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Make Your Interior Style Shine With Emerging Technology

Once in a while, it is sure that we feel bored looking at the regular living room. This strong feeling always makes us feel to decorate with a new style for small budget. Interior design has become commercial sector wherein, understanding customer needs and translating them is the most important segment. There is a vast change in interior designing in these recent years, which is probably due to emerging technology into our lives. This tech explosion enhanced the confidence of consumer and allows to acquire information and sort requirements according to their needs. With many new advanced technologies, you will certainly look forward to adding some technology to your design. Improving surroundings will definitely make lives better and let you have an aesthetic feel. It can be home or workplace, having a change with the new style is always better and appreciable. Selection of wise interiors creates an impact without disturbing your budget.

There are several latest emerging technologies that make your home shine and let you feel excited about your home. 3D printing, a concept of virtual reality, began recently and already started to show its impact in the interior design sector. Several companies are offering their customers with 3D sketch apps that allows designing their item. This allows a greater transparency between designer and client. By this technology of live streaming, a client is available for input at every stage of a project from any part of the world. What's next, it's like your dream come true.

Gesture Control is a part of recent high-tech innovation that allows you to have a super power. Interior designers hold the power to establish a digital environment without moving physically. Point your finger to any part of your home, it will respond. You can control everything surrounding you just by a simple gesture with your finger. This technology works by creating a transparent space around you, which is completely touch-friendly. Advanced technology is readily available for clients which are not far from reality and allows them to have interactive walls to work and communicate.

There are several emerging business models in which it is not the designers that are stars, it's all about machines and new innovations that steal the client's attention. This shows the level of digital revolution around the world. Designers have to think beyond emerging technologies to enhance the quality of living and culture, adhering to their codes and regulations.

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Interior Design And Interior Design Tips

Most interior designers would advise that you decide on a general theme to use through your home. That does not mean all rooms will be the same, just the theme would be the same through your home. The style one decides on should reflect on the family unit as far as character and style.


The farmhouse theme is a very popular theme due to it appears to be timeless. For most, this would entail a country or cozy feel. For wall colors you could use light yellow, white or pastel colors. The furnishings would be farm-style shapes and worn-looking wooden furniture.

Bohemian or rustic is another popular theme. If you like warm colors this would be your style. Items from the Middle East, Africa and Morocco could have been involved in this design. The colors for this design would be red, orange, purple and sand.

Contemporary or Minimalist is another popular theme. This style diminishes disorder and is a good means of opening up areas. The main color for this theme is white. That would include furnishings so normally you would not find this theme with families with young children.

Whichever you choose remember that all your rooms should possess a strong sense of compatibility.


Mirrors is an outstanding way to expand an area to make it look larger. Utilizing a large mirror that is positioned directly across from a natural source of light such as a window or door. This should make the space not only look larger but less cluttered also. If you are working with a small area a little bit of clutter can easily make the space fill unorganized.

Adding an accent wall will draw in the eye and highlight a feature or piece of furniture. You can accomplish this by painting a focus wall or using wall paper to create a focus wall. Just remember you never want you wall art to be longer than the piece of furniture you are featuring.

Develop the illusion through motion by laying out your space so that your eye keeps moving from point to point.

Your furniture and other pieces should suit the total area of ​​the room. In other words, do not overshadow it or throw it out of symmetry.

Finally, home decor and designing is oftentimes a highly sensitive matter as many people feel that they understand the process but the output says something totally different.

Using items you might already have like candles and figurines could easily be re-arranged to bring dramatic results plus improving lighting. Always be sure you have lighting in places that are normally overlooked by obstacles.

If you are looking at some alternative ideas think about Gothic, Traditional, Mediterranean, Tropical, Asian and of course Contemporary interior designs.

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How to Remove Wallpaper That’s Been Painted Over

It is common to come across a painted wall that has wallpaper beneath its many layers. This is especially common in older homes and commercial properties, partly due to the fact that wallpaper was more of a hassle to remove back then because the market lacked the innovative tools and products that we have now to ease the process. For many people, painting over wallpaper is still the more cost-effective and time-convenient option. But this really just adds to work that will be required later down the line when it comes time to properly renewate.

