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Colour Is The New Black

Remember when there was a time where everyone followed the color that replaced black? Now we do not have to worry about what is trending anymore. With color being the cheapest and easiest way to style our homes we can choose any tone we want.

Home stylists are quite fond of choosing a specific color palette to give the exterior extra spunk. You get the cool range with blue shades, the neutral range with light brown shades, the warm range with yellow and orange shades.

When changing the colors and paint jobs of your house make sure that you keep the bold or dominant color at a minimum. When it comes to blues or cool colors, you want to paint the larger surface area the lighter color such as sky blue. Use a deep rich purple to highlight smaller accents that make up the character of your home. This could include pillows, doors or window frames. Add some white to the gables and fascia boards to give the exterior a bit of a highlight.

Modern times allow us to mix and match any colors we want. Of course, you need to make sure it is not too dramatic. A common contrast is black and white, but because this is a normal color palette on houses, your best bet will be to mix it up with yellow and a blue-gray shade. It is noticeably contrasting but it cause people to stare. The colors go well together although they are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. The idea of ​​this style is create an abstract three dimensionality. The less noticed parts, such as the window frames and door frame will be in the brighter shade. The main surface areas of the house such as the walls and the front door will be in the softer shade. This contrasting color design has a stylish effect that looks amazing on many houses.

Neutral colors will work for any type of home. The palette typically includes white, beige, cream and tan. The subtleness will give the impression of warmth and calmness. Just make sure you do keep it and keep those light colors clean.

The best part about having multiple colors available is that you will be able to experiment with them. You can try out the different options on smaller items if you are afraid of making a mistake. Then you can try it out on a custom made door .

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Creating Peace With a Home Altar

The home altar is enjoying a definite comeback in many American homes. Although it is not an entirely new idea, as home altars or chapels were all the rage for the great houses and castles built across Europe. Many Eastern religions encourage a personal and direct connection with the Divine power through daily prayers at a home altar. Soldiers through thousands of years transported talismans of their religion with them as a form of a portable altar that they could take with them in their travels.

Your home altar can be as simple or elaborate as you choose it to be. However, regardless of your beliefs, you can create a place in your home that honors your faith and Higher Power.

Some basic ideas:
* Find a place for your altar that is easily approachable. You do not want to have to move your altar every time you want to set the table for dinner.

* Get a piece of nice fabric or lace for an altar cloth. Although not required, but it helps support the idea that the space is “special”.

* A small statue of a religious figure (Buddha, Christ, etc.) or a representation of nature is a good focal point.

* A small candle.

* An incense stick holder and incense sticks.

* Create your altar so that it appeals to you and your connection with your Higher Power.

* A spiritual-themed book or the primary source for your religion.

* Once you have created your altar, ask for the blessings of your higher power to bless your own sacred space.

When you feel you have completed your altar, make it an essential part of your daily life.

Ideas for utilizing your home altar:

* Giving thanks for the day, your life, or any other blessings you may have received

* As a place for meditation or prayer

* A place to bring your problems and to work out emotional pain

* A place to renew your faith

* Write it down a desire to manifest on a slip of paper and leave it on your altar.

An altar can be a place of community and healing within the home. Invite family members or housemates to make their own contributions to the altar and allow them to see how you incorporate your beliefs into your everyday life. This can encourage them to give the Spirit a more emphasized place in their lives. The point of setting up an altar is to honor your connection with your spiritual nature, so make it happen.

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Little Tip Before You Ordering Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless cellular shades are becoming more and more popular. Based on my experience about 90 percent of all shades I install are cordless. They have come a long way over the past 15 years, safe for children and more reliable with less service calls. Well most are more reliable but that's another article, just remember price usually dictates quality.

I suggest cordless cellular shades in most areas except tall windows where you can not reach. It's very common to install wood blinds on a first floor and cellular shades on the second floor or in bedrooms. But blackout cordless are a must for nurseries and small a young childrens bedroom. They also offer the cleanest look, no cords hanging. You can also go the with the top down bottom up feature. This feature works well in a bedroom or bathroom where you want to maintain your privacy but still let light in.

