day and last a long time. You want your investment in such window coverings to be one you enjoy and one you do not have to replace often.

Reasonable Pricing

Some consumers do not even look at wood blinds because because they think they are too expensive. However, they have never even priced them! They just assume from their appearance and quality that they are going to be out of the budget. The prices will vary based on what you buy and where you get them, but they are reasonably priced.

They also make your home look better than cheap products because they are designed to last. The wood blinds never go out of style either so they match well with any type of décor you have in place. They do cost a bit more than the lower quality products, but they are worth it. When you consider those others would have to be replaced often, the savings is not there!

Color Selection

It may surprise you see the various colors you can get when it comes to wood blinds. It makes sense you need them to blend well with the room they will be placed in. There are light and dark-colored wood items to pick from. You can even get those that are painted white and that would match with just about anything! You are not limited by any means with such products.

Humidity and Moisture

Another reason wood blinds last so long as they are able to resist both humidity and moisture. If you live in a region where it is humid all the time, you already know that can be an issue to contend with. It is not uncommon for windows to build up moisture so any type of window covering you have can be affected. With this type of product, you will not have to worry about it.


It can be disappointing when blinds start to fade or they have a yellowish tint to them from the direct sunlight. That can change the appearance and result in a need to replace them. Those made from wood are less likely to experience such problems so they continue to look uniform and often like new.


You will find cleaning them to be very simple. You can use a cloth with some spray furniture polish once a month to remove dirt and grime. Since the slats are durable, you can use a dusting brush to quickly go over them once a week or every two weeks. It all depends on how dusty it is where you live. You will not be spending lots of time though to keep them clean.

Such blinds are attractive, they last a long time, and you can clean them in a matter of seconds. There is not any reason not to consider them for a change in your home you will enjoy. They are offered in different sizes so it is not hard to find just what you need for any windows.

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Black Out The Lighting With These Blinds

If you have to sleep during the day, it can be hard to do so due to the sunlight peeking through the windows. It is natural for the body to be wake during the day, so it is going to bother you. If you work nights or swings, you have a young child, or you have a busy schedule then you may sleep when you can. This can include during the day, and you want the best results.

With black out roller blinds, can keep the sunlight out and it will look like it is night-time. You will be able to trick your body and sleep well during the day. After all, it is not the amount of time you get for sleep that matters. Rather, it is the quality of that sleep time so you need the conditions to enable you to rest well. If you toss and turn, you will wake up tired.

Easy to Install

It is not hard to install roller blinds, they can be done in a short amount of time. You will find them offered for all window sizes. As a result, you can get them in place without any hassles or it being a time-consuming affair. You can put them in place by themselves as window covers, behind slated blinds, or even behind curtains. It all depends on the look you want in that room.

Many people use them in children's rooms to allow them to be able to rest well during the day too. Babies and young children nap often and the quality of their sleep matters. Another use for them is to offer complete privacy. If you live in an area where others can see into your home, it can make you uneasy.

Flexible Use

Since roller blinds are not hard to use, they offer you plenty of flexibility. Maybe you work night shift a few times a week. Perhaps you have a newborn so you try to nap during the day when they do. The blackout element allows you to make it dark when you need it. Yet you can easily raise them up and allow the sunlight to come into the room when you want to.

You can choose to raise them completely or just part way and let some sunlight in. The flexibility means you can use roller blinds any way you see fit on any given day. It also makes it easier for a couple sharing a bedroom to create the environment they want for themselves without the other person feeling limited.


While roller blinds look very nice, they are not expensive so they fit well with just about any type of budget. Do not spend a fortune on other types of window covering to try to block out the sun. You can also take down that ugly blanket you hung over the window to block the sunlight. It may have been a no cost option, but it is an ugly eyesore in your bedroom!

At the same time, blackout roller blinds will save you money on your energy costs. They are going to keep the heating and cooling from escaping your home through those windows. The savings will add month after month for you. Make sure you buy a quality product that is easy to use and durable. The materials they made from are not all the same.

The cost will depend on the brand you buy and the size. Compare what is out there so so you can get a product you like the look of but also offers you all the functions and benefits. This is a simple solution for a variety of needs.

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Steps To Personalize The Gallery Wall

Both exterior and interior décor conveys a lot about the household. The décor in the room should personally connect with residents. The happiness of the family is proportional to the surroundings. So, decorate your home with things that reflect the nature of the family. Through this article, I am going to share a few details on how to refurbish the wall décor.

First of all, identify the wall to be decorated. Make note of the physical parameters of the wall. Then go through the following steps.