If you are a new homeowner or house “flipper”, and your property has wallpaper that's been painted over, you are probably wondering how to manage the project efficiently. But the unfortunate truth is, there is no secret method behind removing painted wallpaper; it simply takes a lot more effort and elbow grease than a standard wallpaper removal job. And if there are multiple layers of paint, your best option may be to replace the drywall altogether. Continue reading to learn the best practice for painted wallpaped walls, and be on your way to a fresh start.

Removing Painted Wallpaper

If you do not already know how to remove wallpaper, simply review the steps before getting started. What you will see is that it is a very similar process to removing painted wallpaper. You will first need to gather all the necessary items, including:

  • 3-in-1 Scraper Tool or Broad Knife
  • Serrated Paper Scoring Tool (Or stiff wire brush)
  • Quality Wallpaper Stripper Solution (Or liquid fabric softener mixed with water and vinegar)
  • Wallpaper Removal Cloth
  • Ladder or Step Stool
  • Large Plastic Bucket
  • 2 Gallons Warm Water
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Drop Cloths or Tarps

Keep in mind that you may require new drywall installation if you find that there are multiple layers of paint on top of the wallpaper. If there are only a few layers of paint, you may be successful at removing it without having to replace the drywall. Once you have all the necessary supplies, you are ready to get your hands wet! Here's how to get started:

  1. Using medium pressure, score the outer layer on the wall with the paper scoring tool. Too much pressure can damage the wall so take your time on this part. You may also use a thick-bristled wire brush, or both. Choose the tool that you are more comfortable using and that produces the most results.

  1. Once you have scored the paint, spray on your wallpaper stripper solution, focusing on small sections at a time. Then allow the solution to soak into the wall for a few minutes. Spraying too much solution on at once can damage the wall, so do not be too generous with the spray bottle. If you do not wish to use a commercial wallpaper stripper solutions, you can mix water, vinegar, and liquid fabric softener into a plastic spray bottle instead.

  1. After the solution has soaked into the wall for a few minutes, grab your 3-in-1 scraper tool (available at any local hardware or home improvement store for a lower price), and start with the sharpest edge. Get underneath the painted wallpaper and work slowly to scrape it away. Scraping in alternate directions will help expedite the effects.

  1. Expect this process to take several hours, or even days depending on the drywall or plaster used, the type of wallpaper adhesive, the square footage of the wall, the amount of paint on top of the wallpaper, and much more. After an abundant amount of dedication, patience, and effort, you will eventually get it all!

Please remember that all wallpaper removal jobs will be different. There are countless factors that influence the process of removing wallpaper, especially painted-over wallpaper. Sometimes it is best to leave a tedious and complicated project to a licensed professional.

A drywall and painting contractor has the tools, resources, and training necessary to remove wallpaper in the most efficient and professional manner. And they can also provide drywall installation and repair services for walls that have been damaged by too many layers of paint or wallpaper. If you want outstanding results at a great price, trust your local general contractor for wallpaper and paint removal services.

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How to Place Intriguing Coffee Tables in Your Home

There are many different shaped coffee tables that work perfectly for most living rooms. It's difficult to decide on what works with the general style of your living room. You need to find furniture that add to the atmosphere while being functional.

Oval tables have a sense of elegance that can only be achieved by the cornerless shape. The round edged table is simple enough to have a decorative stand. Many stands made for the oval glass surface have a curved shape as well. The reason for this is because regular legs will make the table look a lot like a child's project made with cardboard. Inventors strive to make a unique looking piece of furniture without using a generic shape.

There are many types of rectangular or square shaped coffee tables that will go well with modern day living rooms. They are perfectly suitable for traditional sitting rooms.

Drawer coffee tables are modern additions to the living room. It also works well if you have many items lying around such as magazines and blankets. Your remote controls can also be placed in the drawers.