There is one thing to keep in mind that no one tells you about. When dropped all the way down they have a tendency to spring back up a little, particularly with blackout or room darkening .. So if your shade is mounted inside your window opening, when you pull the shade to the sill it will spring up maybe a 1/2 to 1 inch off the sill.

The shades are used to being in a compressed position and need some time to relax. I would leave the shade in the down position as much as you can for the first several days. after several days and the material has time to relax in may start to come down all the way. But this is not always the case many times in never comes down all the way.

You either live with it or call the company and depending on their policy will send you out some weights that you have to figure out how to insert them into your bottom rail to weigh everything down.

What a hassle, I have what I think is a better simple solution that I always do and it works. Just add an inch or so to the length when placing your order. In most cases it will not affect your cost, you do not notice that little extra fabric and your shade comes down all the way all the time. Well that's my little secret about cordless cellular shades, not so secret to installers but unaware to many decorators and consumers.

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A Cowhide Rug For Each Phase of Life

Apartment Living

Many young people begin their independent living lifestyle living in an apartment. Most often, the furnishings chosen for an apartment usually do not have the style and quality needed to transition to a first home. Cowhide rugs are an exception. They can accompany you through though many moves you make. They can complement decors that range from youthful shabby chic to maturely sophisticated. During your college years and young adulthood, your choice of décor may exemplify your free-spirit, creativity and energized personality. Metallic cowhide rugs or those with an exotic animal print could have been a decorative form of self-expression.

Family Life

When you find yourself at the stage of life where you're juggling kids, pets and busy schedules, a cowhide rug is an ideal accessory for your home. These rugs require little maintenance. A good shaking each week and some spot cleaning with a damp cloth are all they need to retain their beauty. This natural floor covering is hypo-allergenic, pet-friendly and child-friendly. With this durable rug as a family room accessory, you can enjoy lots of family nights and special celebrations without worrying about spills damaging the rug. You can also use this type of rug to create a soft play area in a child's bedroom.

Decorating the Empty Nest

When the kids leave home to begin a new phase of life, your life undergoes some significant changes also. At this point, you can choose more elegant furniture and more impressive accent pieces for your home. A cowhide rug can complement a sophisticated décor. With the many color and pattern variations available, you will be able to find the one that you feel has the elegance you desire. If instead of elegance, you want to create a rustic or nostalgic atmosphere in your home, cowhide rugs are the perfect accessory. Now that your home is less active, you may find that this type of rug is the perfect accessory for your quiet reading corner that you now have time to relax in.

Although they are called cowhide rugs, they can be used as wall art, as a bed covering or as a throw placed across a chair, trunk or coffee table. You can hang them over a stair rail to create a unique focal point in the room. These rugs are versatile and beautiful and can be enjoyed for many years due to the fact they are so durable.

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Ten Reasons to Decorate With Cowhide Rugs

There are many reasons for this, and in case you're wondering what they are, or why you should own one for your own home, here are just a few:

1. Stain-Resistant
Cowhide rugs are made for the outdoors. Cattle wear them year-round to protect themselves from the elements and they wash right off.

2. Hypo-Allergenic
Of all the animal skins you could own, a cow hide is the most allergen-friendly. They're tight pores do not trap dust or shed.

3. One-of-a-Kind
Just like there are no two people exactly alike, there are no two cows exactly alike. Each design is completely original and oh so chic.

4. Extremely Durable
It does not get much tougher than cow skin for wear and tear, not to mention, the ultra-short fur keeps its shape even when trampled.

5. Add Contrast
If you want to mix it up and add some unexpected contrast to a streamlined modern room, throw in a cool cowhide rug.

6. Soften Any Space
The unique lines of a cowhide rug soften a space with strong lines.

7. Look Great with Any Color Scheme
Few rugs are as versatile as this one when it comes to matching a color scheme, but you can throw it in with almost any color and it will fit right in.

8. Not Just for Floors
If you get tired of using your cowhide as a rug, you can hang it, cover a wall with it, throw it over a bunister, or drape it over the back of a chair – each one an equally stunning option.

9. Fantastic Conversation Starter
Imagine the element of surprise your guests will get when they find one of these rugs in your formal dining room. Did you raise the cow? Are we eating the cow? They're always fun elements of dÊcor.