Step 1 : Look for Wall Décor items that are already in your home. They can be Family photos, Monogram letters, Wall Accents, Personal Art Works, Framed Mirrors, Three Dimensional Pictures. Personalize the space to the maximum extent. Take into account the preferences of the family members, the texture of the wall, Color of the wall. The décor pieces should match the surroundings.

  • Monogram letters and Cartoon themes are ideal for Kids Décor.
  • In the Living room, create a wall décor using Photo Frames, Mirrors, and Clocks.
  • For Bedroom wall décor, use personal Photos and Paintings that bears your signature.

Step 2 : Arrange the following things.

  1. Butcher Paper (According to the measurements of the wall)
  2. Painter's Tape
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors

Step 3 : Look for a spacious room, where you can easily spread the butcher paper to work.

Step 4 : To avoid unnecessary nails on the wall, draw a wall décor on the butcher paper. Correspondingly, locate the décor things on the paper. Demarcate them using a pencil to prepare a template. Avoid Pens or Markers to avoid confusion.

Ideal Configuration : Place Large things away from the center and fill voids with small ones. That makes an excellent wall décor configuration.

Step 5 : Cut templates and adhere them to the wall using the Painter's Tape. Make sure that everything is going according to the drawn layout. Check the arrangement for any misconfiguration. If you feel it is looking good, then move to the further step. If you are not satisfied, then follow the fourth step (now you can think how bad it would be, had we done the same exercise without a paper).

Step 6 : After finalizing the configuration, Templates should be replaced with relevant décor pieces. Start this process carefully otherwise it creates a messy environment.

If you want to change the wall décor often, then search alternative for nails. Try to mix some functional items like Wall Storage Units and Clocks with the accent pieces to add value to the wall.

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Launch Creative Kitchen Designs With 7 Granite Slab Backsplashes

Kitchen countertops have used granite for an eternity and the trend continues indefinitely. It is easy to see why. Granite is extremely strong and long lasting, and easy to maintain. Granite keeps away stains and scratches. Did you know that granite patterns and colors can be quite stunning in an amazing variety, gentle and bold? Why not use the same material for backsplashes and match them too, or contrast colors? Consider a few amazing choices!

Azurite Granite

A granite countertop can tolerate heat well and the same quality makes it an ideal choice to install on the wall behind the cooking range. Azurite has sweet shades of cream, brown and beige on the veins. Steam and splashes, heat and smoke will not bother it.

Juparana Delicatus Granite

Do you need another point in favor of the choice of full granite slab backsplash? Easily done. Juparana with a cream background has black and brown. The veins and high variations have a complex pattern and finding matching colors would be difficult. Solve the problem by using the same fabulous granite.

Mascarello Granite

Kitchen designing does require matching colors between backsplashes and countertops. Simply match the granite colors. Contrasting colors are possible too since some prefer it that way with bold statement colors. Install tiles as a part of the overall design along with granite, possibly some vibrant mosaic tiles.

Rosewood Granite

The home resale value is certainly getting higher with granite countertops but backsplash designs also count. Sometimes a backsplash with low variation like Rosewood would bring decorated spaces that are practically sound and can be easily cleaned.

Fusion Granite

A covering for the wall surface that is also artistic indeed. The Fusion Granite pattern includes a mirror image. While countertops in this pattern would be attractive too, it is the vertical surface that quickly joins the eye. Let the backsplash radiate.

Nordic Black Granite

While designing, restrict the number of colors and patterns. If the floor and the countertop along with the cabinet have bold patterns, the backsplash need not have yet another design. Nordic Black Granite both on the counters and backsplash would melt into the background without jarring.

Persa Cream Granite

In a confined kitchen, similar granite backsplash and countertop would increase room dimensions. The PCG type will bring a lighted and cheerful effect.

Enjoy all the advantages of granite backsplashes. Although simple, it is pretty, easy to clean and resists heat. If you are getting interested, the Virtual Kitchen Designer tool helps to imagine the effect.

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Design Solutions for Like-Minded Lifestyles: Merchandising for Millennial and Boomer Buyers

With the buying power of Millennials pushing to its peak and Boomers still maintaining a strong consumer presence, the demands and desires of these two generations are hot topics in home building. The Boomer population is predicted to fall from 74.9 million to 16 million by midcentury and the Millennial market is currently at 83 million and entering into their peak consumption years. So, these are two groups to pay big time attention to.

The good news, these dominant generations have very similar needs! Highlighted below are four important factors that affect the lifestyles and buying choices of both Millennials and Boomers.

