Feng Shui Strategies For Domestic Bliss

We are well into the year of the Earth Dog, and hopefully had the opportunity to observe how things are going by now. Have we made progress? Is our nest egg growing? Are we healthy and physically fit? Are we focused and mindful in our daily activities?

According to various forecasters, the year is supposedly to be calm and peaceful, however, it is not about venturing out and conquering new terrain; it is rather about our home base, about improving our station, about finishing and completing pending projects. Staying focused in our personal sphere and minding our own business will help us avoid conflicts. We should also seek to protect our property and shield our values.

If we superimpose the bagua, feng shui's symbolic map of life issues, onto the footprint of our space, we can determine where we might need to make adjustments, activate a certain area or add extra energy. That can be done in a number of different ways depending on the school of thought or feng shui philosophy that we happened to embrace.

In Pyramid feng shui we like to substantiate our feng shui assessments with the latest from scientific research. Intuitive schools of feng shui base their readings on empirical knowledge and observations, and Lillian Too together with other Compass School practicers recommend feng shui cures in accordance with compass readings and directions. All schools rely on symbols and talismans as visual and tactile reminders of the epithet “where attention goes, energy flows.”

The themes that seem to be dominant during this year of the Earth Dog are:

• Gossip, Slander, Back Stabbing, Quarrels, Theft and Burglary

• Health Issues, Allergy Attacks, Accidents

• Slow or Lack of Wealth Creation, ie Prosperity

The strong Earth is a grounding element which requires discipline, a down-to-earth attitude and pragmatism. Lillian Too suggests that we walk away from confrontations and refrain from being impulsive. We should burglar proof our homes and protect our possessions. North and East are trouble zones according to Lillian Too, and these areas should best be kept calm and clean. For those who prefer, symbolic protectors can be installed in those sectors.

Health is our most precious asset, and health is always associated with the center sector of the bagua. The number 9 is the lucky number of the year; it is the number of completion, the ultimate number which resides this year in the center, also called the tao or grand ultimate. Thus treating the center with great respect is of the utmost importance. Make sure it is clean and free of clutter. Keep the center well-lit, sometimes increase wattage or add lights. A plant or flowers in the center will add growth and energy.

According to the magic square, the lucky number 8 is in the prosperity sector, so why should it be so difficult to create wealth? According to Lillian Too, metal is the missing element in this year's charts. Therefore, metal should be augmented with feng shui adjustments. Wearing gold jewelry is an option; metal wind chimes replicate the sounds of coins; and last but not least Lillian Too suggests painting some rocks with gold and piling them up to create a mountain of gold to be placed in front of your home.

Our house is the mirror that reflects what we've achieved or what we are lacking. If we turn it into our vision board, we can strategize what we want to activate and where more energy is needed. Last but not least, we could increase our luck and protection for all sectors by practicing the Golden Rule.

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Feel-Good Feng Shui For The Year Of The Dog

Feng shui is all about feeling good in your space and reaping the benefits of good qi. Domestic pleasures seem to be on the horizon for the year of the dog. According to Chinese astrology, it will be an “Earth Dog,” and that means a year of stabilizing energy in a nurturing environment. After the volatile energy of the Rooster, we are ready for the reign of the gentle brown dog. To optimize our prospects for the year ahead, we must however play by the rules and emulate the positive experiences of our canine companions. There are always doomsayers who predict the worst and warn of enemies and health issues, but with good feng shui we are sooner to protect ourselves from adversities and ill winds. Therefore it's better to be forewarned and take precautions.

Caesar, The Dog Whisperer, says that it is exercise, discipline and love, in that order, that makes for a good dog. As we watch him do a “down-dog,” we note that our dog's first move in the morning is a yoga stretch. Running for a ball is next on the agenda when we launch a game of “go fetch!” Our dog also knows how to relax after a few twists and turns of nestling into his favorite spot. Dogs are so good at biding their time that they could teach us a few things about patience.

Feng shui tells us about qi (chi), the vital energy in and around us. We experience this energy with our five senses, but dogs seem to have that sixth sense that we are always yearning for. Dogs observe every move we make, and even while napping, they keep an eye on the door. Their sense of hearing is quicker and more astute, as well as tuned to a range of sounds that we can not hear. What they sniff and smell totally eludes us. A dog's olfactory labs and capacities make it an identifiable asset for detective services. Dogs have been human kind's companions for 15,000 years, and we are still learning and discovering the magnitude of their “uncanny” perceptions.

Contrary to our modern obsession with mindfulness, it seems to be a dog's innate predisposition, and we doubted that he would prefer to text versus schmoozing with you side by side. In other words, domesticity and mindful attention to detail with a central focus on bringing down ends to a close are all shaping up as the theme of the year. In the numeric charts, the number 9 is in the center, which, as the last single digit number, is the number of completion. With these indicators, we have an opportunity for creating a very strong home base. A well-built foundation is the optimal platform for launching future endeavors.

Here are our initial tips as we approach the New Year of the Dog:

• Avoid conflicts

• Stay away from gossip and duplicity

• Stay calm and take the high road

• Wear protective amulets that are personally meaningful

• Boost your immune system with herbs and supplements

• Consolidate and complete what has been started

• Strengthen your sensory experience with uplifting aromas

• Place auspicious demarcations in the center

• Increase lights in the center and nurture a plant

• Emulate your dog's loyalty, faithfulness and unconditional love

• Practice the Golden Rule

• And remember: Dogs sniff out the truth!