Tiered coffee tables are perfect if you have souvenirs or decorative displays. These kinds of decorations could include crystal chess sets and wedding or travel souvenirs that you received. It's great way to showcase your memories.

Rectangular glass coffee tables are beautiful and elegant for the modern home. Glass gives any home a sense of clarity and space. Make sure that there is a wooden or plastic support directly under the corners if you have children. Another way to prevent accidents is to have the edges of this table cut at an angle creating a triangular shape. This strengthens the glass by a great amount.

Standard shaped tables work for any living room. These are often in a rectangular or square shape with thick legs to hold the wooden structure. Modern living rooms will usually have dark wood or black versions of this popular furniture while the classic and country living room look great with a lighter color option. When it comes to choosing decorating styles, the color may be the most important element.

When searching for a coffee table to match your living room do not only look at the style but rather how well it can serve the purpose of a coffee table surface. Elegance and practicality are the two important aspects when matching a coffee table with your decor and lounge suite.

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Find Romance in Pretty Pink Granites on Walls and Floors, Countertops and Backsplashes

Should the choice of decor be based on stylish considerations or issues of practicality? If life is considered to be rosy, decoration would cover all the senses like a sweet love story! Thus arises a combination of style with practical concerns. Why not go in for French designs along with lush fabrics and pretty florals? Use dramatic colors in the decor to blend red earth shades with gentle neutrals and a touch of the rose. The soft colors of granite envelop the room in your senses with one of the exquisite rose granite shades.

Bordeaux Granite

A mixture of rosy depths with earthy hints, the granite reminds of sandstone cliffs, far, far away in Petra, Jordan. This granite elegance finds balance with the complexities of veins in white, black and gray. The appearance speaks of high movement and intense mystery. Get them in multiple dimensions like slabs and tiles and different finishes. Countertops and backsplashes, walls and floors, they fit in fabulously everywhere. Match it with wood or colors of tan, white and gray. Put it next to light rose shades too.

Crema Bordeaux Granite

This variety fills the vision with dark beige and gray along with red earthy shades. It appears like the rich soil high up on an ancient mountain pass! Perfectly suited for residences and businesses, this granite style is gentle and sweet, rich and warm, truly romantic indeed. Available as slabs or tiles, customize it according to need. Install on floors, walls, landscapes, and countertops, elegant everywhere.

Raja Pink Granite

Imagine the sands on the shore drifting in the winds! Raja brings romance into the home. Here is a mix of middle pinks with gentle whites and grains that combine well with a pretty design. It suits the interiors and external applications equally well. Even freezing temperatures mean nothing to its durability. Put them wherever like on walls and floors, countertops and landscaping.

Paradiso Granite

The rose and deep gray tones remind of cheery cherry blossoms splashed on the stone castle walls. Start loving the home all over again with the durability of this granite in tiles or slabs. A smart tile that suits commercial and residential applications, install it anywhere needed. Put it on countertops and backsplashes, interior flooring and outdoor landscapes, just about anywhere.

Get romantic with the pinks of granite, guaranteed to charm the senses into the world of fairy tales. Diehard romantics would find plenty of design and color ideas to spark the imagination.

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Keep Your Home Warm and Welcoming With These Essential Tips

Some modern interior design tips for your home:

• Kitchen cabinets in two tones- Always make sure that you keep the upper cabinet far more clear and neutral so that it gives a timeless feel. You many go crazy with the designing related to the lower cabinets by experimenting with various wooden planks, dark colors and different direction meant for styling. Modern Interior design has witnessed a turning point in the designing industry.

• Use of outdoor fabric for indoor designing- These days the outdoor fabrics are becoming far more attractive and are on demand. One they are fitted well into your house you will find it very difficult to figure out the difference between the two. They are quite durable and give a beautiful look to your house. Those looks good if fitted in your kitchen or the dining area. It helps to give the perfect ambiance. Best interior designers will give you more and more different services.

