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Three Ways To Dramatically Reduce Costs When Moving Home

Recently, I've been helping a friend of mine decorate her new apartment. There have been some long nights but it has been super-fun, to say the least! However, the whole moving process can be expensive, meaning that personalizing the space to put your own touch on it can be a challenge.

So, to keep costs low, we decided to recycle her furniture and venture into charity shops to find some goodies to decorate her place with.

Here are some basic, yet cheerful ways you can breathe life into your bedroom belongings to make them look like new!

Re-purpose What you have

Paint costs a fraction of what new furniture does, and a lick of paint can be just what your furniture needs! It could have been one block color, multi-colored or shabby chic distracted style. Check out this awesome distress with chalk paint tutorial if you are in need of some inspiration!

What is great about recycling furniture, is that you can design it to suit your tastes. One problem you may encounter, is that different materials require a different approach. For example, some Ikea furniture, has material with added sheen, so when trying to paint these types of furniture, you will need to sand the area first. This will make the process longer, but the end product will definitely be worth it.

Beds, being a bulky piece of furniture, can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb in a room. Change it up a little, for example, if the bed frame is wooden, simply paint it, or if it's a metal frame, spray painting it may be your best bet. An alternative to painting your bed frame is to decorate it with fairy lights or pretty paper flowers by wrapping them around the frame and tucking them behind the mattress .

Mix Up Your Handles

Changing up handles are a great way to add a little finishing touch. Usually, if you do not buy all your pieces of furniture in a set or from the same place, the smaller accents like handles and feet will be vary.

There is a huge range online, all at different price points but quite a bit cheaper than buying a new set of furniture. So, whatever your budget, you will be able to spruce up your bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and wardrobes!

Do not be afraid to mix and match your furniture handles. A variety of different styles will give a quirky vintage feel to your rooms and be a cute way to bring in a mixture of metals , colors and materials.

Embellish With Accents

Now it is time to get creative and add you personal flair with accessories. I love exploring charity shops on the look out for cute and affordable treasures. You can find so many one-of-a-kind wonders, like lampshades or picture frames to decorate your room that you could not find anywhere else.

You can also get creative and upcycle them without feeling guilty about spending lots of money on the items! Discover lovely little trinkets and accents to personalize your space. There have been some pretty amazing finds in years gone by, so always be on the lookout for hidden gems in your local charity shop. Amazon and eBay also have a huge range of affordable items to embellish your space on a budget.

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Diverse Tiles Like Quartz Decorate Every Aspect of the Home

Now that we are far gone into 2017, sometimes it is time to catch up with the latest trends. While lots of things are happening globally like creating mini resorts in the garden and backyard, let us first peep inside the home. The living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms all require an update throughout along with the staircase and balcony, before stepping outdoors.

Among a great selection of tiles, special mention must be made of quartz and natural stone like marble and granite. Mosaics of blended glass, stone and metal present memorable surfaces that remain long in the consciousness. For sheer exuberance, nothing can really beat those translucent glass tiles that remind of the great outdoors. Imitation porcelains that mimic the surfaces of wood and metal together fabric and cement so realistically together being durable and maintenance free are superb too.

Technology has achieved so much indeed, far more than we can imagine. It is important to build an aesthetic environment around the home, pleasant places for peace and rest after all the hard work of the day. Let each home in the neighborhood become an oasis in the desert that is contemporary life with all its burning problems. Yet function should come first and the most durable and easy to maintain elements should be preferred.

The bewitching power of quartz

An entrance foyer or passage leading to the living room serves to be embellished well. Consider quartz floor tiles with its colors and the sheen. Quartz is durable enough to withstand all that hammering underfoot. That fabulous shine will play out in black and white quartz tiles.

Artworks create a sizzling surrounding

Mystical art describes a place around the residence. Paintings and wall murals, sculpture and wallpaper, according to family preferred themes like nature and religion, do have an impact. A boost to the imagination, bring in art in a variety. Mosaic tiles also have a similar effect in uplifting spirits with splashes of vibrant color and clever design.

Color and light in plenty

A play of color and light will transform living spaces and brighten up spaces and moods. If the kitchen is getting tiring, install colorful backsplash tiles for a cheerful effect. A red accent wall in the living room would create a similar impact. Make sure that ample natural light floods the living spaces. The secret is to avoid dark tones and amplify light tuned walls and floors that would scatter light around merrily all day long. Particularly in smaller living spaces, white tiles would have a similar positive impact.
The office, bedroom, and kitchen under the quartz influence

Almost every home these days incorporates an office corner. Offices need to combine function and aesthetics. A good plan ensures that work gets done well, even if it is for an hour each day at bedtime. Smart polished quartz tiles leave a lasting impression for long years.