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Does Feng Shui Resonate With Ultra Violet?

In feng shui we always ask 'what does it mean?' and 'how does it work?' Is there a reason, we ask therefore, why Pantone added the number in declaring Ultra Violet 18-3838 as the color of the year for 2018? Chinese numerology and feng shui, of course, would welcome this because 'eight' is one of their most auspicious numbers.

Violet is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light with a wavelength of approximately 380 – 450 nanometers. The definition of the prefix 'ultra' as 'extreme' or 'beyond' would there before render 'ultra-violet' invisible according to Wikipedia. Pantone explains that “Ultra Violet is a dramatic provocative and thoughtful purple shade that communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points toward the future.” In other words, Ultra Violet is futuristic and full of promise.

The singer Prince and other artists have brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront as expressions of individuity and creativity. Ultra Violet, Pantone explains, conjures mindfulness, spirituality, creativity, experimentation, and non-conformity. Pantone suggests that Ultra Violet offers a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today's over-stimulated world.

Not to be confused with purple, violet is a single spectrum color while purple is a double spectrum color since it has a lot more red. Violet is predominately blue, and Ultra Violet is theoretically invisible. Purple and violet have always had connotations of reaching toward a higher realm. These have been the colors of royalty and priesthood, and Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos. When we look at photographs submitted by our Hubble space craft, we see multi-colored swirls of colors pulsating into the deeply disappearing violets.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone's color consulting division states that “from exploring new technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

In science-based feng shui, we welcome the notion of being affected by invisible aspects in our environment since it is not always easy to explain qi (chi) yin & yang and other energy patterns in our space, and we are always aware of sha qi (sha chi), the sometimes threatening dangers in our surroundings.

All too often we get warning signals about the dangers of ultra violet radiation and exposure to UV rays and sun damage. Our research tells us about the ABCs of UV light. UVA rays age skin cells and can damage their DNA. These cause long-term skin damage such as wrinkles and age spots. UVB rays cause sunburns and cause most skin cancers. UVC rays can not penetrate our atmosphere. Significant variables are time of day, season of the year, distance from the equator, altitude, cloud cover, and reflection off a surface. In maintaining good health we need to take all of these into consideration. In contrast to such dire warnings we hear about the benefits of UV lights and how ultraviolet devices offer numerous benefits when added to a home's heating and cooling system, including keeping cold and flu germs at bay while killing bugs and bacteria.

Once again we recognize that feng shui challenges and recommendations always need to be based on careful considerations of science-based research and personal needs of persons and their space.

In view of all of the above, feng shui would recommend that Ultra Violet 18-3838 should be used sparsely and with great care. Fashion will probably dictate the use of Ultra Violet with numerous products from nail polish to sunglasses. And for those who are allergy prone, a UV light in the HVAC air handler might be of great help.

Mindful use of Ultra Violet could benefit those who need strong focal points. Desk accessories or throw pillows might be fun and futuristic additions to the color scheme in your space. For those in need of wood element adjustments, Violets, the humble but beautiful little flowers will enhance a garden or provide indoor enjoyment with one or more potted plants of Violets.

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From Rooster To Dog With Feng Shui Tips

Both the Rooster and the Dog are domestic animals, yet very different in scope and hits. In the pecking order of domestic fowl, the Rooster dominates, lives outdoors, and announcements daily that “the early bird catches the worm.” We've had a year of living by the Rooster's motto and should now use what's left of his bird energy to bring the year to a satisfying closure.

In feng shui practices that would mean tossing out what's no longer meaningful or useful and clearing the deck for the Earth Dog to enter our sphere. The Rooster dominates as the natural leader of his flock. In contrast, the dog is a pack animal and could be either the alpha dog or the subservient underdog.

Ending the year of the Rooster could mean an extra dose of decision making on what it takes to bring a cycle to completion. In preparation let's peck away at the excess debris that's cluttering our life and clear more space for new and exciting spaces.

In contrast to the outdoor nature of the Rooster, the Dog is an indoor animal, and as an Earth Dog his focus is even more on domestic matters and indoor activities. Let's provide him with a clean slate and benefit from his peace-loving nature.

Feng Shui tips for a propitious farewell to the Rooster:

• Start in the early am

• Set up a check list

• Set a timer for 30 minutes

• Work in increments

• Clean out a desk drawer

• Clear bath and medicine cabinets

• Check expiration dates and toss expired meds

• Clear the pantry and toss expired products

• Review computer desk tops and delete unneeded folders

• Check email folders and create order

• Clear browsing history

• Delete cookies on the computer

• Scrutinize closets and donated unwanted stuff

• Clean out file drawers

• Shred old documents

• Clean windows for a clear view into the future

• Burn candles to give the Fire Rooster a flaming farewell

Once you have cleared and cleaned your home or business space, you'll be ready to usher in the Earth Dog and let him help you create a nurturing and peaceful ambiance. Since the forecasts for 2018 estimate quarrelsome incidents, we need to be aware of and prepared to step away from confrontations and hide in the blissfully quiet and comfortable sanctuary of our home environment. From the Earth Dog we can benefit by emulating desirable practices like loyalty and unconditional love.