• Colored appliances made up of stainless steel- These days the black stainless steel is creating the buzz these days. As per the research, almost one-third of people all over the world are using it to design their house. It is in a way the new trend setter. It completely gives a new look to your house and it looks far warmer and welcoming as compared to the earlier form of interior designing.

• Large format tiles- Two to three years from now the large tiles are too much into a trend. It is used both for kitchen and washrooms. It makes the entire room look bigger and spacious. The approximate size of the tile would be 3 by 6 feet. With the evolution of interior design services has been getting better and better.

• Deep and wide kitchen drawers- These kinds of kitchen drawers are quite spacious and help you to manage your kitchen very systematically. It will not let your kitchen look cluttered. It will completely look mess free and well arranged. These are so spacious that you could keep your utensils also over there. Even more, you can store small bottles and packets of spices inside that drawer. Modern interior design is coming up with such new and advanced ideas.

The above mentioned are some of the modern interior design tips which make your home warm, beautiful and welcoming. This will turn out to be far more beneficial for you if you are looking forward to completely renovate your home.

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Beat the Summer Heat in Style With Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Summer is a season that is enjoyed by many people. The warm and bright days of luscious greenery, full bloom flowers, and lively animals make it the time of the year you can enjoy even without stepping out of your house. When staying back to enjoy a masked sunshine from indoors, a ceiling fan adds to the comfort and brings you cool and fresh air that gives you instant relaxation. Whether in the living room or in your porch, these fans get the air moving and keep your home well ventilated without being stuffy and hot. The Casablanca Fan Company offers a diverse and beautiful range of ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor spaces. These products are sure to keep your home cool and add liveliness on even the hottest of summer days.

Varied product styles

The uniqueness of every home comes from its interior design and decoration scheme. As the owner or a dweller, you have a vision for the style of your home. The array of products offered by Casablanca is so varied that there is at least one fan, if not more, which matches your needs. Traditional, transitional, and contemporary styled ceiling fans from this brand are capable of giving you any look that you want – timeless traditional, sleek transitional, industrial chic, and so on.

Beauty and efficiency

The Casablanca range of ceiling fans give you unmatched product quality and beauty. They boast of premium materials on the plates, housings, blades, and blade irons. The motors are designed and built in-house to deliver exceptional airflow, silently. The fans also score high on energy efficiency and give you the maximum airflow at any speed. The patented hanger ball system, combined with the easy to understand owner manuals make installation a breeze for anyone.

Custom fans

One striking feature that sets Casablanca apart is that they bring your ideas to life. The brand lets you customize your ceiling fans from scratch in four easy steps – selection of indoor / outdoor location, motor style, fan blades, and light fixtures (or none). This way you are able to create an exact Casablanca product that fits your vision and works well in the space of your choice.


The lineup of products at Casablanca Fan Company includes not just amazing ceiling fans, but also stunning accessories that go with these ventilation fixtures. They include blades, light kits, glass and shades, fitters, fan controls, extension down rods, ceiling adapters and many more.

An investment for all times

While the most obvious reason for you to choose a Casablanca fan would be to beat the summer heat, there are many more benefits of owning such a product. This investment keeps you home well ventilated all through – in full throttle on hot days, and in low periods during cold ones. The reversible motor also lets you use the fan to dissipate warm air during winters so that you can stay warm indoors.

As seasons change from one to another, the ceiling fans from the Casablanca Fan company stay to keep your home cool and fresh, while adding elegance and style.

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Fun and Functional – Area Floor Rugs

This type of rug is one of my favorites, they're all throw backs that are coming back in style. We're talking about shag rugs, flokati and sheepskin rugs. These plush and thick rugs bring depth to a room by providing a three-dimensional aspect. The plushness also makes these rugs heavenly to walk on- making them ideal to place in a common seating area. Just imagine running your toes through the soft, thick fabric of a sheepskin rug while you relax on the couch.