What color schemes would you introduce in the bedroom? Relaxed spaces require gentle color tones, and good sleep is the impact. Cream and white quartz tiles would have that numbing effect, leading to restful sleep.

The kitchen being the busiest area does deserve interior decoration ideas. Several colors of quartz tiles bring a rich decorative ambiance like glossy red! Quartz tiles will last very long and are easy to clean too.

Marble and copper combinations in 2017

While marble is universally loved, copper is getting popular in 2017 along with marble. Why not combine these two elements into the shower area? Since marble and copper go so well together, a stylish shower is at hand by combining them. It is a matter of choice wherever the entire bathroom surfaces would have covered in marble and copper or the shower area alone. Copper colored fittings would add a glint of a shine to the marble outfitted scene.

The Indian immortal metal culture

Quartz does appear metallic and the Indian palaces down the ages have been studed with gold, silver and copper decorations. Now that the world is trying to regain past glories, modern interiors would come to glamorous life with such objects or tiles of similar color. Place a large object of one such metal at a prominent location in the living room. Silver objects or tiles and surfaces painted silver surrounded by a few mirrors would create a flashy surrounding. Sofas and carpets spread the sheen further.

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Interior Design Ideas for the Home and Office

When you bought a house or leased an office space, the next thing you will think of is designing the space to something you love or suit your style and purpose. It will be a problem if you just do it on your own unless you are a professional interior designer. Obviously, if you need one, there are experts in interior design who can help you achieve the design you want for your haven or office. However, if you are on a limited budget, then you will need these interior design ideas that will help you to jumpstart the job and have a guide to follow.

You can have a fabulous home or office with some inexpensive interior design ideas below:

Home Interior Design

Make it Cozy. Everyone wants to come to a relaxing home after a long day outside. To do this, bring lots of minor colors and soft lines to help bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any space.

Go Trendy. A trendy style can bring life into your home. Brickwork and beams are good materials to add a trendy look. This style will also bring a sense of maturity as well as a mixture of vintage and modern look that never goes out of style.

Would you like it bohemian? Bohemian are for explorers who prefer to be unique. If you are like this, bright colors and vibrant patterns should be your priorities. For a more boring or messy yet beautiful look, try adding eastern flavor to the theme.

Bring in the natural light. You can incorporate windows and glass doors to give the light a chance to enter your home. It's actually up to you as long you find a way to get light into the right areas of the house. Also, choose the right blinds as this will also compliment the light.

Add nature in your home. They say there are psychological benefits of adding outdoor or nature vibe in your home. Some pots and plants will make it relaxing to stay indoors.

Include arts within your home. Any artwork can add depth to the look of the interior. The art pieces you choose to display can have direct feel of the space. It's good to get some outdoor-inspired artwork or family portraits in the great outdoors to bring natural look to your home.

Office Interior Design

Typically, businesses hire interior designers to work on the design of the office space. But some small business prefer to do it on their own since they usually have a smaller space. Business owners should keep in mind that offices are not just about workstation but area for collaboration. There's always an affordable commercial office interior design service that can assist them but if they prefer to it themselves, here are some tips:

To avoid eating spaces for electrical outlets on walls and on floors, you can try the latest modular power grid that is suspended from a ceiling and offers drop-down lighting and outlets.

Furniture choices should be carefully assessed. In a small office, it's not about quantity but quality yet stylish pieces which can help elevate a look.

Instead of creating workstations for computer and its components, you can opt for laptops instead so you would just need a durable table to serve as workstations for the rest of the team.

Interior design is a hard task and the experts here studied for years to provide services. You can always find the best interior design company that suit your purpose and budget. But if you want to style your own space and experience the work itself, then the interior design ideas mention above can be your guide.

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Tips to Choose the Best Upholstery Fabric

As far as purchasing upholstered furniture goes, you may want to pick the right color. As a matter of fact, this is one of the largest factors that should be considered when opting for the best fabric. Given below are some other important factors to consider.

Fabric Durability
You should consider the durability of the fabric as well. This decision should be based on the type of room and the type of furniture. Aside from this, you also need to consider the personal aspects of your family. For instance, you should consider the durability factor, especially if you have kids and pets in your home.

Woven patterns are stronger than printed patterns. So, tight weaves and higher number of threads matter. What is the thread count? Actually, thread count means the number of threads on each square inch of a certain type of fabric. In other words, denser fabric stands the test of time.

Fabric Style
You should opt for a fabric that matches both the interior décor and the piece of furniture in your house. The type of fabric you choose should match the character and style of the furniture it is going to cover. For instance, a traditional fabric is an ideal choice for a traditional frame.

It's also important to note that some fabrics look informal, while others appear formal. You should go for a fabric that suits your own style and the room décor. You should also take into account the scale of pattern. Actually, it should be right sized for the piece of furniture that it is going to cover. In a big room, a big bold pattern may be a better choice.

Fabric Color
The fabric color is the first thing that you may take into account when buying furniture. As a matter of fact, it makes a great impact on the décor of your room, especially if there is a big sofa in your room.

Special Considerations
Before making a choice, you should also consider other factors. These factors are related to the environment where you are going to place your couch. Are there pets that sit on the furniture? Do you have kids? Are you allergic to dust?

Pets: you may not want to use concern fabric like silk if you have kids and pets in your home. For this purpose, we suggest that you go for some pet-friendly upholstery.

Allergies: you should also consider buying fabric like microfiber if you are allergic to a certain type of fabric. Microfiber is lint-free and will not get a lot of dust on it.

Mildew resistance: you should consider buying fabric that resists mildew, especially if you stay in a climate that is humid.

Fade resistance: if you are going to place the upholstery in a room with a lot of sunlight, you should look for something that is fade resistant.

So, these are few things to keep in mind when buying upholstery fabric. Make sure you follow these tips when investing in new fabric.

Have you been looking for good gay shirts lately? If so, we suggest that you take a look at a great collection of shirts on Queer Shirts.

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Quirky Things That Can Decorate Your Bathroom Quickly

Bathrooms occupy a significant part in the human lifestyle. Many people start their day by refreshing themselves in the bathroom. No one feels happy when their surroundings are tidy and boring. If you got fed up with the common things you are associated with, then take the initiative to transform instead of procrastinating.

From my observations, I find the following things can shape the bathroom in a way beyond one's imagination.

Art Work or Scenery

What you have read is right. You might be thinking that this idea proves to be wrong. But it is not. In fact attaching a scenery or painting near the sink mirror can actually enrich the space. Personalize the space by filling it with your favorite scenery or some motivational painting. Fight the space constraints with small and bright picture frames. But make sure that the painting or scenery is covered with a glass frame to avoid damages from water splashes.


Candles are a common sightseeing around bathtubs. But to make your bathroom a different one, place aromatic candles near the vanity area. They not only fills aroma but also maintain the cleanliness. The shape of the candle holder expresses the elegance of the décor.

Storage Boxes

Leaving the bathroom in a tidy way can cost you a bad health. So, it is better to organize all things in a way that do not hamper your daily routine. Indexing the storage box with Shiny colors can make a huge difference in the behavior patterns of the users. Put a sticker on the storage box denoting what it contains and note the change. Cotton swabs and towels look great in glass containers. To deal with a pile of dirty clothes, use a laundry box wrapped with a colorful cover.

Wall Décor

Many homes feature plain bathrooms. Simple things can add interesting aspects to your bathroom. Hang a colorful towel on the wall that elevates the décor. Cartoon themed towels grab the attention.


If you love greenery, then place a small sapling in the bathroom. Avoid choosing a plant which is given to pests and insects. If you are running short of space, then choose a small succulent and place it near the sink top. The vanity area can be best decorated using fresh flowers and plants.


Yes, you heard it right. Many people spend their time in the bathtubs by reading books. If you are a bookworm, then it is the must have item. Look for a Bookcase which acknowledges and supports your needs. Make sure that the material with which the bookcase is made of water repellant material. Shop for a Bookcase which you love the most and place it near to the bathtub.

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The Style of Reindeer Rugs

The vast majority of people who choose a reindeer rug do so because they want to take advantage of that style, and they can do so in a variety of different and exciting ways.

A Traditional Rug

Using a reindeer hide rug is not as simple as throwing it over a bare patch of floor. The best results come from using the reindeer skin with care to make the most of its natural advantages.

The most important thing to remember is that an ornamental rug needs to be visible. Putting it in a place where it will never be seen defeats the purpose of having it. On the other hand, putting it in an area where too many people will walk on it will damage the rug. It will also mean that people often stop noticing it, because they rarely pay close attention to things that they walk over.

Instead, put the reindeer rug in a place that has high visibility and low traffic. Ideally, people who do walk on it should do so in bare feet to keep the rug clean. Bedrooms and some living rooms are ideal choices. It may be tempting to put one near a fireplace to serve as a cushion on the floor, but the heat is bad for the rug, so that is not a great choice.

