Trending Hardwood Floors

It is true that impossible flooring options have empowered the houses with glaring and dazzling sights. One can have a list of striking floors by just a single click. Yet there is Hardwood Flooring which flawless taste and shadow reflection sooth our eyes as we enter our room. I am talking about the elegant trending hardwood floors. You can imagine that companies have begun to use every type of wood in hardwood flooring whereas in the beginning Red Oaks and Maples wood were used but if we talk about the recent species it includes:

1 – Solid Exotic Kempas Natural
2 – Red Oak Natural
3 – Lauzon Solid Red Birch Natural
4. African Magnolia Exotic Engineered
5 – Mohawk Red Oak Natural

As I have discussed earlier, people prefer to install hardwood floors in their homes due to striking and soothing exposure. You can have a natural outlook in your home by installing this flooring. Here are some flooring styles that have extended the aesthetics of people.

Cypress Floors

Cypress floor comes in various styles and shading. Just look the seamless installation that comes with the beauty of textures and the artifice of the amber and the browns. It has high compatibility with any type of wood; cabinets, chairs, or dining room tables. It performs great resistant against heavy wear and the amazing part is, no scar is visible as compared to other floors. It has a base of blonde wood and its darker color changes the theme of the room.

Hickory Floors

If you are thinking to get some character and warmth it is the best choice. Hickory floors are not only durable but also beautiful. Just imagine the pleasant feelings of formal and rustic looks you install in your home. The consistent grain with few knots makes it more attractive as it is very suitable for modern furnishings. There is one point to remember that it is one of the hardest flooring available in the market that has become the ideal for homeowners but for installing purposes you need a professional because it is as hard to install as it looks.

Engineered Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

Yes, it is true that there are some good and bad points of this flooring option as Engineered Bamboo Hardwood Flooring is attractive, traditional, has high resistance to water and bugs, and there is no match of its strength and durability. It is many times harder than Brazilian cherry, maple and oak as it has impressive numbers on Janka hardness scale. It is a versatile selection that comes in various styles and stains. This type of flooring offers a natural environment and looks to nature lovers and can easily sustain 30 to 50 years. It offers a noticeable resistance against high traffic areas like entryways, kitchens, laundry rooms, and powder rooms. It is also insect resistant and very moisture.

Engineered White Oak Hardwood Flooring

White oak is one of the popular choices of homeowners because of the variety of simple shades- a matter of aesthetics. It has closed pores and grains that prove it extremely water-resistant. It is the best choice for your foundation where we have a high risk of water every time. It has 1360 grade on Janka Hardness scale as compared to red oak that is rated at 1290. It means it is stronger than red oak and hides the dents even better.

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How To Decorate Dining Room With An Italian Restaurant Theme

An Italian restaurant theme spreads cozy and warm feeling in a small dining room. Many homeowners want to bring the Italian ambiance in the dining room for Italy is a home to popular foods and drinks such as pizza, red wine, spaghetti, and risotto. These common Italian foods are offered in many restaurants in the world. If you are a fan of those foods, why do not you use the Italian restaurant theme for decorating your dining room? Induce the authentic look by having the color wash on the walls, Italian themed table centerpieces, Italian cafe inspired mural and distracted stucco.

Italian Restaurant Menu And Poster

The wall is perfect with a simple wooden framed Italian restaurant menu. Get it by printing an Italian menu from the internet. Then you can frame it using a recycled wood material. Hang this unique item on the focal wall. If you can not find any special menu on the internet, get the picture which publishes the advertisement posters of olive oil, pizza, bread, or wine. Seeing the pictures of Italian foods or drinks on the wall will increase the appetite of the occupants at home.

Italian Kitchen Tools

Decorating the dining room using an Italian restaurant theme is not expensive. There is no need to display high-end or luxury pieces. The simple items in the kitchen such as pizza cutting board, ravioli rolling pin and polenta paddle are nice to spot on the empty wall. If you have aged wrought iron books or shelves, put the kitchen tools at their top. Fill the shelves with Italian cookbooks, decorative mugs, and spice tins.

Italian Faux Finishes And Mural

If you have gone to Italy, you must have spotted numerous old styled outdoor street cafes. The homeowners with big budget can hire a painter to create an Italian mural which libraries the scene of Italian outdoor cafe or restaurant. Pick the combination of orange, yellow and rust hues to create a color wash twist for the other walls. Then mimic the texture of stucco. Do not apply glazing or glossy paint. Pick the matte one with stained effect.

Italian Tablecloth and Centerpieces

Build the informal setting with Italian restaurant style. That's why; avoid draping a satin or silk tablecloth. Choose a simple checkered red and white tablecloth for classic quality. If you want to launch a formal dinner in the room, replace the checkered tablecloth with cotton white linen. Put faux grape vines inside a copper finished vase as the centerpiece on the table along with Italian labeled cans and a bottle of red wine.

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Tips on Finding the Right Joinery Services

Most people confuse joinery services and carpentry services as the same but there is a fine line of difference between the two. While carpentry can be referred to general services, joinery refers to specialized expert services to improve residential and commercial spaces. If you wish to renovate specifically spaces like kitchen, living room etc., you must hire a joiner. The following tip would help you hire the right joinery company –

Experience matters a lot

As far as joiners are concerned, nothing beats experience because only that guarantees expertise. So it's important to know how long they have been in the business and what is their area of ​​specialization. Check on their previous work to understand the kind of work that they deliver. You can even check on their expert's qualifications to be assured of that they would deliver to your expectations. You must select at least two or three companies to finally zero on the one company to do your job.

Reputation of the company

The reputation and credibility would be a good indicator of the expertise of the company. It's impressive and reliable reputation will definitely be assuring to you. It does not harm to check on the necessary license documents and whether they are registered to operate in your area. With authorization comes the knowledge that they have the necessary expertise and qualification and thus the professional standards required for the job.

Get recommendations

Online reviews, previous case studies, customer testimonials and if possible a direct interaction with a previous client are some unwatchable way for you to be confident of their way of working as well as their final work. Speaking to building inspectors of the building where they have worked previously would give you valuable insight if their contractors regularly meet the code requirements or not. You would also get enlightened about either they buy quality materials or not. These testimonials would also give you an insight into whether they conduct themselves in the acceptable professional way or not.


Joinery work can prove really cumbersome if not completed on time. Thus, it's important that you confirm that the company has a reputation for finishing the work in the deadline given. Simultaneously speed must not equate to compromise on the standard of work. Clear conversation and expectations here will be good.

Free consultation

A free consultation and direct interaction with the company should be there. Most reputed companies provide a free consultation session to understand well and set the right expectations. This meeting is crucial for you to gain your personal impression and clarify any doubts that you would have.

With these guidelines, you can never go wrong with your selection and the output work.

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The Specialised Art of Persian Carpet Cleaning

You have just finished decorating your beautiful home and you are now relying on your interior designer to help with the finishing touches. The finishing touches that will now give your room the air of opulence, intrigue and luxury.

Interior Designers have the ability to make spaces functional, safe and beautiful. They will select colors, lighting, materials as well as ensuring the space looks and feels right for their clients. Earning anything from £ 50 – £ 200 per hour.

Finishing touches can mean finding the perfect set of drawers, they have to be perfect in color and material. You kindly on the interior designer to help choose the finish for each piece of furniture; should it be oak or pine or even something totally modern like lacquered wood.

All of the finishing touches will make the room feel alive to you. You may have a home that is adorned with beautiful and unusual pieces of furniture and trinkets. Each room has your taste and style from your many travels to countries all over the world.

If you have been lucky enough to visit some of the more exotic places of the world, you will have no doubt collected an excellent range of trinkets and even rugs.

For some people the finishing touch is all about floor covering and with more and more people choosing to have wooden floorboards or even stone, the finishing touch for their floor space can be even more important to the overall look of their room.

Many large country houses are graced with the space to be able to house wonderful antique rugs; with many people choosing the beautiful ornate Persian carpet. Dating back over 2500 years and previously from Iran rugs were originally used to keep nomadic tribesman warm, but with their increasing beauty and intricate detail they started to grace the floors of kings and noblemen.

With so many different sizes, patterns and designs available it is easy to see why people are choosing Persian carpets for their homes and they now play a big part in the finishing touches interior designers look too. With the designs and colors available it is easy to find a rug to suit most rooms.

A big worry for some is the knowledge behind how to clean a Persian carpet. They can be extremely expensive and with some people choosing to have rugs flock in from all around the world, spilling something as simple as wine or coffee on it can cause stress for both the owner and the carpet.

Persian carpet cleaning is an extremely specialized art and many owners have made the mistake of believing they can clean the rug themselves or they hire a general cleaning company who only go onto ruin the ornate and beautiful rug or make the stain worse.

Finding a Persian carpet cleaning company with the ability to handle the materials involved can be time consuming, but it's extremely important to retain the beauty of your rug; especially if you have taken the time and expense in choosing the right one to compliment your room.

They are made up of a unique mix of wool, silk and cotton. Three of the most delicate and diverse materials when it comes to cleaning and actually the use of water. You would not put a woolen jumper or silk shirt in the washing machine on a general wash and expect them to come out in perfect condition.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident and need the specialist services of a Persian carpet cleaning company, you can feel safe you will not need to worry about ruining the family heirloom, you just need to be smart about who you use.

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Antique Rugs – The Must Have Home Accessory!

Once the expensive obsessions of sultans and wealthy nobleman; antique rugs have come a long way since their creation over 2000 years ago. With a spectacular leaf patterned blue recently selling at auction for $ 9.6 million, they have become big business all over the world.

As the wealthy continue to build their collections of beautiful art, the market expects to see continued growth over the next couple of years. The middle east, Singapore and the silicon valley rich are all after a piece of historic art that can present in their affluent homes.

Antique rugs are classified by the circumstances and times in which they were made. Were they handmade by tribal nomads or hand woven on looms in a royal workshop; each has their effect on the way in which they are valued and how they will be displayed within the home of their new owners.

If they are woven by nomads in tribal villages you can expect them to be priced at the lower end of the scale; which is surprising being as the hours and time put into the intricate creation and design would be vast. You could expect to pay between $ 2,500 – $ 300,000 for an authenticated piece.

The wealthy stock piled antique rugs for thousands of years and it was believed Henry 8th owned several hundred from all over the world; often collected on the many voyages he would send out in search of new lands and riches.

Interestingly the high value antique rugs are often bought as works of art, rather than something to be walked up in the study. People will make room in their homes and on their walls so they can hang their unique and expensive purchase. Instead of showing off artwork by Picasso or Van Gogh, the wealthy choose to show off their recent and extravagant carpet.

The rich and affluent are choosing to invest in them as part of their retirement fund, for some it's a hobby and for others it's the chase of finding something so unique and representative of its time. The thought of owning something so valuable that could have been walked upon and appreciated by royalty all adds to the thrill of ownership.

The most expensive ever sold at auction was a silk woven antique rug from central Persia. The fact it was pure silk and the details and color involved made this an extremely rare and valuable find. It was sold for $ 4,450,00, an incredible amount considering you could buy a suitably large house in central London for the same money.

Choosing your investment piece will never be easy, knowing the budget you have to work with and even having some idea if you would like Persian or Oriental will all help in finding your ideal piece of history.

Each can be so different in size, pattern and the appeal of one may not be the appeal to another. Taking time to shop around and understand what you can afford is usually the best approach.

Thank you to the growing industry, there are many professional and experienced companies who will assist in sourcing your antique rug; many have the much needed global contacts and will often have access to pieces you would never be able to see or purchase.

Whether it's an investment piece for you or your children, you can be sure whatever pattern or design you decide will be unique for you, after all you will be buying a piece of history full of stories, scents and wonderment of who may have owned it before.

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Don’t Bind the Beauty of the Glass Mosaics – Get Motivational Decors

Glass windows or backslash are not for institutional or holy designs. It can enhance the style of commercial and residential apartments as well. Now, you can get a wide gallery to view the beauty of Glass mosaics for sale. Through color, design and texture these mosaics can enhance the style of your windows, bathroom, kitchen and other parts of the house.

Glass subway slabs:

The glass subway tiles are one of the most astonishing glass mosaic categories of modern art and design. It has many layers to create the different style statement. The blue moon, bottle green, spring shower, platinum glossy and others are very high on demand. It may improve your mood of the house. The glass subway tiles can be installed in bathroom and kitchen. This item creates a perfect backsplash.

Bliss element:

Bliss glass random strip, bliss glass strip stand, bliss glass element sand, smoke, carbon of little size, bliss glass blend mineral and bliss glass element of big bricks can create an individual mood in the kitchen. The white color kitchen cabinets with these bliss Glass mosaics for sale can afford a highly extensive interior of your kitchen. This has a broad outlook and amazing decoration.

Bliss Baroque series:

The company has launched a brand new item in this summer. The bliss style of mosaics has been changed a lot with some innovative and thoughtful additions and subtractions. Bliss Baroque Albastro, Albastro Random, Albastro Square and Strip can look extremely powerful in the library, dining rooms and other places of the house. The new product is high one demand for its color purity and clarity.

Iridescent glass tile collection:

The design has just the name of these Glass mosaics for sale. The iridescent style has a different rule of manufacturing. The lines and edges do not follow the ethnic rule. It has complete different mood and sketching idea. Aquatica gray scale, glossy spectrum, rainbow trout, oval collection and different sizes of art studio glass collection is very important for the kitchen backsplash. The high designed blue bonnet or Hakatai calliope glass can set a new age garden as well.

Glass and stone blends:

When the style is trying to break the rules of glass mosaics, the glass and stone blends or metal blends categories is evolved. The art studio rain, cypress frosted and Meadow is one of the most comprehensive and heart-touching designs of the lists. It can be installed in bathroom, kitchen, and gardens to glorify the space.

These categories of Glass mosaics for sale are just the little summary of the company. There are more to explore. Therefore, people should subscribe for the better result now.

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The Question, Where to Buy Porcelain?

The modern day flooring has attained new heights. There was a time when the floors were generally made of cement and red stone. These indigenous ways soon repealed and the new things wave the way. Today the natural stones are used more and more for the flooring purposes. It is necessary to have a natural stone floor for many reasons. The first and the foremost reason being the natural stones are some of the most cherished and cheap things. This increases the luster of the room to a great extent.

The role of the good floor is in the whole reflection of light. The natural stone floors will help in the total reflection of the same. For this the room will look lively and fresh. The natural stones are very hardy and long lasting. They can withstand a lot of atrocities. They can be cleaned easily and then their glow is retained for a long time. The thing looks as if new. There are many patterns and textures in which they are availed. Thus they can personalize the room too and render elegance and beauty. The prices are cheap and precise so they will have the best options for flooring.

The question is where to buy porcelain? Porcelain is a stuff very much desired and ordained by the modern day people. The stones are very gracious and they come in a myriad design range. There are many online portals that sell best quality porcelain. While searching for the ones most trusted one must see the variety of the things found in the particular site address. There are many types of porcelain like cotto look porcelain, glass look porcelain and many more. The best sites have a very vast collection of the same. There must be many color options.

Another important thing that one person must judge before buying the porcelain is that what are the sizes in which they can be bought. Usually there are many kinds of the rock sample. The good sites will have a big range of the sizes too. So buying from here will be the easiest way. There are occasional discounts too. So the rates will be less.

While buying one has to input the delivery details and notify the payment plan. Then the same shall be transferred to the homes at ease through the e marketing agencies. This will really make the home glow with the radiance.

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Should I Use Marble Tiles in Modern Homes? What Would Be the Benefits?

The modern homes are designed with marble tiles, because of its durability and beauty. There are some benefits and restrictions of the tiles. Here, people would know the ways to make the marble slabs fruitful.

Cost guide:

Whether you are using marble flooring, then you must know the destination to get the best marble tiles for sale. Actually, some online authorities can guide you about that. There are many marble sellers, who have websites to brief their collection, rates and service charges. Some of these companies have a great stock and variations.

When you are finding the marble tiles for flooring, then the price of the marble slabs would not the ultimate investment. You have to calculate the installation charges with that as well. Some sellers provide the low-cost marble slabs, but the rates of the services are not that much low.

Marble flooring is a work of hours. It needs a base to fit the slabs, polishing, edging and installing. Therefore, it would create some noise for hours. It is a problem in the urban cities. Especially, neighbors would not allow this. So people are choosing the alternative tiles to get a relief from the noise. The experts say that if owners can manage the noise issue, then there is no parallel ways of marble flooring standard. The best quality marble tiles for sale of a standard brand can assure your coming up 40 years with glory. You just need to polish the floor in every 5 – 7 years so that it can be fresh and glossy again. This low maintenance is very cost friendly for the people.

What fixes the rate of marbles?

Marble tile's rate is fixed by following its quality and color. Some colors need a high cost to design the marble so those marble slabs would need a little bit more per square meter. Sometimes slab size and design depends on the rate as well. You can visit the size to know the exact figure. The figure would be different for several types of buying. If you the slabs from marble tiles for sale category, then the rate can be less. Some bulk buying can bring savings as well.

Some companies are providing delivery services with the wholesale marble buying. If you want to save the cost of buying, then choose some tricks.

Save in marble buying:

• If you have a requirement of more than 3000 square feet of marble, then visit the wholesale market.
• Know about the market from various sources and visit that place without taking the help of brokers.
• Buy the marble and load the truck from that place and pay the rates from own hand.

Thus, you can save in marble flooring and get a security of the rest of your life.

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Vintage Style Interiors

Fresh from a summer shopping trip to India, we share our gorgeous vintage artisanal finds. Vintage Indian designs pushes new boundaries respecting and redefining traditional design aesthetic appeal. The selection of vintage doors and arches is amazing and there are several options for each style and budget. I love designing with vintage décor pieces because it gives a sense of history and a collectors edge. Whimsical with history the palace doors tell stories of the dynasties that rule the lands, the battles foolish and the epic love stories that are so romantic.

Bohemian cabinets with slightly traditional patterns, furniture with old world textures and colors that have an artisan edge. Anything handmade or hand-painted goes on the very top of my list. Add drama to a room with Indian carved art or antique arched windows in dark teak wood. Monochromatic color palettes mix well with old world texture and patterns. Comfortable and practical with easy livability and a touch of glamor are also key elements to my vintage bohemian style.

Shopping in India is a whirlwind of color in ethnic tribal bazaars with colorful hand crafted home goods, and accessories. The intricate details and craftsmanship in each piece is exceptional, so it can be overwhelming but also exhilarating. I love getting my hands on old patchwork quilts, silk pillows, sifting through the never ending piles, and talking to the artisans about their journeys and the age old traditional art that they still keep alive. The stories are so compelling about how they were made and what makes them meaningful.

Everything from India is based on age-old designs of vastu found on traditional architecture, and carvings in our artisans' hometowns. I find old copper planters, iron pots with floral designs while wandering around the local markets. Creative, cross-cultural blends with Britsh Colonial mixing with Mughal architecture, the haveli doors are magnificent portals of history. Artisans have been carving these designs that have been passed down for hundreds of years, far back from anyone can remember. It's evident in the richness of history and the essence of energy that you find in each piece.

A diversity complexity, and story of everything you find and to design a space that speaks to your personal aesthetic, is a classic vintage epic decor in the making. Each piece should feel collected over time rather than a total symmetry of designs. Using vintage decor is special to curating a space that feels authentic, ecletic, unique and special.

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Caucasian Rugs Origin & Weaving Patterns

Caucasian rugs originate from the Caucasus region located between the Black and Caspian Seas. This region – formerly the south-western part of the Soviet Union before its disbandment – encompasses approximately 160,000 square miles of territory.

Caucasus History

Over the course of the past millennium, the Caucasus region experienced significant amounts of territorial, cultural, and religious conflict. The rocky terrain and expansive variety of culture made the area susceptible to frequent sieges and territorial conquests.

Before the Russian government absorbed the Caucasus region, the Arabs, Mongols, Tartars, Turks, and Persians repeatedly engaged in battle over the region. Due to the constant shifts in power, the indigenous population comprised a wide variety of beliefs and cultural traditions.

The main people groups – including Christian Armenians, Central Asian Islams, Turks, and Persians – suffered many forms of persecution, discrimination, and enslavement through the their history.

Caucasian Rugs

The violent history of this region heavily affected its weaving cultures. The weavers of this region used a variety of bold, beautiful colors in order to portray their unfortunate past.

Given the menagerie of people groups that make up the population, the rug weaving styles display many cultural influences. Persian designs and Anatolian weaving techniques repeatedly peak out in Caucasian rugs; however, despite the similarities, Caucasian rugs have many unique qualities that they claim as their own.

It was not until the early 19th century that the Caucasus region finally shifted entirely into the 'folk art' weaving traditions that the region is so well known for.

Caucasus Rug Weaving Styles

Within the past century, the Caucasus region has become very well-known for its 'folk art' pattern styles. Its textile art has significantly impacted the original markets, and the region is now very well known for these specific types of rugs.

In the mid-to-late 20th century, the Caucasian people switched to weaving their rugs in state-controlled workshops instead of nomadic tribes. These workshops regulate the type of wool and the quality of the overall rug. In addition to regulating the rug's materials, the workshops also limit the rug designs to the older, more popular styles in Caucasian history.

Caucasian Rug Names

Unlike other cultures, the Caucasus names its rugs based on the rug quality or the design instead of the place of the rug's origin. This can make it more difficult to truly authenticate the product, and determine its history.

It may be difficult to determine the actual country of origin in Caucasian rugs because workshops and other manufacturing plants often copy Caucasus designs. As the rugs do not bare the origin name for the rug, it is important to closely examine the quality and design when deciding to make a purchase.

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Black and White Photography As a Statement in the Art World

Black and white photography, or monochrome photography, occupations a unique place in the world of art and the visual media. It has been around for almost two centuries now, and it still has a little bit of down-looking from the art world. Even though the monochromatic tradition has been around for a couple of centuries, it can be traced back to 6000 years in history when we start to take ink and carbon works into the wider frame. In terms of art itself, photography is very young, so it is just a mere matter of time for it to be excelled into a greater state in the art world.

Here is a great fact that will help answering the question why many people diverge between choosing color or monochrome in their work: monochrome photography enhancements composition, therefore it gives a stronger message by subtracting the distraction that color inherently has.

Composition is a much more complex concept that goes beyond the very well-known rule of thirds. Elements in composition include the following:

· Lines

· Shapes

· Forms

· Simplification

· