Feel Out the Mood

When decorating it's important to choose every element with care. Consider the mood of the room or the mood to be created. Flowers are perfect for a romantic feel along with curving patterns and subtle tones. That's why a small round rug is perfect because it automatically has those soft curves. They can work in an office, living room, entryway or bathroom and liven it up or relax it as needed. Combine small round rugs with contrasting wallpapers, funky accessories or chic furnishings to really make spaces pop.

Use in Open Spaces
The open-concept has been around for years now and is still highly favored by the major of decorating professionals and homeowners. Large or small round rugs are perfect for these areas because they help define spaces. It could be an eating area, spot for reading or snuggling in front of a fireplace, or area for cooking to name a few. It's best to set furnishings into groups that are square but surrounding a round rug. They can also be layered on top of square or rectangle rugs. If this method is chosen, place the front legs of the furniture on the rectangle rug, and then place the small round rug on top.

By following a simple decorator's rule, the rug should be placed in relation to whatever is nearby or sets atop it. However, many are thinking outside the box and with a little research you can easily place any shape rug, anywhere depending on the size and location – basically, anything is possible.

Small Round Rug or Square?
It can be difficult deciding on a safe, square rug or a large or small round rug when it comes to the space in question. Take into consideration the area of ​​the floor and what size would be best. A great trick is to use masking tape to get an idea. There are also many suppliers of area rugs online that will allow you to easily visualize the rug in your space by pulling it up on the computer while in the room. This is not something that's easily accomplished in a brick and mortar store.

Remember, the rug should extend about an extra 32 inches past a dining table to accommodate pulling out chairs. When being placed in other spaces they should meet the furnishings in some way. It is a great idea to find a common color in your rug and pull it out using things like vases, throw pillows, wall hangings and other elements. This ties the room together.

Closing Thoughts
Regardless, there are many ways to use a small round rug and a couple options for where to find the perfect rug at a price that does not break your budget. Round rugs are not as common as square or rectangle rugs, but they can be found with a bit of effort and research. Shopping online is smart, and most legitimate companies will allow the buyer to return a rug if it does not work as planned. Be sure to check the return and exchange policies, as well as if there's free or at least affordable shipping. Anyone can get a great deal this way.