10. Naturally Warm
Just like any other animal, a cow's coat is made to keep her warm in the winter. It's self-insulated and warm on your feet. Place one by your bedside to absorb the shock of the cold on a hardwood floor in the middle of the night.

Choosing a rug that's perfect for your room can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be. The texture and color of these rugs lend the perfect detail to accent any room, and add a hint of art and eclectic style to the modern home. Another added plus, is they even work well in homes with children and pets due to their resiliant nature.

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Simple Ways to Improve Decor in Your Home

People often put a lot of effort in decorating the house because you want to live in a beautiful and comfortable house. If you start to get bored of the decoration, you can always make it fresh and exciting by making little changes. It is essential that you feel happy and refreshed in your house. The decorations do not always have to be expensive because several affordable decoration ideas can make your place look beautiful.

Here are some useful décor ideas that will make your house look gorgeous.

Adding corner shelves:

If you have bare walls in the house and you are finding it annoying, then you can decorate the wall and add smart storage space by adding corner shelves. These are an excellent way of getting the storage space that you need. The corner is mostly considered dead spaces and often end up empty. By adding corner shelves, you will not just cover these dead spaces but get a good storage space. You can put your books and other decorations on these shelves.

Decorating the front:

The front or entry is critical because it is responsible for creating the first image of the house. The front is the representation of your style, so it is important that you pay particular attention to it. Do not clutter the foyer space and try to maximize it. You can add little decorations such as baskets where you can put mail or house keys. You can also get a foyer sized table and put some beautiful flowers on it. The mirror is always an excellent addition to the foyer area.

Updating the furniture:

The best way of making the house look fresh is to upgrade the furniture with each season. You do not always have to spend a lot of money and buy new furniture to refresh the look. The affordable and best way of changing furniture for different seasons is used covers. They are available in an extensive variety of colors, materials, styles and designs. You can experiment with different colors and options before finding the best one and most suitable one.

Changing the layout of furniture:

It is possible for you to become bored with the layout of the room then you can change it. Moving around the furniture can have a significant effect on the outlook of the place, and it does not cost anything. You need to find a focal point and change the decorations accordingly. You should also try to get rid of some items so that the place does not look cluttered. It will provide you more open space and will look tidy.

Painting the walls:

One of the most affordable ways of refreshing the look of the house is painting it fresh. You can always add an accent wall with bold colors to make the place look exciting and beautiful. You should choose a color that compliments the color of furniture and other accessories. If you are not sure about the color, then you can always ask for a professional's opinion so that you can choose the color that works for your interior and exterior.

Highlighting décor with accent lighting:

Lighting is an essential and important part of the interior. Lighting is a necessary element for setting the tone of the place. You can add accent lighting to highlight the decorations that you have chosen for the room. You can make the hallways and foyers look exciting with the right lighting.

Creating texture with layering:

Layering is an excellent way of adding texture to the place. You should always try to create layers especially when it comes to the bedrooms. There are different sized sheets like king size fitted sheets etc. and make sure you choose the one suitable for the bed size and create neat and tidy layers by adding other bedding items like duvets, pillows, throw pillows, throw blankets, etc. You can create lecture in the living room by using a variety of pillows.

Personalizing the place:

You can improve the look of the place and make it look comfortable by personalizing the place. You can hang art pieces that represent your personality. The best way of personalizing is adding family pictures to the walls and over the fireplace.

These are some of the decoration ideas that will make your house look gorgeous and cozy.

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Beautify Your Home With Venetian Blinds

A Venetian blind is a type of window blind that consist of horizontal slats which can be adjusted as per the light requirements of the room. There are numerous varieties of Venetian blinds available in the market and are capable to serve a wide variety of your needs. So choosing a blind that suits your and your family's requirements is a critical choice you got to make. Perhaps, not only your requirements you must also consider your room size, shape, and many other factors while choosing a Venetian blind. Here for choosing a Venetian blind, it is quintessential to know the various types of blinds available in the market and which one would suit your room. Let's have a look at the varieties and their suitability to different rooms.

• A light filtering window blind- As the name suggests this type of window blinds made especially for rooms like kitchens and dining rooms where you need perfect amount of light. These blinds allow you to adjust them as per your lighting requirements making the room perfect and beautiful.

