If you've ever tried installing a decal on your own you know it's pretty much one shot and you're done. There's little to no hope of getting it to come off correctly and if it does chances are it will not lay flat or stick as well. Since we have quite a bit of experience in this department we thought we'd share our tips and tricks on how to install a decal straight the first time!

We like to use what is referred to as the hinge method. For this method all you need is your decal (transfer paper still intact), some blue painters tape, scissors, and a ruler. If possible, place the object you are attaching to decal to on a flat surface, this will make it easier to work with. Decide where you want your decal placed, if you are wanting to center it, measure out the space and use a slight pencil mark or other easily erasable mark to not both the center of the decal and object you're placing it on.

Once you have your decal where you want it, take a large piece of blue painters tape and put it directly across the center going horizontally. Try to make the tape as straight as possible. Be sure to leave over hang so you can attach it to the wall or any other surface you are working on. Before moving on make sure your decal has not shifted at all, if it has just simply lifted one end up to readjust and then put the tape back in place.

Now we're ready to attach the decal . Keep your scissors close for this part! Gently peel back the transfer from the top half of your decal. Hold the transfer paper up and very carefully use your scissors to cut the vinyl backing so that it hits the top of the tape. After you finish your cut you can apply the top half of your decal (hence the name “hinge method”).

Now that the top half of the decal is holding everything in place you can remove the blue painters tape. Now you can apply the bottom half. Use a similar method as before and lift the bottom half up, removing the rest of the vinyl backing. If you have a scraper this is a great opportunity to use it to smooth down the bottom half of your decal. Once everything is in place you can remove the transfer paper and you have now successfully installed a straight decal!