A Furniture Throw

Reindeer hides can also serve as excellent furniture throws. Many people use them as table covers, which is an excellent choice as long as people are not eating on the table, since it's hard to clean spills off the skin. Putting them on a seat is another excellent choice, since they can provide another layer of cushioning.

Size is an important factor when using a reindeer skin as a throw. It's normally easy to find one in the right size, both due to natural variance in the reindeer and by cutting them to shape, but it is necessary to measure the furniture in advance. Buying a reindeer hide that is slightly larger than the surface that you intend to cover will make sure that it fits on properly.

A Wall Hanging

A reindeer hide can quickly and easily cover a bare stretch of wall to make a room seem cozier. This also has some practical value. Most homes lose a lot of heat through their walls, and reindeer hides are excellent insulators. They can trap a large portion of that heat to help keep the room warm.

The reindeer fur will dominate the wall on which it hands, so it's usually best not to pair it with too many other decorations. If you do add other touches, the rugs will look best with plants, wood, and other natural materials. Artificial materials should be used sparingly if at all, and only to create a contrast with the skin.

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Popular Furniture: Vintage Is In

Every now and then you will come across a person who likes to keep things classy and old fashioned. Many people can refer to this because of the previous generation of simple living. To achieve this timeless look, you can focus mainly on light and neutral colors as well as classic furniture most common to that time.

Armchairs are a big part of the vintage era. Comfort means everything when living in your own home. Usually, one pairs an armchair with a loveseat to complete the living area in a lounge. Matching colors is not really a big part of this them as it's more about vintage shades. However, do try to keep the color of the wood the same through the design if you want to have an eye catching room. The color of the walls has to be a neutral color in order to achieve the vintage look. When dark colors are added to the walls it will break the theme.

Upholstered head boards or steel frame beds can be the unique choice to give your bedroom a timeless look. The steel frame can have floral-like patterns added to it so giving the room a feminine yet vintage look. Add a lovely white duvet with continental pillows and smaller floral scatter cushions and you will have a beautiful vintage room.

Lace can be used anywhere for everything. It works perfectly as a curtain but can also be used as a table cloth, a doily or to decorate smaller items such as ornaments or pillows.

To top this look off you can install a classic style chandelier in the lounge or your main bedroom. The crystals will give a bit of a sparkle to the room whenever a bit of light hits the surface. The light fitting is also an easy way to decorate and uplift the room. Many people do not want to add too many features on the wall so this type of decoration will be perfect.

Decorative curly framed mirrors suit the vintage theme. The idea is to replace a picture with the illusion of having more space. The vintage frame gives the mirror more elegance.

Trends are something that anyone can follow and if you have a theme in mind ensure to only get the items that are suited to that theme. Sometimes you only need to make a few changes to achieve the theme you want. Let trends inspire your attraction to popular furniture as it is a way that you can express your style.

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The Fold-Out Room Is in Style

We all want more space but we often do not want to get a bigger house or renovate our existing living space. Interior designers have come up with the new concept of Fold-out rooms. It's nothing like you have ever heard of before and it's practical.

The idea may have come from the child's bunkbed combined with a desk directly underneath the bed with wardrobes on the sides. The idea was so amazing that designers had to try it out with every room.

Packing and moving has also been made simple. All you have to do is fold up your bedroom and roll the box to your car. It's so simple yet so modern.

With this new furniture piece, you can experiment more with your living space. One day you can have the living room in the bedroom and the study in the living room. This is the perfect idea for people who live in smaller apartments and houses.

Just like the bedroom that comes out of the wall, technology and packing methods have allowed us to not only put a bed in the wall but also a night stand. Some of these beds fold in half like an accordion so that there is more space above it.

Have you ever thought of how useful it would have been to have a portable study? Sometimes there is just too much noise that affects our work. All you have to do is pack the furniture together into a slender box like a child's building block game. You can then move to a different room and unpack the box with ease.

Dining room sets can be made into these portable modules. Sometimes we just do not have a large enough space to do yoga or exercise. Although this could apply to any room, many people want to use the larger room. These tables can fold into narrow blocks and put against a wall.

The style also works perfectly for modern houses. When all pieces are put together into one big block, the geometric shapes become a beautiful and trendy wall mural without drawing too much attention.

The idea of ​​this concept was not to take your home where you want to but but rather give a home owner more space for better living. So if you want to host a board game night, you can clear out a space and not feel bound to sit on top of one another. This may be the future of popular furniture to make living better.