• A blackout window blind – unlike the other one this kind of blinds blocks out the light and is meant for rooms such as bedrooms and drawing rooms where you need less light or probably no light.

• Cordless window blinds – These are such type of blinds which protect your home from excess light while keeping your privacy a priority. These types of blinds suitable for places such as bedroom, locker room where privacy and security are two major concerns.

Apart from the above-mentioned types, there are numerous varieties of window blinds available in the market. Choosing a Venetian blind that best fits your window shape and size is very important. You must know the size and shape of the window before placing an order for Venetian blinds. You may not be having uniform windows throughout the house; since you must assess the size and shape of individual windows and then decide the type of blind needed for each window accordingly.

There are few default blinds that fit different shapes of windows which can be bought easily from the vendor. Apart from the regular ones the sellers also able to deliver the certain type of blinds that best fits your window but you must detail them about your needs and requirements. For large windows, you can choose wood blinds or cellular shades, for high windows you can go for a motorized window blind so that you do not need to pull out the ladder every time. Likewise, there are numerous varieties that allow limited light into room and save your energy costs.

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Recent Finding: Porcelain Tiles Mimic the Vein-Cut Travertine

One of the gorgeous collections was vein-cut travertine. The tiles were highly accredited for indoor and outdoor design. Owners liked this style for its vein-cut pattern and rustic feeling. Travertine got a huge popularity for the versatility also. Yet, there is hitch for outdoor using. The natural holes of the travertine slabs absorb the water in bathrooms and moisture of weather. The regular input of wet makes the inner part of the tiles loose so that it breaks from there. Sometimes the travertine tiles were being cracked in outside. In a bathroom, travertine was being polished, which causes slips.


Modern engineers have manufactured a new style after a lot of experiments. The mimic look of travertine is on the market now. The experts have used Porcelain and draw the Vein cut travertine. A new model has not absorbed weather dust, damaging ingredients and water so that it does not break easily.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured by heat and some sort of pressurized clay is creating the structure. The tile is durable. Some examinations have launched a report where it is provided that porcelain resists water and other stains more than any other tiles. Therefore, the professionals have used this material to give a look of vein-cut travertine.

A list of quality collection

The collections have variety in look, facility, and color so that owners can look before listen to theories and data.

Living style collection – if you want a limestone inspired design, then the model would fulfill your desire with durability, impressive build-up, and natural stone feel. The living style collection is a warm choice for backyards and kitchens. The beige based color combination can enhance the beauty of the spaces. The beige slates can be used for countertops and backsplashes in bathroom or kitchen.

Sophie Anthracite Porcelain – this model has a dramatic feature. The medium tone of gray color combines with the darker veins and this mounting has made it appropriate in looks like a natural stone. The applications in bathtubs, shower surrounds, walls and countertops are recommended. Typically, vertical installation on the walls can fulfill the beauty of this design. If you use this model on the floors, then you should install it horizontally.

ONYX Noche Porcelain – if you prefer some practical installation in your interior, then the shiny finished and the spiny mixture of color can be a great option. Three colors have toned the surface of the tile (beige, cream and gold). This complex design has versatility in applications (bathroom, kitchen, wall and countertop) and owners can get a soothing effect from it.

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5 Amazing Ways to Make a Big Statement in Small Bedrooms

Decorating a small bedroom can be a very challenging and tricky task as there is not enough space. Often we find ourselves confused about how we should go about decorating a small bedroom so that it looks grand. Check out these 5 smart ways to decorate your little space in your home so that it looks grand and classy.

1. Light Shades

While setting up the right color scheme for your bedroom, you should always consider going for lighter shades or patterns first. Why is that so? Because light shades of white or gray can very warmly give your bedroom anirier look and you will feel that more space is created in some other decorative items in it too.Using dark shades or wall paintings will give your bedroom a more merged look so try to avoid it.

2. Windows

Bedroom décor is incomplete without a good looking window. Natural light is considered to be a valuable asset by home décor experts as the light brightens your bedroom so effortlessly that you will be amazed about it yourself.Putting up a nice pair of silk fabric or velvet woven curtains will add more charm and class to your bedroom décor if you will tie them up with the window in the form of drapes.