If you are like me; your house is painted in neutral colors, your home furnishings are timeless, and your wall accents are very classic pieces. A home that has a neutral theme, like mine, describes an eccentric accent piece. A patterned rug. Buying a pattern rug can be daunting, there are so many options. There is a rug in almost every pattern you can think of and in different different colors. Placing a patterned rug in any room is a great way to bring an accent piece to your home without taking away from your other carefully chosen home decor pieces. I would suggest that busy pattern rugs be placed in a larger room, so that the patterned rug does not become an eye-sore of sorts.

On the opposite spectrum of patterned rugs we have the natural material rug. These includes but is not limited to, jute, sisal and bamboo rugs. Natural material rugs provide the same functionality as all other area floor rugs, while keeping a classic and casual feel. A perk to decorating with a natural material rug is that they are extremely durable, they keep out more dirt, and they are timeless. The natural material rug is a safe purchase, due to their neutral design they have not gone out of style since they become stylish.

Why stop your decorating in the living room? Bring a decorative flair to every aspect of your home with an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs are the perfect finishing touch to any patio. Not only are they stylish they are functional as well; they allow for minimal dirt to be tracked back into your home, they are a great way to rid of that slippery surface when you get out of a pool or jacuzzi, and they allow you to kick off your shoes outside without making your feet dirty. Outdoor rugs have come a long way from the classic fake-grass look, they now come in near every design you can imagine. Outdoor rugs are a great way to keep a cohesive design throughout your home, you can purchase an outdoor rug that mimics the style or matches the style to the area floor rugs you have indoors.

With so many amazing styles, materials, and sizes you are bound to find an area floor rug that will compliment your home decor.

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Decorating Your Kid’s Room

So, you are thinking of decorating your kid's room. Let us help with you that as the room your child will spend his most of hours in is something that will obviously have an impact on his mind mind so we do not want you to miss any single important thing to add into it. Of course, if the room itself is so good looking, he will not try to find out anything else equal to fancy out the doors for a longer period. OK, let's make a list of everything your little kiddo's room will look like.

1. Color splash

The “blue for boys” and “pink for girls” is a lot to hear these days and it sounds like a little old fashioned now. OK yeah, I know these two are the perfect colors but but come on! We need some ALTERATIONS! Very good ones! So all you need to do is make a combination of some light and bright colors for the room so that it does not look common with just one or two but several colors in one place. Combinations like light green-indigo blue, orange-green-white, yellow ochre-sky blue-gray and yes! Dark blue and silver for the entire dreamy-creamy theme!

If not just colors, you can try graffiti art or you can also paint the walls with your kid's imaginative dreamland that he / she has been mentioning in front of you all the time .. !!


Ever seen children running and jumping here and there when they're all in their moods? Well, bouncy beds are just an add on. It will help when they will come from school and just fall on it- it will not hurt.

3. The upper wall

When I was small, it was a dream to have an upper wall full of stars and moon, it is kind of dreamy. So paint it like a sky, color combination-white-indigo blue-silver and a little of yellow for the half moon in its best shape. Whenever your kids will lie in bed at the time of sleeping, they will look up and find a starry sky just like it feels when you lie under a real sky. Trust me, it is beautiful.

4. Wind chimes

It is said that wind chimes sound creates and spread peace all over the surroundings where it is hung. So, Sweet tinkling sounds in your child's room is the best idea ever! Make sure you hang a wind chime on the entrance of his room. It will certainly beautify the room even more and melodious peaceful sounds every time breeze will hit the chime.

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Old World Luxurious Decor

Explore and innovate designs and ideas that will give your living room a high-end makeover, making the room luxurious and classic. One way is replacing your sofa and coffee table with more stylish pieces? Or using eclectic furnishings and unique artifacts that create drama and add a different dimension to your interiors.

A couple of surefire interior design tricks is going big and using luxe finishes creating high style without overwhelming the room. Wall Mirrors are the arch-typical accessory to add light, creating an illusion of vastness and a bright luxe feeling. Hanging a large jharokha mirror above a sofa, credenza or a fireplace gives the room a nice pizzazz. Old Indian terrace window frames are used to create arched mirrors and exclusive wall decor. The rustic worn patinas of Indian Doors or dark wood latticed mirror frames in a neutral living room creates an elegant back to the white sofas.