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How To Choose Furniture Slipcovers

If you are bored of the existing home décor, then it's time to work on it. Postponing it will affect your lifestyle and daily routine. A normal living room will not appear the way it looks before and often it may irritate you. But there are many ideas and solutions that can easily transform the vibe. When it comes to furniture, you need not replace the furniture piece just because it lost its grandeur. Cover the furniture piece with a Slipcover. But many find it difficult to choose a Slipcover and lose money by picking the wrong one. So make a right move by following these simple steps.

Identify the Pattern

The pattern signifies the user's taste. For traditional homes, traditional shades and simple patterns suit well. If you love contrasting things, then cover the furniture with Zig Zag Slipcovers. Options are copious and they can also be customized. For Kids' Rooms and Dining Rooms, choose thematic Slipcovers which feature relevant pictures.


The color of the Slipcover determines the beauty of the room. It makes a substantial impact on the overall appeal of the room. The nature of the room and the household has to be taken into consideration while ordering a Slipcover. Not only the color of the fabric but also the color of the pattern has its say in the appeal of the room.

  • A plain color Sofa Slipcover can be complemented by patterned and colorful Pillow Slipcover.
  • For Dining chairs, choose dark colors over light colors. Because they can expose stains and marks.
  • If you have pets and kids in your home, then be choosy. Avoid white color as it needs maintenance.
  • Choose bright colors for Kids Playroom furniture. They find them very attractive.


The kind of the fabric you are going to select for the furniture Slipcover defines its durability. Take into account the fabric's Ease Of Maintenance. Otherwise, it proves you wrong.

· If you love to change the Slipcovers frequently, then choose the one which can be easily washed.

· Cotton, Denim, and Corduroy fabrics suit well for homes having kids and pets. These fabrics have a very good Ease Of Maintenance.

· For Accent Furniture, choose Micro-suede or Faux leather as they are rarely used. Micro-suede is durable as well as affordable. Faux-leather is

· Thicker fabric fares well compared to thin and stretchy fabrics. It is durable and describes your investment.

Ready-made Vs Custom

This is purely subjective. It depends on many personal preferences.

If the furniture is tailor to the profile of the household, then go for Custom Slipcovers. Many designers are available online, you can order Slipcovers by providing the dimensions and color / pattern preferences. If you are particular about the fabric, then spare some time to choose the best one. Custom Slipcovers render utmost satisfaction and comfort but they will be a bit costly.

Ready-made Slipcovers are easy to choose. Before choosing a Slipcover, measure the dimensions of the furniture. Generally, Slipcovers are available in standard sizes. Many online shopping sites are making it easy for their customers to sort a Slipcover based on Size, Color, Material, and Pattern. A few sites are offering Slipcovers according to their place of usage. Living room furniture requires a bit of maintenance, so they are providing Slipcovers made of a particular material.

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6 Reasons for a Custom Home

Our homes are often a reflection of our style. However, if you live in a neighborhood where it sees as though every third house has the same floorplan as the one you own, then you may be longing for a place that is really designed around your needs and your personal style. After all, there is more to owning a home than having one just like the Smiths down the block!

If this sounds familiar, then a custom home is just for you. With a myriad of home designs available, and the ease of changing the floorplan to meet your needs you can quickly have a home that is everything you have ever wanted!

Here are some other advantages to having a custom home built:

1. Fulfilling a dream – Let's face it. There is something special about being able to walk into a home and know that it is specifically designed to your specs and needs. From the number and size of the bedrooms, to the garage and the state of the art kitchen, a custom home can be everything you desire.

2. Save money – Contrary to what might think, a custom home typically cost less than buying a ready-made home. After all, in most pre-existing homes, there will be some type of upgrade or remodel necessary. By building a home of your own design, there will be no reason to remodel.

3. Everything is new – When you purchase an existing home, you get minimal information about the status of the appliance, plumbing, electrical, etc … Consequently, you spend the first few years learning the home's nuances and quite possible replacing things. With a new build, you know the history of each element. Sure, there will still be things to discover, but at least it will not be a constant chore of replacing or upgrading.

4. More energy efficient – Older homes often need more work done on them, be it HVAC systems, doors, windows or water system in order to be energy efficient. With a new build, you can be sure that the home is at the top of the efficiency technology.

5. Landscaping – When you buy a home, you often need to spend time redesigning the landscaping to suit your level of involvement. With a custom home, you can decide how much time you want to invest in yardwork and plan the landscape accordingly.