3. Bookshelves

Adding a bookshelf or rack to your bedroom will help save a lot of space as it would cover not organize the books and magazines in your room but also you can use the shelves to include decorative items personalize your space. Moreover, you can also turn the headboard of your bed into a bookshelf as well.In this way; you will be not be familiar to add more storage space in your room.

4. Accessories

From little to big, every accessory in your bedroom shares towards the overall décor. Same goes for the beddings as well.

Try using floral or abstract patterned bed spreads, polyester comforters or blankets and light colored cushions or pillow sets. Moreover, you can give your bed a more curved outlook rather than the huge giant look so that it takes up less space in your bedroom.

5. Mirrors

Do not hesitate to use a pair of huge mirrors either embedded in the dressing table or just hung on any of the walls in your bedroom. See how adding a mirror can transform the entire outlook of your bedroom in a jiffy and will give it a more royal and grand ambiance.

You will be so thrilled to see this change that you will completely forget about adding more artwork to your bedroom walls.

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How to Create a Magical Appeal With Contemporary Window Treatments

Traditional draperies have now been successfully replaced by means of contemporary curtains. One of the main reasons is that contemporary draperies are quite light-weighted but the traditional ones are heavier in weight. Heavy curtains can not be maintained and installed easily Rather they are very much hectic to control and this is why maximum house-owners are choosing contemporary options.

Contemporary window treatments have been designed on the basis of advanced technologies and so they can be managed easily and conveniently. Window treatments should be chosen carefully otherwise your objectives will not get fulfilled. Lighter fabrics have been used for creating contemporary draperies and the designs are simply outstanding. These treatments add special effects to the decor of your room.

Both formal and fashionable styles are available in contemporary draperies. International standards of draperies are being efficiently abided for ensuring guaranteed quality and satisfied designs. A careful and perfect procedure is being followed in these kinds of window treatments. Both comfort and privacy are being managed with efficiency with the maintenance of these treatments. Material strength and color patterns are versatile in nature.

There are many people who become quite skeptical for choosing contemporary window treatments mainly due to higher expenses. But if you want great quality and texture with higher longevity, then you should not think of the cost. If ideal conditions are not being created then it will be quite difficult to deal with these kinds of window treatments. Less fabrics are required by these draperies and the do not have any lining. These draperies are mainly well-known for their simplicity and outstanding appeal.

What to consider in contemporary draperies?

• Heading styles: Heading styles different from formal curtains to informal ones. These styles mainly hold-back the attractive features of these draperies. If the display is improper then the beauty of the draperies can not be thoroughly enjoyed by the viewers. Pleats will decide the heading styles and some of the most predominant options are Goblet, Euro, French and Pinch. You have to choose the most relaxing style that not only cater to you the maximum relaxation but also suits the decor of your house.

• Desirable length: Improper lengths of contemporary draperies may hamper the grace and beauty of the walls and windows and then the exact lengths need to be chosen. Approximate length should be maintained for getting an absolutely sober and simple look. You can take the assistance of the manufacturer so that correct length can be maintained without any inconveniences. Excessive length can also spoil the overall look and then be careful about the same.

• Mounting hardware: Mounting accessories are to be looked upon so that hangings curtains can be easily installed without any problems. Simple mounting rules are to be followed so that perfect installation can be made. Desirable puddling is to be chosen for supporting the mounting procedure. If the windows are larger in size, then you might face a bit of difficulty in making the installation but right mounting materials can make your task easier.

Hanging above frame: Best hanging procedure should be followed so that the drapery position can be maintained. Window casing should be properly marked and measured otherwise the draperies will not get hung perfectly. Additional fabric can be used in this regard for supporting the curtain-hanging. Best mounted-hardware to be used for hanging draperies below molding. Tailored looks are also quite sophisticated. In fact, tailor looks can cater you the best customization effects. If customized draperies are not used then room's personality will not be boosted-up.

• Window measurement: If you want the frames to get perfectly matched with the windows then taking the window measurement is a great need and you can not deny this fact. The frames should be installed as per the marks. If the measurement goes wrong then the whole procedure of drapery hanging will get hampered. This is why you should use a measuring-tape so that both width and height of windows can be measured accurately without any mistakes or flaws. If the draperies are settled properly, then the room-appeal will also look more brightened and attractive. More light will be allowed to enter inside the room and you will get fresh air to breathe.