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Tiny House Feng Shui

I've just spent months and months clearing all my clutter. My “yes” box is tiny compared to my “no” box and my “maybe” box is huge. Now I'm ready to downsize and move into my brand new tiny house. How will I feel and how do I feng shui my tiny house? Will I feel squeezed and diminished? Will the smallness of my space be too yin? Will the narrow deficiency inhibit qi? Will the eight mansions of my bagua be strong enough to deal with my life time issues? Will my sense of refugee and shelter provide a solid enough base to ascend the Tao holon of self fulfillment? Tiny house feng shui is my new challenge, and my spatial concepts will have to be microscopic compared to my lifelong obsession with lots of space.

The tiny house is the latest phenomenon in our housing culture. It is the complete opposite of the trend towards mega mansions in recent years. This modern day development is so very much the manifestation of the yin & yang spectrum of opposites. Having reached excess with mega mansions and megamalls, we reach the tipping point or flip syndrome that seeks the opposite.

Assuming that we've found the perfect spot to anchor our tiny house, we need to figure out how to implement the attributes of the dragon's lair, ie the armchair position. Is there any kind of elevation, we ask, or perhaps some tall trees that could serve as protection so symbolizing the black tortoise in the back? Undulating shrubs or a low fence might be the green dragon and white tiger on the left and right. An open view toward the red Phoenix could be anything from a birdbath to a fountain, a small rock garden or a flowerbed. Our Ming Tang or bright hall could have been a tiny porch with a step-up and possibly a retractable awning which will provide a sense of refuge and shelter.

Now that we have found or created the perfect setting, we want to consult our checklist for tiny house feng shui considerations:

• Draw a simple floor plan and overlay your bagua grid. The simple rectangle or square of a tiny house is a feng shui plus.

• Take photos standing in the door looking in and looking out. On a two-dimensional Image you'll see better where qi might be blocked and what might be useful as a good focal point.

• The electronic age is conducive to tiny house living. Digitize as much as possible, ie files, documentation, invoices and receipts as well as photos and store it all in the clouds.

• Lights – a crucial design feature – will shape our feelings of space. Decorative lighting may be installed for special effects. Indirect lighting suggests extra space and can be dimmed for ambient needs.

• A monochromatic color scheme will make a tiny space feel larger. Textures and shape can be used to include all five elements.

• Mirrors, a favorite feng shui option, can be used cleverly to reflect light, an outside view, or just to double interior space.

• What about mementos and memorabilia? Rotate your display of small items seasonally or at holiday time. They could be photographed and put into a memory bank.

• Do not forget your Tao connections, a pebble from a hike, a twig from the pine forest, a shell from the beach. A jade plant or lucky bamboo will activate your wealth corner. Succulents are the rage and come in many miniature versions.

• For your relationship corner you could try a couple of tea lights in miniature rose quartz or a small frame with the Chinese character for “Double Happiness.”

• Check your sensory perceptions and see if all your senses are engaged. A small Bluetooth speaker or even Alexa will provide streaming sounds, and incense or a diffuser for essential oils will waft olfactory satisfaction.

• In a small window garden or on the railing of your front porch you could grow tasty herbs, an aromatic boon for the soup in your mini slow cooker.

• A small stool at your front entrance will support your career goals, and do not forget your sentinels. A couple of planters or urns with flowers or miniature trees will symbolize the guardsians of your treasures in a tiny abode.

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Feng Shui Cures For A Constipated House

Have you been shopping again? And things are popping out of your stuffed closets and packed drawers, maybe stashed behind doors and under your bed?

There is a strong correlation between a healthy colon and a healthy house. An unhealthy colon can seriously create a toxic environment. Together with its partner, the lungs, the colon is responsible for input and output of pure and impure substances. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) observers human beings a manifestation of mind body spirit, and in feng shui we add the home environment to this trilogy of existence. It is a functional system of intake and output. When you correlate all of this with your house, where you replenish your supplies, but ever accumulate more and more, there is such a thing as a “constipated house.”

This process of accumulation and elimination is a function of the metal dynamics in the cycle of Chinese elements. When nature reaches full capacity, it has to eliminate what earth has been amassing. Thus in autumn fruit needs to be harvested and trees will shed their leaves. Organisms contract within them and prepare for hibernation and dormancy. Plant nutrients are stored underground. Autumn is growing dominance of yin. Our tao connection to nature and the plant kingdom is an essential part of the ecosystem as plants absorb respiratory waste and produce life-giving oxygen. The lungs are a constant reminder of take with every inhale of fresh oxygen and output with every exhale of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The lungs are the official of rhythmic order, and the colon is the official of space clearing and elimination. It gets rid of excess baggage that has been useful but is no longer needed. Chinese medicine sees the colon as the official that removes rubbish on every level. TCM also relates the lungs to the skin, describing it as the third lung. Cleansing, purity and refinement are the inning mandate on the agenda of these interdependent functions.

Sometimes it is time to seriously engage the metal element for feng shui adjustments and purification of your home. Metal element personality types are very orderly. They like to have everything clean and pristine. They tend to be the aesthetes and minimalists, and they like to make things shine. They pay attention to detail, and they tend to embrace high standards of moral values ​​and integrity. They take pride in a meticulous appearance and prefer quality to quantity.

If we aim to adopt some metal characteristics, we may succeed in checking off our list of feng shui do's and don'ts for beautification and preservation of a healthy environment. Ask questions and answer with the discerning acumen of a metal type:

• As you enter your space, is there a single point focus for your gaze to come to rest?