6. Décor – With an existing home, it is common to go in and paint. Of course, that first means putting down sheeting or taping of areas to protect it from any paint. With a custom home, the painting can be done prior to moving furniture, which make it a much easier task.

If you are wanting a home that truly shows off your uniqueness, then now is the time to start planning a custom home. After all, there is no reason to settle for status quo. Talk to a local builder and learn more about having a home designed and built that suits your needs, your style and your budget. In no time at all, you can have a custom home ready to move in to.

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How Can You Make Your Home Look More Sophisticated and Expensive?

Now almost every family wants their home to look lush or extravagant. Thus, they hire interior designers or room decorators in order to gain that look. However, you can do this yourself. You can turn your home into a dreamland with some simple designing tips and tricks as suggested by reputed and expert interior designers.

Home Ideas to Make Your Home Luxurious

  • Vintage Brass, Bronze and Copper :

Vintage is the new luxurious. Only with a hint of the vintage item in your home, richness can be added. Whether it is a cutlery, table, lampshade or even vintage ornament, these things will make your place a lot fancier. You can also use the spray paint on some old items to make it look classic in case you are short on budget.

  • Animal Rugs :

Adding animal rugs to your dining or living room area can give you a real statement as they offer a combination of color, texture and natural graphics. You can choose from a wide range of options available in the market.

  • Add Metallic touch :

Metallic finishes are one of the best ways to give your home a lush ambience. Pastel colors combined with metal finishes can give a subtle and elegant feel to the place. Having metal accessories and fixtures will add a different tone to your décor. The combination of metal with textured and soft fabrics like velvet cushion will bring a little depth to all the small spaces.

  • Lightning :

Lightning can change the whole look of the place. To add a little richness to your home, you can play with lights by adding it to wall hangings or paintings. Scented candles, vintage lampshades and picture lights can give all the right feels.

  • Accessorise :

If your place is small, choosing the right accessories is very important so that the place does not look clumsy or cluttered. Keep it simple and organized, sophistication will follow. In the case of large spaces, you can play with different shades of black and gray accessories for instant sophistication.

  • Cushions and Pillows :

Adding some yellow toned cushions to your light colored walls will enhance the look of your living room. Cushions and other fabrics can play a vital role in changing the look of the place.

  • Layer Complimentary Textures :

With this technique, you can give your home a unique and luxurious feel. Warm and subtle materials like soft wools, linens and velvets can do the right job. A combination of the right materials will give you a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Subtle Finishes :

A subtle and detailed finish always looks rich and lush. Adding such finishes to your walls and furniture can open up space and make it look expensive. You can also play with subtle textures to give in more depth to your home.

  • Add A Statement Piece :

You can either go for an enlighten bright chandelier or an abstract painting that will add an edge to your place. Investing on a single item can change the look of your home.

  • Color Schemes :

The color scheme you are choosing can make a lot of difference when it comes to home décor. You can try abstract color schemes and also the combination of metallic detailing with it to add in grandness.

  • Add A Little Shimmer :

Adding shimmer will add a little glamor to your interiors. They can go well with the backdrop of navy blues, charcoal greys or even light pink .

  • Incorporate Velvet :

Velvet itself is a luxurious and rich fabric that can change the whole look of the place. With its versatility, velvet can be teamed up with any texture or décor. Adding a velvet sofa or carpet will give that cozy and rich feeling to your home. There are many options in velvet fabric that you can choose from.

With the above interior designing tips and tricks, you can give your home that timeless elegance. Now you can also convert your boring interiors into a luxurious one by making some very simple interior design choices.

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At Last, The Secret To Shabby Chic Decor Is Revealed

Do you love Shabby Chic décor and looking for top trending Shabby Chic decor ideas? Recently I found myself wanting to change the wall decor that I had in my bedroom. I really am a great fan of 'Shabby Chic' and so did a little research to find out exactly what was popular today.

From the results of my research I found that there really is a wonderful range of ideas and products in the marketplace that really encompass everything that this style can bring to any home, room or even garden.

Framed pictures in pastel colors of birds and flowers (roses are perfect for this).

Heavily framed mirrors in silver or painted in a 'distracted style' again in pastel hues.

Ornate clocks embellished in the shabby chic style.

Painted distracted shelves in the Shabby Chic color palette

I noticed too that angel wings are very popular and really look beautiful, these then can be emphasized with the careful placing of cherubs which do add a rather lovely romantic 'feel' to a bedroom and bathroom.

Wallpaper should be in empty stripes, polka dots and lace effect panels.

Lighting should be sconces, chandeliers and wall lights.

