How to Choose the Best Blinds for Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are perfect transitions between indoors and outdoors. The very nature of its construction presents some issues in the matter of window treatment. Window treatments are necessary because one may need privacy and the need to shut out light at times. Consider the alternatives and each has some drawback or the other.


Curtains are obviously the first choice but the fabric can get in the way and they do occupy space, cutting off some light and air.

Vertical external blinds

Vertical sheers with vertical poles that can be rotated 180 degrees are worth considering if you wish for privacy and light control. Such blinds for sliding patio doors can be made of wood, bamboo, lightweight aluminum or textured fabrics. The entire mechanism to hang the blinds is cumbersome and expensive.

Gliding panels

It is possible to have wooden gliding panels to cover the sliding door opening. When closed the panels cut out light and air completely and provide total privacy. However, the panels must stack on top of each other and this takes up space. It can be cumbersome to operate.

There are other options too but regardless of which one you choose there are issues inherent to each. Maintenance is an added factor as is cost. Addition of an external blind does introduce an additional complication in the form of an intrusion into the seamless look of a sliding patio door.

There is a solution that does away with complications of traditional external window treatments for sliding patio doors. The simplest, neatest and the most elegant way is to include blinds inside the panes of the sliding panels. This does away with all the disadvantages of external blinds. There is nothing to get in the way. The sliding doors appear in all their natural glory with no blinds to cut off the view or the looks of that part of the wall. The question of cleaning the blinds simply does not arise. The blinds are securely enclosed between two panes of glass and no dirt can get to them. With nothing to impede their movement, sliding panels of the door can be moved at will.

So how does open or close the blinds when they are secured inside the double glazing of the sliding doors? The solution is simplicity itself. Magnetic sliders help raise or lower the blinds.

The entire assembly is enclosed within uPVC or aluminum frames. These frames are incorporated into the main frame of the sliding doors. Such frames can also be retrofitted into existing sliding doors to give interiors a new, pleasantly polished look not to speak of the convenience that this type of blinds for sliding doors provides. It could be and possibly is the best option for sliding doors.

There is an added bonus when one opts for integrated blinds. The double glazing acts as an acoustic barrier and also saves energy. Investing in such integral blinds is the best bet because they actually save money while improving the overall aesthetics of interiors.

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Important Things You Should Know About Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are expensive but well worth the investment if you are considering renovations. Your house opens up to the garden and creates an amazing aesthetic when these doors are installed. It pays to exercise caution and care in a selection of the doors and consider various factors.

Price is not everything

The cheapest is not the best and the most expensive also is not necessarily the best. A Bifold door is not just panels put together; it is an entire system where design, engineering precision and choice of hardware plays an important in the door's looks and performance just as much as the bifold door installation does. Buying a well known international brand with local support is a good option.

Material of door

Bifolds can have wood, steel, uPVC or aluminum section frames. Wood can obstruct the view and be heavy. uPVC material can flex and distort which will affect the working of the door and there is a size limitation as well. Steel can be heavy. Aluminum is the best material for sections. It is reliably stable and does not tend to distort with temperature variations. From the maintenance point too aluminum scores because powder coated or natural anodized aluminum does not need frequent paint or maintenance.

Top hung or bottom rolling?

Bifold doors are available as top hung or bottom rolling types. If a strong enough beam is present then the top hung type is best because it does not collect leaves and debris and the frame conceals the mechanism from view.

Hardware and installation

Hardware is complex with bifold doors and must be precision engineered from quality materials surrounding being fitted just right during installation. Improper alignment can affect performance and cause stress on frames including making the door hard to open and close. Quality systems have wheels that run on flat tracks and pivoted end doors for smooth movement even when the jamb does not allow much adjustment. Bifold door installation is important too when it comes to getting the threshold right to prevent rain seepage and yet creating a smooth transition that does not cause one to stub one's toes. Rain penetration is an important matter especially if the door is exposed. This is where the expert of installer comes into play to provide a perfectly rebated rain-proof threshold. Security is another aspect to consider in the matter of bifold door hardware and a typical secure door would have a multipoint locking system with shoot bolt for intermediate panels.