• Take photos and get a two-dimensional view of your visual field.

• In your collection of objects, is there anything that stands out as specifically pleasing or edifying?

• With the discerning and discriminating eye of a metal type, could you assess and eliminate what might be too much and not essential?

• Empty spaces attract new opportunities, and empty containers are receptacles for the gifts from the universe.

• Have you thought of adding metal foods and flavor to your nutrition – fruits or vegetables with thick peels, white and pungent ingredients, daicon radishes, cauliflower and garlic?

• Have you polished your shiny surfaces – mirrors, metal knobs, jewelry, white countertops, silver flatware and your “golden globe”?

• Think of your metal target as round and pure while you engage in the creative process of distillation and elimination.

• Strong lung energy will keep you in the present moment with healthy respiration and creative inspiration.

• A clean colon will keep you motivated and focused.

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Detox Your Spleen With Feng Shui

In Western literature the spleen has always been denigrated and in medicine mostly ignored. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Feng Shui revere the spleen as the official in charge of boosting the immune system. Together with its partner, the stomach, the spleen resonates with the earth element. It is the largest lymphatic organ, and from its position in the center it regulates distribution and transport through the system. As a pair, the spleen and the stomach are a hub for bodily functions and energy flow. This central location is significant in feng shui and the layout of your space. The center, also known as the Tai Ji or “Grand Ultimate” is the hub around which all other activities radiate. In cross-dynamic patterns of the bagua where feng shui connects and relates pairs of guas in support of each other, the pathways always lead through the center hub.

The stomach is crucial for nutritional input and output which is then filtered by the spleen for purified essentials and essences. This essence of life, made manifest in energy levels, is the sheng qi we all depend on for well-being and good health. The center of our space which is the health gua in feng shui needs to be constantly monitored and refreshed. This important sector is attributed to the earth element, but earth permeates other areas of the bagua as well relating to feng shui principles in more than one sector. The relationship corner which is the trigram of the mother or feminine principle, is an earth gua, as is the wisdom and knowledge area, endemic to the mountain trigram.

Earth in addition to its many other responsibilities also governs transitions. Late summer or Indian summer is earth, when nature reaches fruition in time for harvest. Some TCM practices identify the last ten days of each season with the earth element as a transition period.

Earth is the element of equilibrium and stability, therefore, if our element profile is well balanced, we should feel centered and grounded. Earth is the element of containment. The stomach is the container that receives nutrition and holds it through the initial digestive process. The spleen holds purified blood cells and platelets.

Earth is the plateau on which we create our lifestyle. All flat tops and surfaces are earth, and any kind of container, ie bowls, vases, chests and closets serve to receive gifts from mother earth. In symbolic feng shui we replicate natural phenomena with auspicious objects, colors and shapes to reinforce our intentions. If we honor these aspects in our space, we must realize that earth abhors clutter and stuffed closets. Excess and overabundance creates an earth dilemma that will make us feel stagnant and stuck.

Earth likes check lists and favors routine and regularity. The spleen needs concentration and focus. In that spirit we offer our feng shui considerations for an earth friendly environment:

• First and foremost, let's go on a space-clearing crusade. Get rid of all unnecessary clutter and debris.

• Once you have cleaned surfaces and containers, and pushed everything out of closets and drawers, you may start with creating “beauty.” Anything that is pleasing and gratifying to your perception can be considered as beautiful. As an attractive focal point, it is probably auspicious for your spleen.

• Mark the center with a special object that attracts your gaze. This could be a chandelier, a mobile, a crystal, a special rug or unique piece of furniture.

• Identify the health sector by placing the bagua on your floor plan.

• Create feng shui enhancements within the health area. This can be done with objects, colors and shapes.

• Yellow is a wonderfully uplifting earth color, and a bouquet of yellow flowers, sunflowers or mums, will give you the needed boost.

• Enjoy the time of harvest and tonify with foods in earth colors. Earth foods are tightly layered around themselves or densely packed.

• The spleen prefers room temperature beverages and can be damaged with artificial and concentrated sweeteners.

• The stomach and spleen connect to the lips and mouth, and since they control tasting, it explains why the preferred earth flavor would be “sweet.”

• Sound and music for energizing earth types would be repetitive or drum pieces, as in Philip Glass or Ravel's “Bolero.”

• Heavy, flat and low pieces of furniture are anchors and keep you grounded and bound to your space. In case you intend to move, consider removing them as part of your relocating strategy.

• Enjoy your newly discovered peace of mind that comes with feeling grounded and centered after you have honored earth with considerations for the needs of your stomach and spleen.

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Feng Shui And Your Fountain Of Youth

If you have not found it yet, feng shui, the ancient art of energy flow, will help you find your personal Fountain of Youth as you launch your journey of awareness through the waters of time. Your ability to flow in the world will keep you from feeling stuck, stuck in your work, stuck in clutter, stuck in attachments, and stuck with blockages of any kind.

