Windows are the face of home and any interior is incomplete without dressing them. We have multiple options for the purpose. Curtains, drapes, shades or blinds everyone plays their own role and holds their value. When we plan to purchase blinds for the windows there are multiple options that back our decision. Other than understanding the style of window, interior here are the factors that are to be looked upon for deciding the right choice.


Window blinds are offered in various materials. Fabric, metal, wood or vinyl, the options are vast and we have to choose the right material depending upon the location of the window, purpose of the blind, type of window and so on. Like the vinyl material are best for wash rooms while the fabric material is the best for living or bedrooms. Similarly, the bay windows can have fabric material while the wood can take place in the study or outhouse.

Level of privacy and light:

It depends on you what privacy level you are looking for. The blinds are offered in sheer, room darkening to blackout range. At times, you may prefer complete blackout may be in the bedroom or TV room or you may opt for some light in the living room or study room. If you have a panoramic view from the window you may prefer to have controlled light option with a complete view from the window. For this purpose, you may prefer energy efficient window blinds. You may also choose sheer or solar blinds to have a glow of light but protect your furnishings from the harmful rays.

Energy saving:

Well, this is the added advantage that window blinds offer. The cellular or honeycomb blinds helps to control the temperature of the room helping in minimizing the use of heaters or AC while solar blinds or energy efficient blinds helped to save the energy wasted on turning on lights during the day. These are capable of holding the glare outside while allowing the light to flow in.

Motorized option:

This is also the option available with window blinds. At times, it is cumbersome to roll the blinds if the windows are high or are more in number. Or if you wish to have some ease or safety of your kids and pets from getting stranded with the cords then this option is the right choice. These are also preferred to give an elegant look to the interiors. And of course, you would not like to move your guests to roll the blinds for this the motorized options perfect option.


The window blinds are designed in various styles. Roman, roller, open roman, apex, cellular, collinear, wood, panel, vertical, zebra and so on. Depending on your preference you can explore the right style. For both light and privacy, you can choose zebra or open roman blinds. These are most preferred in an office or home office windows. While you can have the panel and vertical blinds for your big windows, roman, roller and apex are preferred in other rooms. Roller blinds are most preferred in wash rooms and kitchen along with living and bedrooms.

You just have to explore the options available depending on your needs and preferences and then move over to the desired style and design. The you have to measure the right size of the window to get the blinds customized so that they fits in there perfectly. Now you just have to explore your preferences and creativity and dress your room to reflect your taste.