Factor One: Ease of Living

Millennials and Boomers are at a stage in their lives where they want to focus less on “stuff” and more on themselves. This minimalistic approach has changed the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality to a lifestyle that allows them to “have more fun than the Joneses.” To address this desire, here are ease of living features to consider when building homes for Millennials and Boomers:
• Quality over quantity. These demanding generations are looking for a home that has a smaller foot print with well-designed spaces.
• It's important that the “lifestyle triangle” of a home is thoughtfully designed. This is the flow and function from the kitchen, dining and great room.
• Have you pre-planned for space customization? Instead of a pantry off of the kitchen these buyers may want to have the flexibility of putting in a scullery or tech center. Providing them with the ability to modify a floor plan is a standout selling feature for both Millennials and Boomers.
• Low maintenance selections are a must! Think solid surfaces countertops that will not chip or stain (quartz, quartzite), large format tiles and easy-to-maintain floors (luxury vinyl, laminate, wood-look tile).
• Natural lighting, manufactured by strategically placed, large windows, allows a smaller space to appear larger and provides ample light.
• By layering artificial light sources (overhead, recessed, lamps, under / over cabinet), Millennials and Boomers have well-lit spaces even on cloudy days or at night.

Factor Two: Experiences

As Boomers are proving to be healthier and wealthier than previous generations they are gravitating towards spending their hard earned money on experiences rather than material goods – much like today's Millennials. Because this “experience era” is driving the demands of these two generations, home builders must rethink their products to highlight this growing lifestyle trend. To satisfy the desire for “experiences over stuff,” address the following when home building for Millennials and Boomers.
• For these two target markets, the kitchen has become THE place to experience food, drinks, entertainment and friends. Create a kitchen that Millennials and Boomers are sure to devour with features such as large island with seating (possibly a double island), a “messy kitchen” and storage ideas such as beverage centers, wine cabinets, pantries and cabinet systems.
• Millennials and Boomers crave the experience of an outdoor space where they can relax, retreat and entertain. (Notice the entertainment theme?) Thoughtfully merchandise outdoor areas as “liveable” square footage with additions that cater to cooking / dining, lounging and entertainment. Window walls, as well as a continuation of flooring and style, create a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor spaces.
• A home, as well as a community, needs to address technology as a key demand for Millennials and Boomers. After all, they want to be able to “post” their countless experiences!
• A spa-like master bathroom is a homeowner's haven for relaxation and retreat. It's all about the shower, storage and potential added elements such a spa glass, a no step entry, linear drain, hand held and rain shower heads, as well as ample amounts of natural and artificial light.
• For these dominant generations, community amenities are just as important as the actual home. Features such as location, catering kitchens, fitness, public and private spaces, outdoor living and community activities produce a social setting where experiences can thrive.

Factor Three: Organization

The saying “smaller, but smarter” has never been more true for these buyer profiles as they gravitate towards a home with thoughtful function and ample amounts of storage. These buyers are drawn to the “experiences era,” and organization helps allow them to fully embrace this adventurous trend. To fulfill the desire for organization, it's important to consider the following features.
• The more storage, the better! Features such as walk-in closets, panties and attic and garage storage allow these homeowners to hide their “stuff” and focus on themselves. Cabinet systems, as well as plenty of shelving, within these spaces create a variety of smart storage capabilities.
• Millennials and Boomers want no wasted space. When it comes to additional storage, it's important not to overlook unused nooks and crannies. Whether it's an under-the-stairs bookcase or even a small pull-out cabinet to store spices, these attentive design details are standout selling items that truly resonate with these buyers. Places to focus on these creative storage ideas are high “drop zone” locations such as the owner's entry and laundry room as well as kitchens and bathrooms.
• Mops, vacuums, blenders, juicers, tennis racks, bikes – Millennials and Boomers have a ton of items that need a “place to call home.” Even designing an area for four legged friends to sleep, bathe and eat is a unique selling element that appeals to these dominating target markets. Be sure to think through how they live when determining storage spaces.

Factor Four: Individuality

Millennials and Boomers do not want to miss out on the opportunity to showcase their unique taste and savvy style, especially when hosting friends and family. It's important to keep abreast of current trends, and offer them to these buyers. See how individuality can be achieved by focusing on the following features.
• In a consumer world dominated by the designs seen on Houzz, Pinterest and HGTV, Millennial and Boomer buyers are drawn to an updated and wide variety of selections. As trends continue to rapidly change, these demanding demographics are wanting the next “cool” thing. With this in mind, builders need to be more style savvy than their consumers and reevaluate selections every year.
• Today's dream for Millennials and Boomers is a relaxed, but stylish, sanctuary that speaks to efficiency of space and livability. Multipurpose flex spaces can cater to the various priorities of these two generations while allowing them to highlight their preferences and personality. Whether a man cave in the basement, a craft room in the loft space or just an added room that can act as both a den or guest suite, flex spaces very appealing to these buyers' aspiration for individuality.
• Thoughtful merchandising can truly “sell the dream.” By understanding the Millennial and Boomers' desires, the location of the project and the overall budget, interior merchandisers can create a home design that excites potential buyers. These target markets want clean and simple with added pops of color. And, by highlighting flow, function and flexibility with furnishings, merchandising a model may be the standout selling feature that allows these buyers to envision how the home meets and exceeds their expectations.

As Millennials enter the market in significant numbers and Boomers continue to spend big housing bucks, the comparable needs of these dominant demographics are major motives in home building. Do not miss out on the opportunity to address these two generation's demands by recognizing and acting on the four guiding factors – ease of living, experiences, organization and individuality.

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Whatever the Color Preferences, Get Going With the New Versailles Porcelain Tile Collection

Some families love bright and bold colors that exude a wild energy while others are content with the neutral and the monochromatic. Whiche category you belong, everyone is agreed upon something. The gentle muted shades of gray, beige and tan are the ultimate crowd pullers. Neutrals maintain the balance in homes wherever combined with harmonic color schemes or contrasted with the dading colors. Play the compare and contrast game with dazzling colors and favorite designs. The new Versailles porcelain tile collection feels at home in all environments!

The inspiration in the form of patterns comes from the Palace of Versailles. France it is that practiced aesthetic tastes in decoration, food and wine down the ages. We continue the timeless legacy with a few memorable imitations. All the way from the royal château that stands in the lele-de-France region of Europe comes the designs to grace the home. The kits come with tiles of several shapes and sizes that suit any installation plan in a variety of settings.

The natural stone look approbably suits both the antique and modern styles. Express life and feelings with the pretty, regularly stunning practice of the Versailles collection. Check out a range of lovely neutrals in porcelain that are easily maintained. Each has a particular feel and movement that brings intents feelings of royalty, reminding of the palace where they originally occurred.
Castle Beige Porcelain Tile

This pattern presents the enigma of clouds that gently move before rainy plummets down. The halo of creams and beiges blend into a scintillating design that haunts the senses for a long while. It reminds of castles of the medieval world and the natural stone tiles found there. You end up with moments of awe, respect, and ecstasy. Feature walls and floors, countertops and backsplashes, even on building exteriors, the tile go a long, long way. Contrast it with darker shades or let it stand by itself to impress either way.

Estate Naturale Porcelain Tile

Imagine the mighty walls that grace the countryside manors. The Estate Naturale Porcelain Tile is grand and spectacular. The movement presents a gentle effect of swirls and vertical lines. Shades of light and warm cream grace the eye and mind. A realistic representation of natural travertine that is yet quite easy to maintain, and a beauty that lasts through the ages. Grace the walls and floors, countertops and backsplashes with this travertine look porcelain.

Manoir Cafe Porcelain Tile

Find this shade in many modern homes. By greige, we mean something between gray and beige. This resourceful shade that spells tranquility looks gorgeous with white surrounds. Combine it with wood and stone too. Evoke memories of the eternity of stone decorations in Rome with the depiction of the natural charm of travertine. Available in three sizes, create pretty surfaces in the home anywhere convenient like on walls, floors, and countertops.

Manoir Grigio Porcelain Tile

Interior decorations often use the magic of gray in all its heartwarming shades along with beige and white. We have been busy with the neutral color game of balancing the grays with whites, yellows, and metallics. Manoir Grigio Porcelain Tile works intensely well both around neutral or contrasting shades. This porcelain is a no-nonsense variety that is easily cared for. Cast pretty patterns on your walls and floors and elsewhere.

Manoir Crema Porcelain Tiles

The charming travertine has graced many homes and businesses. The porcelain wonder with the exact appearance of travertine marriages joy, life, and vitality to the surroundings. Bring home the best of two worlds. Creams and greige in a variety of shades mimic the distinctive natural poise of travertine. Grace the walls and floors together countertops with the pretty, multipurpose porcelain.

Neutrals never looked so good. Creams or beiges, grays or beiges, get them all in the classic patterns of the dreamy Versailles Porcelain Tile Collection. Along with the incredible appearances of naturally graced stone comes the long lasting quality of easy to maintain porcelain. Style and practical concerns, grace and beauty come together in a single package called Versailles. Decide upon the overall room décor like color matching or contrasting across all the furnishings, furniture, carpets and curtains according to preferences.

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