Feng shui is all about correlating person and place, the body and your home, the inner and outer environment. In this intimate correlation, the water element regulates all aspects of flow and movement. Considering that “feng” means wind and “shui” means water, it's important to understand that both words indicate movement and both are catalysts for change. Feng shui detests anything stale, stagnant or stuck. Symbolic feng shui equates water with money, therefore cash regulators by the entry of restaurants are expected to create healthy cash flow. Water is usually the element germane to entryways which is where we find fountains and often fu dogs as guardians for protection.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the kidneys are the gateways to all other organs. They are the officials that do energy work and protect passage of vital essence. They clean and purify the blood and are responsible for fluidity and lubrication. The adrenals, just above, are the officials for energy management, and the bladder, just below, is the storage unit that controls adaptability. These are components that are useful for comparison and offer helpful guidelines in creating healthy qi in our homes. Cleaning out overstuffed closets and cupboards will create space for healthy flow, openness and opportunities.

If we put on feng shui goggles and stroll through our interiors or gardens, we want to think about harmonic energy flow. We want to be on a gentle pathway like a slowly meandering river. Nothing should hinder our movement, nothing should stand in the way, and we should not stumble or trip over anything or encounter any kind of sha qi disturbing our vision.

On this journey through our space, we hope to find focal points that we can associate with the various bagua sectors and their specific life references. If we have a wall facing us at the entrance, for example, we could symbolically expand our vision with the vanishing point perspective of a landscape painting, or we could find meaning in a seascape that has our ship coming in, bringing wealth and prosperity. We should have a spacious area at our entry, something feng shui calls “the bright hall,” where beneficial energy can collect and flow in all directions. And never should there be stuff behind the door that would keep it from opening completely.

As we navigate further into our space, we check for narrow passages where we might feel squeezed and our energy flow confined. Hanging a mirror would expand our perception, reflect light and sometimes a pleasant view. If we find ourselves speeding up or rushing forward, we might be in a corridor that is too long and too straight and therefore considered inauspicious feng shui.

In this watery search for the fountain of youth, we might have discovered that feng shui always desires balance, and since the kidneys are governed by both yin and yang, it is imperative that either is deficient or excessive. Knowing what to emphasize and what to play down is crucial in honoring the role of the kidneys. They are at the base of our structure, responsible for healthy bones and marrow, and they like to be warm.

Germination, embryonic development and growth all need to be nurtured in a fluid warm environment. Perhaps we find our fountain of youth in the vital essence and the energy source of the kidneys so that our life can be fluid, filled with things, relationships, events and prosperity and not stuck in attachments and unsatisfying results. Feng shui is a pattern in motion with ongoing opportunities to discover its secrets as we ride the tides of the five element cycle.

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Protect Your Heart With Feng Shui Tools And Principles

Your heart is the supreme ruler of your body, mind and spirit. Think of it as the emperor or empress and your body as the palace residence of all three entities. The heart function is a trifold system in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and we can draw meaningful analogies between our heart and our home. A feng shui diagnosis will reveal whether you are blessed with all the optimum features of a healthy home.

In the trinity of comparison, there is the organ, the heart itself, with its chambers, muscles and blood vessels. In your home, the heart space is the area where the most important activities take place. It could have the family room or great room; it could also be a large eat-in kitchen. It's the place where people gather and enjoy togetherness.

TCM recognizes the importance of the Heart Protector, the Pericardium which is the membrane that surrounds and protects the heart. In feng shui we consider safety and protection one of the primary prerequisites for a healthy home. Your heart space is usually centrally located and is surrounded by the extremities which are the buffer zones that protect the inner sanctuary. These could be the main entry area with the foyer, the garage, the mud room, the porch or veranda, sometimes an office or media room and a deck.

The third and significant aspect of TCM's heart trilogy is the Triple Heater which is not an organ or physical part like the heart, but rather the vital stream of energy and circulation that connotes all body parts to the central function. Chinese medicine as well as feng shui is always concerned with blockages or obstacles that may interfere with harmonic flow or qi and thus disrupt connectivity.

All three parts, the heart, the Heart Protector, and the Triple Heater resonate with the fire element and are responsible for a positive outlook on life and its joyful participation in surroundings and activities. In esoteric belief systems, the divine spirit lives in the heart which maintains the emotional connections between humanity and the divine.

The fire element in its capacity to rise and expand is responsible for emotional well-being and all perceptions of love and joy in all of what we do and experience. Additional helpers in guiding our emotional roller coaster are the small intestine on the inside and the ears and tongue which are the ports that connect to the outside. The small intestine separates pure from impure and truth from untruth and that causes us “to have a gut feeling” in judging questionable situations.

The emotional connector between the heart and the brain is the vagus nerve. Recent scientific research has revealed that “vagal tone” is a measure of our capacity to connect with other people. Neuroscience has also discovered that neuroplasticity is responsible for recording and molding our habits and for leaving imprints in our physical makeup. They have discovered that variations in our heart rate reveal the strength of our brain-heart connection. Tao connections, as we recognize in feng shui, are there before extremely important in maintaining our physical-emotional health. The triumvirate of our heart function will rely on tao connections to influence the “genomics” of our home.

Since external influences from the fire element are stronger during the summer season, feng shui recommends a healthy balance to avoid the dangers of overheating the system. Our feng shui tips are designed to protect and shield the triumvirate of the heart from negative influences, ie “sha qi” of excessive fire. The Triple Heater senses the “vibes” of external heat and sends a message to all viscera and connective tissue. Our home, ie the Heart Protector, is the safe refugee where we can flee to and find shelter from the excess tumult of summer activities.

