Accessorizing your interior design environment is quite important. This is a mini-version of all the “big” stuff that came before, including space planning and furniture selection.

To obtain the right and appropriate personal enrichment of your space, you need to have a selective eye. Particularly, if you have done things properly from the very beginning. You do not want to wreck things at this point and thereby diminish the total effect! If you're moving in a certain direction with a plan and a purpose, you do not want to take a side venue, side trip, or have things start to get off trajectory.

As from the very beginning, it's still going to be all about composition, shape, form, texture, color, spacing, and everything else. Now I have this to say, “Do not fool yourself here!” This is a very important part of the whole composition.

Let me run this scenario by you. Let's say someone says, “Steve, I need your help putting together a great floor plan and great space planning.” So I do that and I get it just perfect. I get everything just right, both functionally and aesthetically. And then I say, “OK, we're at the accessorizing point.” Then, they say to me, “I can handle it from this point.” By the way, if they could not handle the first part, what makes them think they can handle the second part?

It's kind of analogous to me being a pilot, even though I'm not really a pilot. But, let's say I am. I get the plane airborne, I gain altitude, and I get it up to 30,000 feet. Then you come up into the cockpit and say to me, “Would you mind moving over? I think I can take over from here. there, I think I can handle it from here. ” Typically, that's not going to work too well. If something happens, they're not going to be prepared to handle it and make it turn out well.

It's just like writing, too. You, as a writer, need proper punctuation and sentence structure. If you do not know how to write accurately, you'll get your paper back with red marks all over it. And those marks will not be there for decorative purposes!

Accessorizing is also like putting people together. If you get the right people together and put them in close proximity, you can facilitate some great communication. You can create some magical and memorable moments. If you get people too far apart, the magic does not happen. By the same token, if you get them too tight together, the magic does not happen either. So like people, proper spacing is just as important. The things you choose to put together are just as significant.

The “magic” in accessorizing is all about the relationship of the objects to each other and how they play off each other in terms of shape, form, texture, and color. It's how you combine curved pieces with straight pieces, as well as different materials and finishes that contrast and emphasize things.

Finally, accessorizing is very much like follow-through in golf. If you do not follow through correctly in golf you're hooking, you're slicing, and you're a lost ball in tall weeds! The next club you pull out is one of your specialty clubs … it's called your “weed whacker!” So do not let a similar thing happen to you at the accessorizing phase. Do not end up where you should not be. By all means, end up in the fairway! Because, that's where the fun is. So always follow through … from a good beginning to a great end.