The resplendent beauty and imminence durability of granite along some natural stones like marble need no introduction. The whites and grays, brown and blacks of the wonder granite have served as a sculpting medium down the centers, including fortifying walls and floors in an ageless embrace. Mount Rushmore busts perfectly replicate what artists can achieve with stone. Granite rightfully desires great popularity. Put granite slab countertops in kitchens and bathrooms for the ultimate splendor and stability combined.

Nature created granite by combining minerals deep in the earth. A freckled facade of several exquisite shades comes to life upon polishing. The sizzling varieties of blue granite take the breath away and deserve a place of pride in the home and business too! Make surroundings thrilling and lavish with a streak of fancy in the particular shade of blue and the magic design that touches the imagination.

A gracious gift from Brazil, Amadeus Granite resembles the swirling water in blues, whites, and grains along brown specks. Named after the legendary Mozart, the patterns flow like his music. Bring an inspirational touch to the environment with artistic touches that reach the spirit.

Native to Italy, Blue Polar Granite sparkles in zesty dark blues and blacks, like some mystic surface of an unknown planet. A few scattered pearly whites along with gray gleam amidst the blue. Beside countertops, such a slab would perform excelently as a backsplash too. Maybe it would help create an amazing kitchen or bathroom wall.

Faint and medium blues along with grays and white make up the stunningly Brazilian Blue Bahia Granite. Install a slab as a centerpiece on an accent wall or create a countertop in the kitchen, maybe on the island. Backsplashes and walls too would gleam in happiness at such a style statement. It would decorate shower area walls too wonderfully well.

Will granite patterns contain flower symbols? Nature is full of mysteries like the supremely aesthetic Blue Flower Granite from Brazil. Shades of blue, light and medium, mix with grays and whites, and black veins run through. A 3D spiritual aura would complement the interiors of the rooms. Contrast the blues with neutral shades.

A pearly gloss is characteristic of the unique Norwegian Blue Pearl Granite. A shimmering effect is cast by the sparkling blues and grains with bits of black and points of the fawn. The luminosity of pearl strikes the vision. Decor gets a new meaning with this amazing loveliness.