When it comes to work in the living room, the original hand carved wall sculptures give a luxe feel to the room. Large wall carvings and sculptures creates a gallery look, which appears classic and royal. Wall Carvings of Buddha, Krishna with a touch of metallic gold paint turns an ordinary credenza into a showpiece.

Lush curtains and window treatments hung as high as possible on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling creates volume and gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, a statement that many luxury living rooms carry. Doubling up on panels, thicker bunched panels make most curtain materials look more lush and also conceals any inferior quality of your draperies. A mostly solid color that has some velvety texture makes even less costly curtains look fancy. Play with sheers and solids to create drama and a flowing feel.

Luxurious Pillows and Throws in embroidered with metallic beads, vintage patchwork tapestry pillows, the textured surfaces help create a layered and highly styled look. Embellished throws, silk and pashmina blankets add the right amount of color and texture. Add textiles in hues taking color from your favorite sofa or make a statement with your glamorous pillows with a vibrant shade of color.

Over sized minimalist accessories like a beautiful, one of a kind large decorative wood sculpture creates an artful silhouette and creates a focal point. Old Apsara stone sculptures, Bronze and brass statues of Ganesha and Shiva, placed on the old door coffee table complements the minimalist decor. An old rustic book shelf made from Haveli doors filled with these unusual art pieces creates a focal point in the opposite minimalist room. Luxurious decor with a touch old world charm and history turns your living room into a vibrant dynamic space.

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Built in Bedroom Wardrobes – An Insight

As we tend to keep most of our personal stuff in bedroom wardrobes, a bedroom without beautiful wardrobe is useless and lifeless. These wardrobes are must for everyone, but very few given detailed attention to that segment. Choosing a wardrobe that goes well with your interiors and suits your room space is must as wardrobes add value to your room's look. For spacious rooms, it may not be a problem to choose wardrobes of any size, but for rooms with small size and less space choosing a wardrobe that does not occupy much space and serves all your requirements is very essential.

Considering the hassles of many people who are quite disappointed with inbuilt wardrobes, our marketers came up with ready-made wardrobes that occupy less space and can be customized as per your room requirements. Let's have a look at various wardrobes available right right now on the market. These wardrobes come in customized designs, colors and can be altered as per your requirements. You can customize these readymade bedroom wardrobes in terms of their color, built, design and can go to an amount in which you can even customize the entire style of the wardrobe as per your requirement.

There are numerous wardrobe manufacturing companies in these days who are offering all these options at the click of a button. Typically, these traders contain few default models which are accepted by a major section of the market and these basic models will be adjusted as per your specifications. You can ask them for changes in measurements, color, design, style and anything that you would like to add you can add to the regular model. The bedroom wardrobes, if they are inbuilt generally occupied a lot of room's space. Modern built in ones are specialized in providing a solution to your space issues. These maximize your storage space while keeping your room constraints at priority.

The inbuilt ones come up in default sizes as extension or curtailment wherever it is possible. The built in bedroom wardrobes give an aesthetic and lively look to your room while not occupying a major of its space. The majority may not go for readymade wardrobes as they think they are quite expensive. But, that is a myth spread in nearly all the markets. You can customize or design your own bedroom wardrobe within your budget. The only thing you must keep in mind while asking for a customization is if your requirements and the budget are matching or not. Rest all issues will generally be addressed by the manufacturers.

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Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Bedroom design ideas can be inspiration to make you redo your bedroom beautifully. There is a point where one gets tired to have the same view of the house from years, and that is when you should start seeing an interior designer who will help you design your home into something with is makeable beauty.

When it comes to master bedroom only the bed, linen and walls are not enough, you will have to focus a bit on the storage place that is a perfectly build in wardrobe for all your essentials. Wardrobes design depend entirely on your room space and when it's the master bedroom we talk about it might be spacious enough to have a straight wardrobe that could cover up your one wall to give a perfect assemblies wardrobe for all your storage needs.