Pastel pinks, greens, yellows, white, greys, beige, ivory, blues (teal is my favorite)

The best 6 secrets to having the ultimate 'Shabby Chic' style:

• It has to have a very 'clean romantic soft' look. In other words – faded elegance.
• Pastel colors of white, green, cream, pink, yellow, and blue are the range of hues to use.
• Victorian lace, especially Nottingham lace, really is a 'must'. Lots of it on accessories and accents.
• Use soft colored flowers, roses of courses are number one on the list.
• Furniture and accents, especially chairs, tables, shelves etc. must have a worn or bothered look.
• Fabrics with stripes and flowers are especially suitable for curtains, throws and bedding.

Just think of a lovely summer's day in a country cottage with the windows and doors open with a gently breeze blowing through and the smell of roses, cut grass and birdsong and you will nail the look and its ambiance … This is very useful if you are looking for rustic shabby chic home decor.

I really love rustic shabby chic décor as it reminds me of my childhood when I lived with my Grandparents on our farm in a typical English cottage. My Grandmother had all her Victorian lace (which she had made herself as a young girl for her 'bottom drawer) on her bedding, dressing table and curtains. Lovely white painted furniture and roses were everywhere. (My Grandfather never complained). I think he liked it too. It was such a lovely room to sleep in.

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Shabby Chic Bohemian Interiors

Creating a shabby chic bohemian home is styling interiors with eclectic and vintage designs, using rustic wood furniture, architectural elements from Indian Havelis and antique doors with disturbed colorful patinas. Bohemian shabby chic style is a fun way to express your inner wanderlust. Rustic bohemian inspired accents creates a warm loved atmosphere with an earth balanced interior design. Creating a shabby chic living room means extending your personality through the your inner chi energy. Mix colors and patterns, vintage and simple styles the bohemian look is very easy to accessorize. Bold textured hues, pretty paisley patterns, organic earth elements, eclectic artistic interiors and vintage Haveli furniture Shabby-chic decor combined with modern rustic furnishings is a distinct style.

Bohemian shabby-chic rustic spaces have open floor plans, vintage furniture with a southern country twist, and exposed natural architectural structures like wooden beams on the ceiling that spread the quiet natural element. The columns and arched fireplace and stone floor in the living room are the grounding elements. These natural elements maintain the earth element and the rustic appeal regardless of a modern layout. Preserving the character and architectural detail of a home, as in the column fireplace and stone floors is an essential design strategy.

Rustic and shabby chic style makes a romantic design interior which is evident in the bedroom, the visibly spellbinding carved old 18C headboard. The motifs and designs each represent new beginnings, good luck, abundance and prosperity.The style presented is a mix of Haveli style and shabby chic where minimal meets maximalist. Each piece has a purpose with nothing left to imagination Beautiful pastels everywhere, lace draped on the stone console table, antique peacock chair, distressed turquoise doors, and an old onyx chessboard. You can mix and match any of these ideas for a blissful interior.

Carved wood panels, and rustic disturbed wood wall sculptures, interspersed perfectly with delicate florals, romantic scented candles, and crochet table linens. Bohemian Shabby chic, where rustic meets vintage in an equal balance. Design ideas that flow perfectly and are in balance with nature. Create a special nook with the arched columns and a lush embroidered tapestry that talks volumes with its colors and textures. Soft cotton bed throws and blankets in bohemian prints and sheer curtains give softness to the decor. Toss pillows made from vintage saris, recycled fabrics are good energy and positive action. Design that creates good positive energy and balance with nature through old woods and fabrics, we are saying thanks to the universe who created us.

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10 Eye Catching Bathroom Ideas

It can never be imagined that how this confined place can give an awesome luxurious feeling inside us if we can decorate the place in a unique way. The more you can design the bathroom in a lavish way, the more you will be able to make it a comfort zone.

Let us take 10 possible ways of bathroom decoration, which can convert the bathroom in an ultimate de-stressing zone.

The courtyard bath

This will really be a unique way to design the bathroom. Courtyard bathing is just perfect for alfresco bathing. In this kind of bathroom, you will get a spa-like experience. Such outdoor bathing place is needed to be enclosed with trees and ferns. Here one can certainly use the backsplash mosaic so that it will add tenderness to the whole place.

The pool with a view

Bathroom designed with marbles is all time favorite among the homeowners as these are easy to maintain. Here you can opt for the floor to ceiling glass windows so that your bathroom can get an abundance of sunlight.

The natural bath

This is a conventional way to design a bathroom. The periphery of the shower can be designed with greenery and the bathtub will be flower covered. This will give a Caribbean feel.