Feng shui tips for the triumvirate of the heart:
• Avoid excess of any kind
• Seek shelter, a shade tree, a parasol, a wide-brim hat, a tiki hut, a portico or any other protection from the scorching summer sun.
• Use sun block to protect your skin from burning.
• Use plenty of moisture after sun exposure.
• Select cooling nutrition, ie salads, cold soups, fruit, refreshing smoothies, and lots of water.
• Since excessive fire can raise blood pressure, chose cooling colors and fabrics for your summer home environment. Earth colors will gently reduce the fire effect while the water element in colors and patterns will keep fire under control.
• If you feel that your psyche would benefit from occasional fire input, carefully chose accent colors or fresh blossoms to boost your passions.
• Clear the heart space from all threatening or undesirable objects or images.
• Check the geometric center of your floor plan and clear away debris and clutter.
• The tai ji, or great great as it is called in feng shui, should be identifiable by special demarcation, ie a light, a crystal or a special object.
• And remember that pets and animal prints are always your direct connection to the fire element.

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Supercharge Your Liver With Feng Shui

Your liver is the feng shui master of your body. It has the same needs as your surroundings and will function superbly if those are met. It likes a lot of space, prefers to be cool and be in a state of flow as it oscillates. Your liver is the control tower that routes traffic in and out via two blood lines, the hepatic artery bringing oxygen-rich blood from the heart and the hepatic portal vein. Within the parameters of our circadian rhythm, the liver expands and shrinks by 40% in every 24 hour cycle. It is one of the busiest organs performing functions only only to the brain. Ancient civilizations from the Mesopotamians to the Greeks have recognized the mastery of the liver, and the Elizabethans called their monarch not the head but the liver of their state.

Feng shui receives vital information from Traditional Chinese Medicine and relationships on the elements for creating beneficial qi. With its prowess and many talents, the liver is in the command position of the body. Does this remind us of our muchought after wealth corner and the manifold aspects of empowerment? Yes, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) correlates the liver with the wood element and adds the eyes as the visionary portals of the body. We know that the wood element is germane to everything that grows in nature, and the liver is the only organ that regenerates itself and re-grows if chopped in half. The wood element has visionary qualities that keep an eye on decision-making and futuristic projects. Natalie Angier reports in the New York Times that “the liver has the function of a military leader who excels in strategic planning,” and since it takes a vision and foresight to plan and decide, it makes sense that the eyes, our organ of vision are connected and correlated with the liver.

You want your liver to be a workaholic, as is typical of the wood personality, yet be mindful of not overburdening its work with too many toxic substances which could result in sclerosis and ultimate failure of the liver. In fact, it might be wise to nurture your liver with supportive tips from our arsenal of feng shui sapience:

• With the bagua in hand, check your layout and find all sectors attributed to the wood element.

• Check for balance! Is there too little or too much of wood-related shapes, colors, sounds or aromas?

• If needed, add air cleaning plants, wind chimes and refreshing scents like geranium or eucalyptus.

• Add a fountain where appropriate since water feeds wood.

• Check and see if qi meanders gently through your space and remember that the flow state of your body, mind and surroundings is responsible for healthy circulation and immune responses on a cellular level. Connect your body / mind to your environment.

• As the master strategist of circulating blood, the liver keeps track of the body's moment to moment energy demands and releases nutrients that might be required.

• Signals from the liver may dictate our dietary choices if we allow ourselves to tune in and listen to its minority whispers.

• Research suggests that the liver may take a proactive as well as reactive role in the control of appetite and food choice. Therefore, it may be prudent to look to the vegetable kingdom in selecting your next meal. Fix a green smoothie or cook a cancer-busting green soup.

• Boost your immunity by wearing turquoise, a lush combination of green for wood and blue for water.

• Engage gemology with a remarkable turquoise gem stone.

• Keep in mind that the liver is your pharmaceutical manufacturer of hormones, enzymes, clotting factors, immune molecules, and blood chemistry. Perhaps you should be a willing participant by providing a healthy and toxin-free environment.

• Ultimately, call your feng shui consultant if you need more help in creating space for your liver.

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Honor Mom With A Spin Around The Bagua

Are we spinning our wheels in a world of information overload? We keep getting reminders about mindfulness and clutter clearing. Science tells us that multi-tasking is not good for our brains. And we discovered that women, specifically mothers, are the best multi-taskers of all. Men insist on doing “first things first,” as they like to point out, but mothers really do not have choice. Therefore, to celebrate all mothers during the month of May, we take a look at assisting mothers with one of feng shui's best organizing principles, the symbolic map called “bagua” which means “eight sections.”

Let's walk around the bagua and focus on specifics. The bagua aims to enlighten and guide those who seek to follow the path of optimal performance. We enter the eight-sector grid at the threshold of “now,” fully aware that the “self” carries the heritage of complex and personal histories. Traditional feng shui designates this area to “career,” but there is much more gist to the personal myth than just a career path. At this point of entry to the bagua, we introduce our personal vibrations to the space and radiate our energy into the environment.

Stepping left in our clockwise journey around the bagua, we honor mother's wisdom and knowledge which isoted in her education but also reveals how she continues to cultivate her persona. Next, in stepping forward, the “family” gua reaches far beyond the nucleus of immediate family and extends to friends and community, including those who came before us. Mom is the glue that holds all of them together with a loving embrace and nurturing care.