Single or double glazing

Energy conservation is important so double glazing is recommended. It will also provide some degree of acoustic insulation. Quality manufacturers provide U-values ​​of 1.8w / sqmK or lower for such energy efficient bifold doors.


There are times when one may want an unimpeded view and there are times when one may want to shut out the light. Curtains are good but can impede the view. Venetian blinds that roll up all the way to the top may be ideal. If you choose a double glazed door then the blinds may be incorporated into the panels but at the cost of impeding the view. It is best to coordinate with the installer and clear this point as well before ordering a bifold door.

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Cost Savings and Benefits Of Using Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are unique devices that a lot of people love having in their homes, but you might not realize how efficient and cheap they are to use. If you are planning on making any changes to the doors in your house, you might want to consider ones that are easier to maintain over the years.

Here are the benefits of using sliding doors.

1. It takes up little space.

A sliding door can be installed as a front door, deck door, or side door. They simply slide into a slot that was cut into the wall. It does not open into a place that takes up more room as normal doors do so you do not struggle around the door when trying to get in or out. Sliding doors save space and are ideal for high foot traffic areas. Plus if you have any tables or décor around that area, it will not obstruct the doorway. You might have thought of getting a door of a different size, but it makes more sense to install a sliding door that does not swing out at all.

2. It is ideal for patio and deck areas.

Install a sliding door by the deck so that you have the easiest way to enter and leave the house from the back yard. You may have a lot of gatherings where people are streaming in and out of your home and this type of door makes it more convenient when having parties or gatherings in your back yard.

3. Less mess and less fuss to install.

A standard door needs the wall to be broken to the size specified whereas a sliding door can be installed along the wall via a slot to replace the current door that used to swing open. It is much simpler to install the sliding door and there is less of a mess.

4. It locks securely.

These kinds of doors usually have two lock functions. One on the handle that locks the door shut as well as a pin at the top of the door to securely lock it. The sliding door has a simple yet effective locking system and it closes much tighter than a normal door. This lock system is also very neat and tidy which does not take away from the aesthetics of the glass panels.

5. You can choose glass, wood or metal.

It can be made of glass, wood or a metal sheet. You could have patterns or designs on it to make it unique to yourself. It could have cut to a specific size if you want. Glass doors can be tinted. Wooden doors can be carved with interesting designs or it could have glass panels. And those glass panels can be custom shapes or different colors. You can choose clear glass, or a stained option. You have the freedom to create your own masterpiece and let your imagination run away with you during the design process.

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Integral Blinds Are the Best Solution for Double Glazed Bifold Doors

Bifold doors permit an unhindered view of the outsides and are the best choice, especially where space is at a premium. One may opt for single glazed bifold doors or for double glazed types. The latter is especially advantageous from energy conservation and acoustic insulation perspectives.

Regardless, one must consider the choice of blinds for bifold doors. Blinds are necessary when one wishes to cut out the light. One can opt for curtains as the easiest way to create privacy but curtains can impede the view when the doors are opened. Venetian blinds may be considered but these present their own set of problems. Adding blinds creates disharmony in the visual composition and mars looks especially when the doors are folded back. Operating such blinds can also be a bit of bother. External blinds also need to be cleaned and maintained. The solution is to opt for integral blinds in double glazed bifold doors. At one stroke all the issues are taken care of without hindering the convenience of blinds.

Instead of ordering double glazed bifold doors and then adding blinds as an afterthought it is wise to order such doors with integral blinds for a neater, smaller and ergonomic solution that looks neat as well.

Manufacturers of quality bifold doors incorporate the blind into the glazing, fitting it neatly inside the frame so that it does not become an obstruction when one opens the door or gets in the way or gets tangled up and damaged in the process. The blinds are cut and fairly fitted inside the sectional frame to conform to the size of the glass glazing and the mechanism is neat and integrates well with the overall structure. Such integral blinds work smoothly and never get in the way of closing or opening the bifold doors.

In the case of double glazed bifold doors the solution to integrate the blind between the glass panels is even better because then, the blinds remain fully enclosed and never need cleaning. A magnetic system permits opening or closing of the blinds by the simple expedient of sliding an unobtrusive lever. There is no need for cord or rods. The look is much improved when blinds are sandwiched between the glass panels. From the health perspective too, enclosed blind prevent accumulation of bacteria and dirt, which is another reason to consider this type of blinds for doors and windows.