The travertine bath

For every penthouse bathroom, marble is known to be the best designing tool. This will separate the wet area within the bathroom with frameless glass door with a broken look.

The library bath

The louvered windows here will surely make the way to enter more sunlight. The bathtub can be placed on a wooden platform which will no doubt give an extra look to the bathroom.

The ensuite bath

This style is catching up very fast and people are loving it hugely. The best thing about this style is that these are open ensuite which covering the bedroom and the bathroom.

The eclectic washroom

This type of washroom can easily be designed with a soft gray wall and extremely this bathroom will develop into an elegant place.

The vintage powder room

This type of washroom is decorated with antique mirror and mini bathtub like a basin. This design is just awesome and will give you extreme refreshment.

The freshly whitewashed bathroom

The ultimate freshness you will get from this design. You can add bold color and exclusive hand painted walls with yellow shade. Here you can place triangular wall pocket for the lamps so that it will become completely contemporary in look.

The palace bath

When you will visit a palace, if you enter their bathroom, the arches and shapes will surely make the bathroom more gorgeous and speaks about the luxury!

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Design Forecast: Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2017

Centered on serenity and simplicity the 2017 new interior trend reflects our need to simply log out, switch off and detox with our life. As 2016 saw a slew of online furnishing brands that launch onto the market proposing their customers the ability to customize and order home decor products online according to their own personal set of unique specifications. This trend is here to stay and set to continue this year as well as the e-commerce firms and new online companies establish them and reach a wider audience.

According to the hospitality designers and interior experts, furnishing designs inspired from 1970`s are set to make a comeback in 2017. The relaxed and free-spirit era has been attracting the fashion industry and has now quickly moved towards interiors and home decor as well. The design elements and pattern of the 70`s were raw, bold and globally affluent, as a response to the social, economic and political environment of that time. Vivid colors and distinctive patterns will rule this year to create a more varied, personalized and an environment that will inspire the individuals.

Modern interior design trends are in a constant state of flux. The demands of innovative ideas and creative novel forms, along with the rapid technological advances create modern designs that are fresh and inspiring. The trends come and go, but contemporary and classic interior principals remain. The trends like these are of fun and infused with bold appearance. The interior schemes will be full of exotic flavors inspired by the tropical places. The hues and shades will psychedelic greatly influenced by the international places. A lot of brash and bold color clasps are expected this year, along with vivid patterns and a lot of mixed fabrics and materials as fashion make its mark on interiors.

According to designer experts the vibrant bohemian color and pattern will bring a warm and global vibe to summer / spring 2017. Cushion covers and rugs in bold floral prints will prove to be an epitome of absolute opulence. As the splendid, bright shades help to accessorize a living space, an infusion of a wild imagination can create wonders. A decorated color palette maintains with purples, greens and oranges mixing with varied type of fabrics like linens, cottons will create interesting accessories and alluring interiors. One of the most trendy trends for this year is the fascinating Oriental theme. This year is all about incorporating heavy, rich, deep colors in fabrics with interesting artwork. “It's all about Asia”, say the experts. Either the entire room will be decorated within the luxurious trend of the market or by using few chosen elements of this theme to achieve a specific look. This style is glamorous yet characterized with an Asian Twist, which is definitely going to surf the trendy waves of fashion for 2017.

Even if you live in the city, surrounded with concrete jungles, the relaxed and informal coastal and nautical schemes will give you the impression of sandy feet and salty air, this year. A specific pattern and color will be combined to create a seaside feel that will work well in urban, country and coastal homes. Avoid using obvious nautical prints and use pop and chic bright shades in stripes mixed with tangerine orange and electric red to pep up your room, say the experts from the designer industry. Typography is one of the most recent emerging trends that are going to bring bedrooms and living rooms to life. It could either be a series of themed words or a single over sized letter or printed direct to curtains blinds and other home accessories.

Increasingly style is becoming a matter of personal choice in 2017, more than a defined parameter or benchmarks set up by the industries. This year will also witness the extension of this speculation in the living rooms and bedrooms where local designers and homeowners will come together to create a personalized look that fuses two or three individual styles. While Touches of vivacious prints and tropical charm are going to ride the waves of the latest fashion trend, styles like oriental, Indian and Asian inspired theme will provide the wonderful alchemy of the understated and exotic. Indian home furnishing textile has its unique way of collaborating vivid hues with distinct patterns; you can certainly explore the horizon of creative possibilities to create your own fusion style of home inspired by the innovative and latest home furnishing trends of 2017.

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