The popular “wealth” corner of the bagua can not be underestimated as a position of power. In any space or property it is the perch of greatest visual input and should be mom's point of executive reign. Often she is the source of a man's prosperity and the inspiration to his success. The “future” gua at the zenith of our symbolic map provides the psychic impetus to shine a light on our social standing when mothers insist on integrity and reputable behavior.

The home gua of maritime bliss and “relationships” is mom's forte where she networks in silent strength. She is the peace maker and bridges the gap in many a rift when the need is greatest. Her “legacy” gua, which includes “children” or any other of her multi-tasking projects, is the creative underpinning of all her endeavors.

The next and last of the eight sections is the traditional “helpful people” corner. In modern feng shui we dedicate this area to “compassion.” When the need arises, Mom will always be the one to extend a helping hand and stand firm as the anchor of “support.”

From all points of our octagon pattern, we look toward the center, the “tai ji” area which is the “great ultimate” in spiritual parlance. In mundane interpretations, feng shui has assigned this sector to “health.” Mothers are the life-giving and sustaining promoters of physical and mental health. They are the superstars of humanity's provenance and survival. Let's celebrate moms for more than a day during the merry month of May.

We would like to activate all sections of the bagua to bring beneficial qi (chi) to mom and her clan with feng shui recommendations:

• A water feature for the entry area

• A crystal bowl with blue flowers for wisdom and deep insights

• Succulents for the family gua

• A jade plant for wealth and empowerment

• Red roses for the future gua

• Pink roses for love and relationships

• White gardenias in legacy

• A wind chime or bell for support

• And a bouquet of yellow roses in the center

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Feng Shui Money Lock

A feng shui money lock or “locked phase” refers to the energy resident in the home during a specific period. In feng shui it is known as “Imprisoned Stars”. It means the occupants living in a house will struggle financially. People living in a home during a locked phase will receive money but at the same time have a hard time saving it. Another issue a person can experience is advancing in a job.

How long can a Money Lock last?

A money lock can last for twenty years. There is also an annual locked phase and this repeats the feng shui cycle every nine years. The kicker is, a house can be hit with a double whammy and suffer from a twenty year lock and a one year lock. For example, a house built in 1999 (Period 7) facing northwest is currently in a twenty year lock and it will be in a one year lock in 2019.

How do you determine if your house is in a Money Lock?

A well versed feng shui consultant can let you know whether your home is in a locked phase or if it will be in a locked phase in the future. The downside is that every house will always go through a money lock. This is determined by your sitting and facing directions of your home. Once your consultant determinates these two directions this information will be disclosed in your consultation report.

Feng Shui Cures

If you are in the process of buying a home or renting a house, do not be discouraged if you discover your home is in a locked phase. Please note there are cures that can help you access this obstacle by making your home more compatible for you and your family.

If you have been told by your feng shui consultant that your home is in a money lock, the best cure to remedy this situation is a water element. The water element has to be circulating, seen; and the water has to be clean in order for it to be effective. If you do not have these three things in place your water element will not help you. The best place to put a water element in your home will be based on the current era Period.

Do you know someone that sees as if they have all the luck in the world? Perhaps they have a little bit of feng shui working for them.

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Practice Celestial Feng Shui With Lunar Guidance

Do you have an endlessly long honey-do list that stretches into the future? Are you overwhelmed with scheduling pressures? It's time to look for help in the skies. The moon is there every night to guide you with subtle light and finite cycles of 28 days. Downsizing your list into manageable segments is the answer to your dilemma.

With feng shui basic principles we will figure out the tools we need to analyze and apply the cyclical data as it appears in celestial patterns. Yin and yang, qi and the bagua can all be engaged in working with the patterns of the moon. When we correlate the coordinates of the moon with the feng shui bagua, we find that the new moon is the launch pad as you enter the bagua, and the full moon reigns at the zenith of 180 degrees. The cardinal directions that correspond with the four critical phases of the moon.

The moon has a subtle influence on our neural network and internal organs. It affects everything that has to do with liquids and water. Since our bodies are 60% water, the moon affects bodily functions but also exerts certain forces on our psyche. For example, during a new moon some people are prone to depression, digestive functions are low, and at the full moon blood pressure rises and energy levels are high.

From our vantage point on earth we see the phases of the moon according to its angle to the sun as it orbits around the earth. For our feng shui purposes we interpret these terms as the guiding light on our path and arrange our tasks accordingly.

Similar to the way we make feng shui adjustments in our space with the notification of changing energy patterns, we can utilize moon light as a source of energy. When the moon is waxing, ie increasing in visible light, it suggests a growth pattern that has been used by agrarian cultures for centuries. People who live with the moon's rhythms do not start anything until they see the thin crescent of the moon.

Since yin and yang are always relative to each other, we can easily assume that the new moon is the most yin phase of the cycle whereas a full moon is yang. Qi, or lunar energy, if we may call it that, waxes and wanes, indirectly affecting internal functions and the autonomous nervous system.

In our effort to get organized and create manageable schedules, the best time to begin is the new moon. It is the dark and secret phase of the moon when moonlight is not visible. This is when we plan and scheme, inspired by all kinds of new ideas and desires. It is our time of secret creativity, the gestation period for everything new and exciting to enter the realm of wonderful possibilities.

We work our list of topics that we wish to address and refine in the next 28 days. Remember, this list is meant to be limited and manageable, so it will be best to keep our topics in the single digits. During this dark phase of an invisible moon, we secretly set up keywords that will motivate and propel us into action as soon as the first sliver of moonlight becomes visible. Now we are beginning to light up our journey towards implementing and fulfilling our plan of action. The moon is waxing, more light is thrown on our path, and more energy is moving us forward.

