There are so many things that make these North African tribal rugs favorites for many people around the world. They've been enchanting the people of the Atlas Mountains for ages now. They've started captivating people in the Western world through the past few decades, too. Do not be surprised if you see a gorgeous Berber rug on the floor in a chic and contemporary Notting Hill flat. Do not be shocked if you spot one of these rugs on the floor in a roomy detached home located in Beverly Hills in California, either. They're practically ubiquitous in stylish and attractive settings in this day and age. People can find them in homes of all sorts. They can find them in commercial settings of all types as well. You may notice one on the floor in the lounge area of ​​your favorite beauty salon. You may see one on the floor of a restaurant's waiting section.

What makes Beni Ourain rugs such a big deal, anyway? There are so many answers to that big question. These rugs bring a lot of extremism and flair to the table. They bring images of North Africa to mind. They possess tribal charms that make people feel far away. They, at the same time, can also make people feel comfortable and cozy. Their designs are the definition of appealing and eye-catching. If you're fond of streamlined and geometric patterns, you will not be able to forget any Beni Ourain rug that crosses your path. If you adore muted colors that do not command a lot of attention, you will not be able to get any Berber rug you see out of your mind. These rugs are known for appearance that are simplistic yet meaningful and poignant. Who knew that basic shapes and lines could be so visprising?

Beni Ourain rugs are great for people who are enthusiastic about durability and strength. There are so many rugs out there that simply do not cut it in the tenant department. These weak and fragile rugs can barely tolerate any foot traffic. Berber rugs, however, are a whole other universe. These floor coverings can work out wonderfully in households of all sizes. If you live in a busy household that's chock-full of nonstop action, investing in a Berber rug will not strike fear in your heart.

These rugs, last but not least, do not demand a lot of time-consuming care. If you want to keep your rug pristine, clean and lovely, you do not have to commit to a reasonable amount of upkeep work. Maintaining a Beni Ourain rug that looks fresh and new does not have to be a massive chore for anyone. They will not interfere with your lifestyle at all.