If one subscribers installation of new bifolds then it is best to order such doors with integral blinds. Functionality and aesthetics improve with such integrated blinds. If one already has single paned bifolds then it is a good idea to get a retrofit of double glazing with integrated blinds. It does represent some investment but the continuing improvements will give so much ease of use as well as value addition to the house. The current trend is towards minimalism and clean, neat lines in interiors. Integral blinds exemplify this trend, resolving all aesthetic and practical considerations in one simple, single stroke.

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Should You Have a Double Or Single Front Door?

When choosing a front door for your house, you probably want one that looks the most attractive. Besides aesthetics, there are other factors that should be considered when deciding whether to get a double door or a single door.

  • Size – the size of your house is important when choosing a door. Although a double door might fit height wise, it might make your home look stubby. High walls work the best with double doors and it is also structurally best. A double door should also only be considered if the width of the walls is not too narrow. Wall space works the same way as white space on a piece of art. Utilizing it is important so that the image does not look overbearing.
  • Style – Many double doors come in different styles that are not similar to single doors. This is based on preference and the style of your windows. Contemporary styles give the house a modern appearance. These doors usually have frost glass to give it a modern effect. You could opt for a rustic style. Match black window frames to the wooden panel door for a rustic appeal. You do not have to match the rounded arches of the doors with the arches of the windows, if you do not want to.
  • Material – The general home owner prefers a wooden double door for the traditional aspect. Wood is a harder material that does not perish or break easily. Although, glass as the primary feature of the double door does look stunning, you would have to make sure that the material is durable and the area is safe. Glass is better for back doors and sliding doors instead.
  • Space – You might have more than enough space on the outside but is there enough space on the inside? There should not be any obstructions around the doors in case of fires, burglaries, and for general entry. The path in which the door opens also should not knock into other doors and objects.

The big question is: Which door is most compatible for your home and family? A single door is the general choice for most homes but it could create a simple appearance, especially if it is a large house. A double door on the other hand, is not suitable for all homes because of its size. For larger homes the double front door does, however, have a more attractive appearance because of the variety of custom door designs they come in.

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Aluminium Doors or Steel Doors, Which Are Better?

When you are refurbishing or extending your house or building a new one you will face the question of which door material to use. Aluminum doors or steel doors? The most commonly used door materials are the aluminum, wood, PVC, steel, but which is better? Let's show the facts and situations to use either aluminum doors or steel doors.

One of the most important characteristics of a door is the durability. The durability greatly depends on the environment where the door is implemented, the conditions of use or the area where it is installed.


This is one of the largest obstacles for using doors. Although we can use some stainless steel that combines iron, chromium, and many other elements. It can be a little expensive if we want great corrosion resistance and then, durability. Stainless steel can get marked up with fingerprints and grease, develop discolouration, scratches and occasionally rust. In coastal areas, the corrosion issues get worse decreasing the useful life of the steel door, so the maintenance with protective layers of paint is periodically needed.

On the other hand, the aluminum doors are the perfect choice for outsides since it has a natural resistance to corrosion that makes it maintenance free. For example, the aluminum doors are even lighter than their steel counterparts at a very similar price, and the flexibility of the material offers much more profile styles than doors. So let's say aluminum doors are mostly recommended for the steel doors for the outsides unless you need the structural strength of the steel for hard use or safety reasons.


In this situation, the steel doors are preferred since they are cheaper, safer and more resistant than aluminum since it can not be kicked and is extremely hard to bend, even using tools. The aluminum counter can be more expensive, but it can give a premium feel to the door when the correct door style is used. Additionally, the aluminum doors offer a great variety of finishes and colors that result in a nice look in the right circumstances. The steel doors can be stylish too since they do an excellent job of imitating the wood with the use of some advanced state-of-art door.