There are a lot of pre designed bedroom which you can have a look when you swap over the internet for ideas. This is one of the basic step when one starts thinking to remodeling your house, room or even kitchen. After you get inspired enough to remodel what you have you have two options either use the old thing and design it with little twist by yourself or hire an expert who could do every little thing for you while you stay back and relax. First option is okay! But the former is totally different to remodel your room into something you'll always admire.

Besides hiring the interior designer the one thing left is to choose what design suits you the best from the collection of design you think are pretty enough. Flow the river of your thoughts and need that you want in your bedroom to your designer so that he can work upon it to give you the best services. Bedroom is a precious place of the house and you need proper focus to make it further more precious.

Also the rug and the dÊcor item speaks a lot about the bedroom atmosphere. If you are an art lover add on beautiful paintings or you can even add mirror to reflect the lighting and give an illusion of a large area. A rug too is an important thing to discuss as nothing is more destroying than keeping feet onto a cold floor every morning.

Coming to the storage and lighting. You can all on lamps to the either side of the bed for a midnight dim effect or adopt the fall ceiling and lighting. Beyond this wardrobe design should pretty much go with the bedroom design to give a classy and modern touch.

Hire a designer to give you an ease in every little detail for designing you master bedroom and the storage space.

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How to Decorate Bedroom Walls

Gone were those days when people lived in homes with just white painted walls, regular bulbs, and marriage and family photos in standardized photo frames.

The trend today is to have 'live walls' that can talk for themselves. Each one having its own identity and narrating its own story! Folks like to decorate their bedroom walls with theme styling that totally blends with their personality, life style and fits the bill too!

Each one to its own, like they say! Today the market is flooded with ideas to decorate your bedroom walls. Even if you are not good at interiors, the internet can be your best pal to do mix and match and you can add your touch of creativity and personalize the bedroom walls.

All you should have is a broad understanding of colors and image of how your bedroom would look like. Dark colored walls would make the room look smaller and light colors would add more space to your room.

Bedroom wall decoration must be seen at two levels. Decoration can be done at the Macro and the Micro level.


Wallpapers, to decorate the wall fit perfectly into the Marco section. A big pattern, solid colored wallpaper could totally go with a personality that is bold and gutsy.

However, a small pattern, with subtle pastel work would add more flavor to your house decor if you are the friendly neighborhood kinds.

If you are planning to decorate a guest room, floral wallpaper on the walls can do magic to your ambiance and make your guests feel warm, inviting and special.


When it comes to decorating the bedroom at a Micro level, it is always a good idea to match the color of the wall with your age and the phase of life you are in.

• A DIY photo collage with strings of light could have been a fantastic idea for a college goer or a bachelor. While an antique, rustic wall decor could talk volumes on your classy settled rich lifestyle.

• If you have a bent for modern styling and decoration, you can choose the bohemian geometric pattern to decorate your bedroom walls.

• Folks who have a bent for creativity can for sure add a touch of handmade work to their wall decor.

• Quilted art, wooden mosaic wall art, wall mounted painting, vintage letters, handmade personalized signature paintings, Instagram photo's, concept art work, glass painting, Painted glass vase, Honey comb wall art, graffiti, glow paintings, texture painting, gold polka dots, Plate art can bring some more life to your bedroom walls.

• To make the bedroom more blissful, one could have the perfect mix of bright and dim lights to on the wall to match the 'mood transition'. Soft feather hangings in pastel colors can distress and help in mental relaxation.

• Kawaii painting could have another form of cute art that you could add to your list!

When working with bedroom decoration, it is always advised to use gold and silver glitter to add a touch of royalty and make the room look cozier.

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How to Decorate Bedroom Ceilings

The ceiling, which is often known as the fifth wall in a room needs equal attention as the others. So, whenever you are selecting a color for your walls do not forget the fifth one at the top which you gaze all night during happy and not so happy moments of your life.

There are multiple ways in which you can decorate your bedroom ceilings.