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Giving Your Bedroom a Modern Appearance

Modern styles are certainly popular when it comes to the home. Why not go for a modern bedroom that lightens the atmosphere and allows it to be more interesting? Here is how you can do it.

The idea of ​​modernism is minimalism. Modern styles use many geometric shapes and neutral colors such as black, white and gray. The personalization is added with the smaller design elements such as the mirrors, bedding, curtains and door handles.

Built in shelves and high bookshelves are both great. Built in shelves or cupboards allow you to have more space. Bookshelves that reach the ceilings give you more places to place your books and ornaments so that you will not have to get a second unit.

Float your bed. Not literal, of course! Build a pedestal for your bed and use that space underneath the unit to store your clothes and shoes. This might also be sufficient as extra storage for your bedding and it will give you more wall space for any other items.

Install bedside lamps on your wall. Then you will not need to have a bedside table. Or you will not need a very large bedside table, anyway. One that's just small enough to place your phone and book on will be sufficient and space saving.

The fun part comes in when you can add a personal touch to decorate your bedroom. Add mirrors with colorful frames, use creative wall stickers of words or a phrase that you love. You could find modern mirrors such as interesting lipstick mirrors at popular furniture stores . This allows your bedroom to reflect who you are which will make you feel more comfortable.

Use bright and bold throws to decorate your bed at a minimal while keeping the theme of modernism. Match the scatter cushions with the same color as the throws and add additional cushions with a pattern.

Make white the main color if you have a small bedroom. White creates the illusion of space. White is also a simple color that allows you to experiment with lots of bolder and brighter tones in the decor. Technically, so does black but it will give the illusion of smaller space which makes the atmosphere seem crowded.

Experiment with odd geometric shapes. You can do this with most bookshelves or paintings. The geometric shapes in the décor will give you a fun and free feeling that is in line with modernism.

Make your bedroom a personal oasis where you can appreciate the style, colors and elements.

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Decorating Your Home With French Country Style

Do you love the curve of a graceful turned leg? Is button upholstery your passion? Is your favorite color “toile”? Just kidding … it's a pattern! You've come to the right place!

French Country is not just a decorating style, it's a mindset. On the one hand, it's a particular look, and always vintage with a hint of nostalgia. On the other hand, anything goes. You can mix materials and textures and just have fun with it.

Some hints: Try to stay with soft yellow, baby blues, and creams. Unless you're working with a particular French country motif, such as roosters, sunflowers, or lavender. Use baskets, wire or woven, to get a rustic feel. Keep natural materials in mind while you're decorating. Natural stone, wool, cotton, wood. And, back to toile. It really defines French country.

Let's start with the most important room, the bedroom. What style bed do you want? You can go from a pared down wrought iron bed … painted a nice cream color. Or, take it all the way to an ornate Sofia bed with button upholstery. Do you prefer a sleigh bed, or maybe something with a canopy? Any of these will work, as long as you have an armoire. No decent French bedroom would be without an armoire. If it has a crackle paint finish, even better. Do your best to fit some toile into your private oasis.

In the dining room, keep it welcoming, old world, and rustic. Mismatched chairs are okay … just paint them the same color. Pair them with a wooden or metal table. Keep the window treatments light, but indulge yourself with a beautiful chandelier. You may want to use shutters for an old world feel.

Will your kitchen have a theme? Roosters and olives are popular for the kitchen. Bring in the baskets and jars to give your kitchen the country feel. A kitchen table should be painted wood. Bring the natural elements into play.

Now to the living room. You have a lot of options here as well. A chaise lounge will do well in the bedroom, but it's right at home in the French country living room as well. You have a wide variety of chairs that will suit your room, and you're free to mix and match. Take a look at the traditional French accent chair, the French provincial chair, the wingback style, and the medallion armchair, all keeping with the French country style. Or … just go for an oversized armchair. Here again, if you like button upholstery, buy it. Lots of people think it gives the furniture an elegant, finished look. Is there room for toile in the living room? Okay, let's move on.

I like the lavender theme best in the bath, but some people like to incorporate it into the bedroom or kitchen. It's just a matter of preference. Vive la difference!