Home security

Home intruders are one of the major concerns for every family guy. The best option for security issues are the steel doors since the steel is one of the strongest material to manufacture a door. The steel door will not crack or warp, and there are some high-security steel door models that feature a large number of locks and hinges with different style designs. There is also some high-security doors that use aluminum as a main metal component, so the aluminum doors are not left behind on this subject.

Thermal insulations

Both door presentations are not solid steel or aluminum. They have foam, wood, polyurethane or polystyrene foam or fiberglass core to prevent the heat transfer. So, in this case, both doors have a great thermal insulation that will help you to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making them energy efficient.

As mentioned before, the aluminum offers a choice of colors to match the style of your home. Meanwhile, when we want to avoid the rust on the steel, the galvanized steel is recommended. Nonetheless, this kind of steel is not easy to customize or paint. If you want a customized steel door that endures at lifetime, you have to pay for the premium stainless steel, which is not cheap at all. An alternative to premium stainless steel but not as good-looking is a coat of weather-resistant paint since the steel can accept a large variety of paint types but they must be weather-resistant to prevent corrosion and be falling apart because of the rust expansion in the steel door.


The cost of the steel and aluminum doors depends very much on the security level, style, and corrosion resistance. The steel doors can be really inexpensive when the corrosion resistance is not required, and its maintenance is easy to do. But if you need corrosion resistance, galvanized steel could be a cheap but not an aesthetic option. The expensive premium steel offers the bests doors in terms of aesthetics, security and endurance options.

In the case of the aluminum doors, they are cheaper than premium steel doors, but they offer improved natural corrosion resistance for a longer useful life. Nonetheless, the aluminum doors are not made for hard use which can hinder its useful life and result in an extra cost by replacing the door after a rigorous use as is in a patio with kids and pets.


Both doors have enormous potential in different areas, but if you do not care about saving money, I think the winners are the doors thanks to its great versatility and variety of presentation for almost any budget and environment. The steel doors are a reliable option for security, durability, and aesthetics.

The aluminum doors are quite good as well, they offer a maintenance free material with excellent durability for a reasonable price. However, it lacks structural strength in comparison to the steel doors. You have the ultimate decision to choose the best door that can fit your style, secure and budget requirements.

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Knock Knock, a Short History of Door Knockers

Origins of door knockers

A door knocker is an item of door furniture that allows people outside a house to alert those inside to their presence. It has a part fixed to the door, and a part (usually metal) which is attached to the door by a hinge that is lifted and used to strike a plate fitted to the door, making a noise. The strike plate, if present, would be supplied and fitted with the knocker. Door knockers are often ornate, but may be no more than a simple fitting with a metal bob, or ring. Many older period homes and mansions often have intricate knockers in the shape of human heads or mythical beasts. The earlier designs were based on statues that would stand in front of ancient Greek houses. These statues were created with distorted, grotesque features and were thought to be used to ward of malignant spirits and witches. This is also true of gargoyles, which have similar caricatured faces, in order to prevent spirits and ghosts from entering the house. There were also 'good luck' knockers, which were thought to have magical or healing properties and were used to encourage good luck into the home. These door knockers utilized a motif of good luck charms such as horse-shoes, stars, suns and flowers. The popular 'hand shaped' knocker is often seen in Muslim countries, and was believed to symbolize the Hand of Fatima which protected the house from evil. It was also thought to indicate that the occupants of that house were followers of the Muslim faith.

In olden times, there were two different hand-knockers, one male and one female, as it was considered inappropriate for the woman of the house to open the door to a man. Visitors would use the knocker according to their gender. Each knocker would make a different sound, so the woman of the house would know whether or not she should open the door. These gender-based knockers have become less popular in modern times.

Door knockers have been used to symbolize everything from hospitality to good luck to ward off bad spirits. With recent ironmongery technology, more iconic door knockers can be made by twisting the metal into intricate designs. Some door knockers also come with a viewer lens for home safety or security. With all these new design options available, it would seem that people would flock to metalworkers to design a variety of different door knockers for their homes, but most modern homes prefer the classic ring knocker or crescent moon knocker found in hardware stores or online.