I) Color of the Ceiling : it is always a good idea to tease the eyes with a contrast between the four walls and the fifth one at the top.

· A light colored ceiling is a usual preferred taste among people, only the ones who like to experiment with their décor and arrangements usually like to color the top ceiling with bold and bright colors.

II) Size of the Room : The size, placement and the cut of the room plays and imperative role in defining how much decor should go on the top.

· A clean cut rectangular room can be easily divided into 2 separate sections with multi layered false ceiling that are dim lit at the sides and heavy lit at the center with a big royal chandelier.

· An attic bedroom ceiling can be layered with wooden or marble cut blocks to make it look big and have a free air flow.

III) Symmetry : The Ceiling décor and the floor decor symmetry should always go hand in hand, with the Bed centrally located in the middle of the room and roof divided into similar yet separate cut pieces of decoration.

IV) If the ceiling is done with gypsum , it offers even better light flow to the entire room.

V) A rounded false modern ceiling can totally match a rounded oval bed both placed in opposite directions to add contrast to the bedroom.

VI) Plaster of Paris ceiling are loved worldwide and accepted by all. Some of the ways to use POP for decorating are shared below.

· Decorate your ceiling with low hanging popped-out false roofs with POP geometric designs. You can use hanging lights in a corner with heavy decorated fans in the middle

· POP Honey comb design patterns on the top with small dim lights would add more space to your bedroom

· Big round and bright colored glass paintings at the ceiling with lights at the background can add a very graceful look to your bedroom ceiling

· A day or a night view of the universe. Or a galaxy themed wallpaper or paint can make the entire room look larger than life.

· Dark themed ceiling with receding / hanging lights on the sides of the pillow tops can add a lot of symmetry giving your bedroom a very graceful look. One can also try a rectangular or a square based low hanging fan in the middle of the room.

· A concave cut ceiling is the best copy of the palace look; with lights holders exactly to match your bedroom curtains and bedside lamps.

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How to Create a Modern Theme for Your Bachelorette Lounge

It's completely understandable if you want to move with the era of modernity. The question is how do you create a theme for the lounge that matches your personality without overdoing it? Here is how to make the room modern yet feminine.

When people think of femininity they think of flowers and soft colors. That is not always the case when it comes to a home. Yes, flowers are lovely for living rooms but add contradictory colors to create an artistic or abstract modern look.

Women are known to be warm and nurturing. This is the concept you should think about when designing your beautiful modern lounge.

Cushions, carpets, drapes, tassels and curtains are the best items to display in your lounge. Ensure they have color commonality across the decor otherwise it could look like a grandmother's house. They do not have to be pink or purple to be feminine. White, beige, lighter colors and possibly red allow you to achieve a modern feminine look. Try to limit how many contrasting colors you use to avoid the room looking like a cupcake shop.

Adding a fleece throw over a couch can give you the homely feel in a modern lounge. The idea is to drape it neatly over the arm or back of the couch. The fleece throw adds color to the room and acts as a blanket during those cold months of the year.

Every house should have curtains that split the living room in the home from the outside world. It is also a great decor opportunity because it can be customized to suit the theme. It's a good idea to match the color of the curtains with another element inside the room such as the carpet. If you have a pink and beige carpet, the curtain should emanate these colors. Do not use the same color as the walls because this could make the room look flat and empty.

Patterned cushions are a beautiful asset to place on your lounge suite . The pattern could be a vintage design printed in black and white. You can never go wrong with these two tones. Choose a lounge suite that has clean lines with solid rectangular shapes.

Wallpaper is an easy way to add color to your walls with little effort. Wallpaper can be used on one wall as a focal point. The pattern could be a vintage style or an abstract design to create a decorative focal wall.

Add large green plants such a bamboo. This will break the color scheme and bring in natural elements which are trendy at the moment.

Your home is where you should be able to experiment freely with different kinds of decorative elements. You should have fun with it and always keep the modern theme and color scheme in mind when searching for the right decor.

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