The most important think about choosing furniture and decorating with it is to have fun. If you feel overwhelmed, get a second opinion. There are many furniture companies that specialize in French Country furniture. You should not have trouble finding an interior decorator to help you choose some pieces for your French country home.

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How Area Rugs and Other Details Can Brighten a Home

Long gone are the days when homes were decorated with boring neutral furniture and formal, serious patterns. Today's interior design focuses on portraying a homeowner's personality through pops of unexpected color, interesting patterns, and surprising details that strategically draw the eye. Here are a few techniques to brighten up a room that will help make the most of any space.

1. Make Use of Area Rugs

Area rugs are incredibly versatile additions to a home. In addition to being used to brighten a space, they can also be used to define living areas within a larger room, cover up unattractive flooring, and bring in or reinforce color choices. For a trendy look, homeowners can look for area rugs with a bright pop of color that is repeated in other details through the home, such as paintings, upholstery, or a favorite throw. However, a plush rug in a light neutral tone can also help to brighten up a smaller space that might be overwhelmed by a more intense hue.

2. Bring in Glass

Mirrors are an excellent way to reflect light and make a room seem larger and brighter, but the use of too many mirrors can create a dated look. Instead, designers recommend strategically mixing mirrored wall hangings with clear glass to create reflection and open up the area. Glass features like shelving, room dividers, and cabinet doors can help a room feel airy, crisp, and modern. And of course, large windows and sliding glass doors will bring in light and make an area feel larger and more open.

3. Add Fresh Flowers

It might seem like a cliché, but fresh flowers really do brighten a home. Homeowners should look for floral arrangements that complement the other décor in the home. For instance, lilies look beautiful incorporated into a modern design, whereas cheerful daisies and forget-me-nots are sweet touches in a more traditional space. If fresh flowers are not in season, many florists offer arrangements of greenery that are as attractive as any floral bouquet.

4. Paint an Accent Wall

Painting all of a room's walls in a bright color can overwhelm the space and make it seem smaller in size. Instead, homeowners should choose a focal point around a fireplace or behind the bed and paint it a bright color for a surprising burst of color. The color should coordinate with the other walls; some designers recommend a darker or lighter version of the same shade, while others choose a dramatic contrast. This choice should be based on personal preference, the shape and layout of the room, and what colors will work best with the furniture and décor.

With these simple decorating tips, any homeowner should be able to incorporate new Touches to brighten up their home without having to take on an expensive remodeling project. These can be fun, affordable projects that will have a big impact on any room.

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Get Creative With Backsplash Tiles for Functionality, Happy Kitchens and Bathrooms

Subway tiles, metal, ceramics, or natural stone tiles? Backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, and on the shower and accent walls; many tile patterns would need to be installed. The more the merrier, of course, with ample variety, budgets, materials and designs to ignite the imagination. So, go ahead and explore to the heart's content. Know the availability and the market before investing. Technology has developed to such an extreme that extreme functionality is assured. In terms of durability, they are going to last for ages. Esthetically, they do create a startling fairy tale effect!

Bathrooms and bathrooms have evolved too in recent decades, and rightly so. Both serve very important residential and business functions and deserve to include all the paraphernalia of technology, artistry, and convenience. In the hurried mornings before setting off to work or study each day, kitchens and bathrooms often become the launch pads. Let them become spacious, inviting spaces where a lot may be done between cooking and washing.

Now that everyone wants to see those sleek linear lines of contemporary interiors, spend some time in planning kitchens and bathrooms. What is the planned color scheme? Would it all be in black, brown or white or include some bright colors like red or blue for contrast? Is it natural stone or ceramic tiles that fit the budget? Vanities in bathrooms express a great deal like the kitchen island in functional ways. Now that society can hardly do without tiles, a lot of planning and selection of tiles would be involved in a large-scale construction. If it is a building extension or renovation, the task may be simpler. Many families are trying to remodel or expand kitchens and bathrooms in aging buildings, according to the new importance given to kitchens and bathrooms.