Door knockers are more popular in England than in any other country and can be found everywhere, even in the most remote locations. However, the history of door knockers begins several thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. Although intrate door knockers are popular these days, the origins of that knocker may be something far more regal than it simply 'looking nice' on the door. Greeks were a bit picky about unannounced visits to their dwellings. It was considered a sausage of etiquette to enter a dwelling without warning. Where Spartans would simply shout their arrival, the more sophisticated Athenians preferred to use a door knocker. Doors had replaced flexible hangings to provide better safety and privacy. Upper class Greeks had slaves who sole purpose was to answer the door. It's a bit like having a butler, but one that was chained to the door to prevent them wandering off. If they did not die of boredom, they'd fall asleep, and so to wake them up, visitors rapped on the door with a short bar of iron attached to a chain. It soon occurred to all that the iron bar could be utilized as a weapon. In order to prevent unwanted attacks, they soon learned to attach the bar to the door by a hinge. Thus evolved the modern door knocker.

Choosing new door hardware

For a selection of knockers to fit any decor, many informative sources are available. Choose a style you like, including Round, lever style, or a personalized design. Many different finishes are available. They include brass, chrome, stainless steel and other miscellaneous finishes. It is important that a good quality item is selected for exterior use. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Interior doors are not as important when choosing quality, but interior and exterior doors and hardware will last longer if selected with quality in mind.When choosing new hardware, be sure to adjust by color, materials and style. This includes the lock, hinges, door knocker and coach lights if present.

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Sidelight Frames Look Good Indoors

Sidelight frames do not only need to be placed right next to your entrance door. They are also a great way for the modern home to get extra light into the rooms without removing privacy. Sidelights also make a room look bigger and more welcoming because of the extra light they are allowing in.

One interesting quality about having a sidelight frame is that it can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on what you prefer. Both styles give their own characteristics to a wall and accentuate the room with a little extra decoration.

Sometimes a person wants to have a large door but does not needlessly want to use the entire space for the door. This often occurs with sliding doors that have transparent glass panels which lead to a common room. The sidelight allows the homeowner to have the maximum amount of light without occupying all the wall space with sliding doors.

Sidelights are also perfect for offices. Many executives prefer not to have a glass panel door but want to have some kind of view to the outside of the office. The side windows allow the executive to view the outside and allow people to see if he or she is in a meeting without interrupting them.

Sidelights can also be used instead of windows. A homeowner may want more light to enter their home, but do not want to go through the messiness of adding a whole new window. Sidelights are simpler to install.

They are also a good idea for doors that lead to the garage area. They allow you a see into the garage area if anyone has broken in to your home. This will allow you to lock that door and quickly call security or vacate the home before they get into the house. It is also a good way to allow a bit of extra light in, given there is a window in the garage.

Overall, their best quality is that they allow the natural light to travel through the rooms of the house. High amounts of natural light allow the house to save money on daytime electricity usage. They also open up the rooms to create the illusion of it being bigger and more spacious.

Sidelight frames can be made by custom door manufacturers who can follow your specifications to the millimetre. They can also give the material an attractive finish that will match the decoration in the room and coat it so that you will not have to worry about maintaining it too often.

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Doors That Can Handle Sea Level Conditions

A door can be affected by climates and regions also. Some doors were not made to handle humidity while others could withstand the dampness without changing form.

Wooden doors can be easily deformed in moist weather conditions. Wood is a natural element of the earth and without some kind of element added to the wood it could warp and change shape. The process of changing the wood's make up involves adding a certain percentage of veneer or finish to protect the natural content.

If you ever notice that your wooden door has grown slowly larger and does not close easily, it's because it has been in contact with liquid too often. Drying the wood is possible but you will require a completely dry area.

Doors made in the modern era have been made with an insulation that prevents wood from absorbing moisture which causes rotting. Most wooden doors do better in dry climates rather than sea level regions where swelling of wood is common.

Steel doors work for climates that have bad weather conditions such as regular thunderstorms or strong winds. The surface of steel doors is often covered with a protective layer that can withstand moisture, however high heat or direct sunlight can cause the door to get extremely hot as steel is a conductor of heat.

Aluminum doors are the strongest in the industry. Of course, they have been mixed with an alloy to withstand strength of the wind. They also never rust because of the metallic properties aluminum has. Aluminum doors are similar to those that are made of steel but different when it comes its strength.