Frequently we check our list and get the pleasure of checking off the key activities we have already implemented or completed. Then, when the full moon throws light on everything that lies before us, we critically assess our progress and focus on additional work to be done.

As the moonlight starts saying, we enter a period of completion and unwinding. Having successfully accomplished what we had lined up, it is time to relax and nurture body and mind. Refresh and pamper yourself and feel flushed with pride as you admire your list of checkmarks and completed tasks. Do not get rattled about unfinished business, keywords or topics that did not pan out. You will simply transfer those points to your next list as you enter a new cycle of lunar guidance.

The moon, with its steady revolutions and nocturnal illumination, is a soothing elixir for our at times anxiety-driven sense of time.

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How To Protect Your Brain From Electro Magnetic Fields

There can be no denying the ever increasing use of electronic equipment is putting increasing strain on our bodies and minds. EMF, (electro magnetic fields) have penetrated even rural areas.

Manmade EMFs not only wreak havoc with our brains, they have destroyed the PH balance of the soil, depleting our food of vital minerals. The atmosphere in our homes and offices lacks life giving negative ions.

The military is using complex weather modification technology which has destroyed natural weather cycles. You pick up these frequencies anywhere without your awareness. Micro electronic frequencies penetrate the walls of buildings, the soil, and our food and drink. The cell memory of matter is altered or destroyed leading to shortcomings and the appearance of strange illnesses not seen before.

My research shows that things are for worse than most of us realize:

We are continuously adding to a system already overloaded with more cell phone towers and other electronic equipment. Electricity, as it is used today is outdated and is further polluting the atmosphere. New technologies are slow to come on stream.

I have no sure way of knowing whether we can produce free electricity today, but I believe we are very close.

I do know though that we can neutralize and even reverse the effects of many environmental pollutants

HOLISTIC Feng Shui is a technique that focuses on returning balance to our offices and homes the natural way. It uses strategies and tools that bring you into harmony with your environment

HOLISTIC Feng Shui focuses on strategies that make you and your environment more tenant. Let's look at some more unpalatable facts before we talk about one of the HOLISTIC Feng Shui techniques you can implement right away:

Many studies now show that 60% of all illness is caused by exposure to manmade electro magnetic fields

When you are sitting in an office with wi-fi connections your brain's ability to focus is severely impaired. Over time your immune function is reduced.

The low frequencies from cell phone towers alter normal brain function, leading to dysfunctional behavior because the brain gets agitated.

When you are exposed to EMF, (electro magnetic fields) from your cell phone, your computer or from wi-fi towers it's like touching a weak electric fence over and over again

Regular brief exercises boost your brain power and get the energies moving

Regular short exercise breaks re-fuel your brain with oxygen. The energy starts moving faster through your body. The effect is calming and soothing for your brain.

You feel more alert and your mood improvements, and you release toxins too.

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to protect your brain from harmful energies in your environment. Cell towers are not going to go away tomorrow, it is up to us to find ways to protect ourselves and take responsibility for the environment.

Working on ourselves and cleaning up our environments are obvious steps everyone can take.

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Feng Shui – True or False? If It Is True, Is There Proof?

Feng means Wind and Shui means water in Chinese language. It is an ancient Chinese art, at least 5000 years old.

There are five elements. Everything is energy. If you are able to channel the positive energy understanding the five elements, you will be successful in all spheres.

How to channel the energy and what is the proof that Feng Shui works?

We may refer at least one real story for this.

Hans Snook is famous for his slogan, 'The future is bright, The future is Orange'. With this he developed his company and sold it for a huge amount of 50 million pounds.

Snook was born in England. He dropped out of university and worked in the hotel business in Canada.

Then he went to Hong Kong and worked in a telecoms company. In 1994, he came back to London and launched a mobile phone company.

He was all success due to his belief in Feng Shui. Even though he did not have a great belief in that, he consulted a Feng Shui master. The master recommended certain alterations in his office and assured him that within twelve months the business would become very successful.

And that is what happened. His business incredibly bought a lot of money.

Not only Hans Snook, almost all businessmen around the world who want an all round success and prosperity adop Feng Shui principals. The Proof?

You may see the water spring in front of the big malls and corporate office buildings.

One interesting example is Andrew Thrasyvoulou. He is an architect himself and owner of a hotel group, Myhotel Company.

When he took over a London building he had to redesign and modify it since the existing one was not according to the principles of Feng Shui.

He has based the layout on the principles of this Chinese art. Major changes in the 76 room hotel were made.

The staircase facing the entrance was moved in order to make the positive flow of energy. The bar's hard edges were removed and were replaced with round corners.

A Fish Tank was placed in front of Cash register locks to bring luck and prosperity.

Thus the entire hotel was modified and he made intense money.

The latest fashion is to engage a Feng Shui master along with the architect.

The Hindu Scriptures specify Vastu Sastra which is more than Feng Shui.

All these special techniques are simply aligning the forces which are invisible. Those who respect and adopt them are competent and those who are ignorant of the facts are deprived of the benefits.

Here we must understand the basic principles and make our life a successful one following these rules.

I would like to recommend to read my earlier article titled, 'Get Feng Shui – Vastu Combined Benefits'.

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