Splitface tiles, Stacked Stone and Listellos

While affordable ceramics accomplish the task rather well of guarding the wall against spills and splashes during the cooking and washing process, why not go in for something more decorative? Since it is a sight the family members or office staff would witness daily, it would be money well spent, a great investment for the future. Sturdy wall and floor installations are truly once in a lifetime events unless a change is required for renovation or reconstruction purposes. Choose some exotic materials and go in for something rare if budgets ruling. The surroundings would look up in a moment of inspired happiness each time. Some of those patterns that stick to the memory are the attractive splitfaces, stacked stone, and listello designs. They stand out of the ordinary and make people feel the presence of some important element on the walls.

Shower walls and accent walls would use the similar tiles to great effect. Do not hesitate to achieve richly colorful and starting effects for fear of overdoing things. Look around the restaurants, the halls, healthcare facilities, and airports. They present the same stunning looks with an array of novel tile designs. The manufacturers are constantly feeding the consumers with new designs and materials almost every month. Do not forget that tile materials are sourced from across the globe from far away Spain, India, China and Turkey, to name a few destinations. Along with the materials, designs are also imported from all over, to create those mesmerizing surroundings.

A choice between Glass, Stainless Steel, Mosaic and Ceramic tiles

Glass tiles are extremely satisfying indeed and present hygienic, transparent surfaces that are easily cleaned. Everybody admires the luminescence that reminds of the great outdoors. Colors and patterns do bring an amazing attractiveness to the surroundings.
Metal tiles may be stunning too, different from the usual with a modern ambiance, easy to clean. Stains need to be quickly cleaned before they settle down.

Mosaics are rather trendy and available in an intense variety of designs and materials. Get them cheap and fashionable with alluring colors and designs. Glass, metal and stone blends do present the most mystic surfaces.

Ceramics and porcelains have been the traditional favorites for many decades, affordable, durable and easily maintained. Technology has reproduced a range of textures of wood and fabric upon them for greater attractiveness.

Creativity observes no limits and other glass-based tiles are available like mirrored, geometric and plate glass. Go out of the way and choose something to satisfy the dramatic inner urges for a change.

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What Is Rustic Luxe Design?

Every aspect of your home can become part of your decorating theme, including your doors. Rustic luxe designed homes often feature sliding barn doors. These doors are normally used to close off areas such as closets or pantries. Simply described; they are stylish doors made of wood which usually feature moldings and a natural or neutral color. Sliding barn doors sit on metal sliders. They are a fun way to separate a space while still creating an open feel all while adding to the rustic luxe design.

In the kitchen a sliding barn door is perfect to close off the pantry, but the rustic luxe design does not have to stop there. The kitchen is the perfect place to implement this design because it is easy to mix masculine and feminine decor. The cabinets are usually where the feminine design comes in play. Most commonly rustic luxe cabinetry is glazed in a distracted white finish. To add a little flair you can add glass doors on either a few cabinets, which would create an accent, or all cabinets, which creates a more open and airy feel. The same white disturbed material is often brought to the fridge with custom doors, fit to match the cabinets. This is a great way to hide your appliances, while also adding more femininity to your kitchen. The back splash in a rustic luxe kitchen ranges very highly with some designs being more masculine than others. If you are looking for a more feminine look it is common to go with lighter tiles, such as subway tiles, if you are going for a more masculine look darker more earth toned back splashes are commonly used. To tie in the masculine design, counter tops are often darker earth tones. Rustic luxe kitchens most commonly use granite counter, which not only bring in masculinity but they add the luxurious feel as well.

Continuing through the home, it is important to carry out the rustic luxe design. Living areas are no exception. This include; living rooms, sitting areas, and bedrooms. The most important thing to remember when decorating living areas is the furniture. Rustic luxe design revolves very much around your choice of furniture. Buying a light colored couch, this can be of any textile, and placing it with more industrial home furnishings is a great way to achieve this look. Industrial modern pieces are often used to bring the rustic flair to living areas. This includes coffee tables, which feature a natural wood top and metal legs and accents. It is important to keep a neutral or natural look in your living areas. Throw pillows and blankets often feature different textures to draw the eye, instead of having different colors and patterns.

The rustic luxe design is extremely popular right now. This design is a great way to make your home look modern and chic, while still having it feel cozy and comfortable. With a mix of masculine and feminine design, high fashion and homey how could you go wrong decorating your home in a rustic luxe design.

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