Fiberglass doors are the best for humid conditions. Fiberglass doors can be made to look like natural materials without maintaining the product too much. The only downside to these doors is that they are expensive and if they ever need to be maintained, they require a specialist.

In conclusion, the best type of door to get for sea level conditions would be a steel, aluminum or fiberglass door. These three do not swell or get damaged so easily when they are exposed to moist conditions. Wooden doors can be used for coastal areas but need to be made by a custom door manufacturer . The manufacturer will be able to add chemical coatings that will repel liquids and moisture so that your door will last longer and still look brand new for years to come.

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The Pros and Cons of Automated Doors

Automated doors can be a wonderful feature in your house. Nowadays, not only shopping centers have them but also many houses. There are pros and cons of this particular feature that everyone has to consider before getting one installed.


The automated doors will open if you are carrying shopping bags in both hands. Like some cars that allow a sensor to close the boot when your arms are full, the automated door is basically the same. Going in and out of your home has never been easier.

It will not randomly open because of the wind. Wind does not have a physical appearance or weight so the automated door will not open if a little pressure is applied to the glass. In addition, the door would remain clean since no one is touching the glass or any handles. The only time you would need to clean the glass is when they start to get visibly dusty.


The downside to having a sensor open your doors is that you would need permission or an unlocking system so that not everyone can enter your home. You would also need to reach for your keys to open the door which results in having to put your shopping bags down.

If a power failure were to happen you would need a system that allows you to open and close the door manually. In shopping centers the door would just be left open in power failure cases. However, if it has been installed in a residential property, safety is a main priority.

Walking past the automated feature to get to the next room might become a problem. You would need to disengage the sensor so that every time you walk past it will not open unnecessarily.

Having this kind of door in your home can also become a very expensive feature. Not only does it use electricity but setting up the whole system will cost a lot of money. With running electricity costs, in the long run it could be costly.

Interesting front doors attract people to your home and it makes for a great topic of conversation amongst your guests. Automatic doors are made to be strong in order to withstand most weather conditions and trespassers. If you want an automated door installed make sure that the surface is made completely out of wood for better strength against any forces. It will also limit people from seeing directly into your home.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Be Avoided While Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Are you planning for a kitchen renovation? Well, it is not only limited to the splash backs, tiles or kitchen worktops. You are required to expand your vision to add a contemporary touch to your kitchen that offers both style and functionality. Installation of the right kitchen doors for the storage cabinets is one of the essential factors among those that you must consider making sure the kitchen appear as fabulous. While most of the people tend to reluctance towards investigating about the multiple styles of the cabinet doors as they believe everything to be same, you should not be one among them making the same mistake.

Whether you need to keep it subtle and natural or consider adding colors to the cabinets, there is no better alternative to these doors. Go through the following to learn about some of those mistakes you need to avoid while choosing the cabinet doors to make sure your investment and effort of kitchen renovation go in vain.

Not researching

One of the most common mistakes that every homeowner tends to make is to make an abrupt decision without doing research. Ironically, most of these people fail to understand how the best kitchen doors can actually help in safeguarding your stored food or enhancing the appearance of your kitchen. Extensive research can assist you in finding the cabinet doors at the best prices available in the market. Moreover, the designs and variety of this section can only be explored with thorough research.

Not improving style

A major part of people ignores the necessity of adding style to the cabinet doors. However, it will interest you to know that the inclusion of contemporary knobs, hinges, handles and other pulling options will enhance the appearance of kitchen doors and make it easy to operate. Oil finished bronze knobs and brushed satin nickels are some of the most popular choices among the styles available for knobs in the market. Upgrading the hardware of your doors and mixing it with that of the other knobs on the drawers can uplift the brilliance of your kitchen instantly.

Not choosing a cabinet door the compliments your kitchen decor

You may always experiment with the door styles and choose any of the available options but make sure it complements the entire décor of your kitchen. Let's face the fact. Overdoing anything, especially when it comes to kitchen doors, is not considered as the right decision. Keep the design and color minimal to attract most of the attention. The color of the splash backs along with the design of the cooking worktops has to be completed by the cabinet doors you are choosing.

Concentrating on the design, not on the functionality

Do not make the mistake of choosing design over functionality. Selecting a durable yet lightweight material for the kitchen doors is an absolute necessity. These doors are considered to be the most used thing in your kitchen. Therefore, settle down for a design that will make your access to the cabinets easier than ever.

Going for DIY installation

People often make a big mistake of being overconfident in this matter and go for DIY installation, discarding the need for professionals in their house. Well, it is not a wise decision on your part if you do not have the adequate skill and expertise to carry out the entire process. Moreover, necessary equipment and tools are also required for giving the installation of kitchen doors a professional touch. A minimum mistake in measurement is enough to jeopardize your investment, time and effort.

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Sliding Door Repairs – Should I Get My Door Repaired or Buy a New One?

Sliding door repairs are by far the most efficient way to take care of a damaged, stuck or impossible-to-move sliding door.

You no longer have to replace the entire door like they used to many years ago.

Unfortunately, what you will find is most new homes or new doors you buy from Bunnings and big stores like that is the quality of the internal parts are very cheap.

If you find the door you are using is currently made out of very cheap parts, then it might be worth replacing the door with something better.

One of the most common things we see is this.

You may have recently bought your new home and with a year or two, you notice one or two of the doors no longer slide like they used to.

Old style doors used to be quite heavy. In fact, even the modern sliding glass doors are quite heavy.

But at some stage, the original owner may have done a home sliding door repair job and replace the rollers with cheap parts.

It is these cheap parts which are causing the issue.

The cheap rollers can not withstand the weight of the sliding glass or aluminum door and as such start to disintegrate and erode.

You will find that they get chipped, cracked or just become loose.

If you have ever had a sliding door that jumps out of its track, this is the most likely cause.

So the most important thing you can do is get it repaired correctly.

Often, the door itself is fantastic and does not need to be repaired.

Instead, you want to find a quality sliding door repair company who uses high-quality parts as part of their service.

You see, with the weight of your current door, you are going to need quality rollers at the base of your door.

There are also springs inside many of these rollers, which help keep the door on the track and rolling smoothly.

When you view the base of your door, you may find it is very dirty.

The first thing you can do before you get your door repaired is to give it a good clean. This will not magically make it work again, but it will remove many of the dirt and crime which is causing the issue.

A quality door repair service will move lift the door safely out of its track and then replace both the tracks and the rollers.

With all the dirt and grime, it is almost guaranteed you will need to replace the tracks. They are like very worn or perhaps even cracked and broken.

As you can see, a door repair service will cost several hundred dollars whereas a brand new door will cost in excess of $ 1,000 to $ 2,000.

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Your Guide to Choosing New Doors

There are many elements that need to be taken into consideration when selecting a new front door. This is why the following details have been combined in order to offer an insight into the process of choosing a new front door for your property.

The front door to your home offers a statement to visitors. It is therefore important that it offers a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Front door designs have come on leaps and bounds in recent years with many design elements, glazing options and security additions. New front doors are no longer just about the way they look and the wealth of information and alternatives are astounding.

This means that the selection of a new front door has become more labor intensive. As with any investment, it is important that the right selection is chosen so that it compliments your existing property. Another vital element is that the door design is able to offer the best available security alternatives as well.

A wise place to start is with the design. It is likely that you will have an idea in your mind of whether you are looking for a more modern design or a traditional alternative. Going for a more traditional design no longer means a compromise in the security elements of the door. Neither does it mean that you are strictly restricted to a wooden door as well.

This follows seamlessly onto material selection. Whether you are looking for a wooden, composite or other material, it is likely that there is a design alternative to match your required material. It is important to remember that the doorway is a visitor's first and last impression so remember that it is an outbound show of your creativity and style.

After considering material it is a wise choice to move onto color selection. This part of the process may not be required for wood alternatives, although wood finishes may need to be considered for future applications. Composite and other door types are available in a huge range of colors. Some of these can be used to create real statements or there are more understated alternatives as well.

Following on from this it is important to consider whether you want glazing to be part of your design. Some may consider this as a privacy concern so there are options available to select clouded or patterned glazing. Consider the fact that glass in your front door will invite natural light into your home and can quickly brighten a dark hallway.

The last consideration needs to be security. So many new door designs take into consideration many high security elements. These include locking mechanisms and privacy requirements. There are a huge range of guarantees that are offered as standard with the installation of new doors. Make sure to research these prior to selecting your new front door.

Time invested in each of these elements will make sure that your end selection is the best-available alternative. New front doors are an investment for your home and one that should last many years. Having the above information to hand will lead you to make an educated decision and one that you will be confident making.

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My Sliding Door Doesn’t Slide Very Well

Have you ever tried to open a sliding door and it does not budge or comes out of the railing? This is actually a common problem when it comes to these types of doors or installations.

There are many causes for this kind of problem that can easily be fixed.

  • Dirty rail – when the door was manufactured a number known as a tolerance was used to make sure that the parts fit perfectly together. If there is the slightest bit of grime the door will stop at certain points. Make sure that you get rid of the grime before the door compresses the dirt and fuses it to the rail. The best way to clean the rail would be to use a hard bristled brush such as a nail brush. Be sure that you dust the particles away from the door so that they do not get lodged again.
  • Rusted rail – this part of the door installation is typically made from steel to remain strong. Unfortunately, iron does rust and will create particles along the rail. If rust is present the sliding door will get stuck at certain points. Did you know that a simple application works as a short term solution? If you rub a candle along the rusted areas it creates a frictionless surface and lets the door slide smoothly.
  • Worn rail – permanently sliding open and sliding closed will wear down the metal. This makes the central part shorter that makes the door prone to popping out of place. This type of problem should be fixed by a professional as you may need to have a new frame installed.
  • Door stops – sometimes the bottom of the door will get stuck on the rail while the top will continue to move or slide. The problem could be that one side is being pushed up more. There is a proper way to open doors without causing uneven wear. Make sure that you pull the door towards you without pulling it up or downwards.

A door that does not work can be a nuisance. A fully functioning door should always be present so that everyone in the household can open and close the door correctly. A custom door manufacturer can make a door that is perfectly shaped and designed so that you do not have to deal with such issues. Plus you could add extra features that work to your convenience and makes the home a safer place.

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A Mother’s Life – Surface Bolts Are Complete Life Savers

It's fair to say mum life is not easy feat and anyone who has kids under the age of five years old will understand the stress of keeping a watchful eye on your little ones, especially when there is more than one child involved. Safety is such a vital issue when it comes to young children, as they are still learning to understand what's wrong and what's right. There has been way too many accidents over the years where a child had eaten or drunk something that can be harmful, and in some cases fatal to their health. As an adult we know not to drink a bottle of bleach, but toddlers do not know any different. This is why it's highly important to keep harmful substances locked away safely, so they are out of reach.

The easiest way to keep your little ones from accessing things is that they should not be adding a lock or bolt to the door or cabinet of your choice. I personally went for antique bronze door bolts over locks as they were more in keeping with the tone of the house, and to be honest they looked easier to fit. However when fitting the bolt or lock, I would highly recommend you attach it where it is out of reach. When I first installed the bolts in the bathroom, I was naïve to think that with a bolt on the door the kids would not be able to get in. I'll never forget the day when I walked into the bathroom and my youngest was sitting on the floor holding the bottle of toilet bleach. Luckily she could not get past the twisted cap, but in that moment I had realized that the bolts needed to be a lot higher. That evening my husband came home and after he helped me put the kids to bed, we went round the house and moved all of the bolts up higher. Since then I have had peace of mind knowing my cheeky little monsters can not reach substances that are hazardous to their health's.

Now, I'm quite conscious about how my house looks, especially when we've sent so much time and money making it look idyllic. So you can imagine my reaction when my generic web search for bolts, came back with these huge fixings that just looked like complete eyesores! I knew the safety of my kids was more important, though I was certain I could find something that would suit the style of the kitchen and bathroom, as well as protecting my kids at the same time. In keeping with the style of both the kitchen and the bathroom, I decided I wanted brushed chrome bathroom bolts to suit its minimalistic bravura, and to match the country cottage look I opted for bronze looking door bolts in the kitchen.

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