Every homeowner understands one thing, and that is at some point, you'll be dealing with fixing something in your home. Perhaps the one thing many homeowners do not really think about is washing machine repair, and that's simply because it's usually out of sight. Moreover, many of us have stories about how long our parents had their washing machine.

The mythology of washing machines thinking more than one generation is certainly rooted in truth, but there's one thing you need to keep in mind – they do not make them like the used to. The appliances being made today are not of the same materials or design, and for better or worse, this means that their shelf-life is not on par with models of days gone by.

If you happen to be looking at the possibility of repairs in your own home, the one thing you want to be sure of is that you do not lose your shirt. Repair work on home appliances can get really expensive really fast, so you need to keep your wits about you.

Here are five ways you can save money when it comes to repairing your washing machine:

Take Advantage of Your Warranty – Know the ins and outs of your washing machine's warranty. If you happen to have issues during your warranty period, you can save big on any major repairs.

Regular Maintenance & Upkeep – Keep your washing machine clean, and even if you do not have serious knowledge about your washer, keep an eye out for wear & tear. Nipping things in the bud early can help prevent repair bills later.

Do not Misuse Your Washing Machine – Remember in college how do you save quarters by shoving as many clothes into one load of laundry? Remember how well it did not work? Nothing has changed, but what you may not realize is that as you make a habit of massive loads of laundry, parts can be wearing down.

DIY Whenever You Can – You might be surprised to learn that many of the repairs that affect washing machines are based purely on wear and tear. This means that, for the most part, these parts can be replaced, bringing new life to what was a non-functioning application. You know what's even cooler? There is a wealth of DIY information for the rookie repair person. A quick web search, and you can be on your way to making your laundry room whole again.

Keep A Trusted Repair Company Within Reach – Nothing makes repair bills add up than having to repair what you thought was already fixed. Fly-by-night repair companies & inexpensive friend-of-a-friend fixes can lead to larger issues. Finding a local, trusted repair company that has a reputation of solid work can actually save you a lot more money than you think, especially if they can salvage your washing machine instead of you buying something new.

Washing machine repair, although not something we want to think about, it inevitable. Considering the beating this appliance takes over a 'lifetime', it's no wonder that there'd be a time for some TLC. That said, with the right mindset, you can be sure to keep more money in your wallet rather than paying for repairs, but never discount the peace of mind of having a trusted appliance repair company close.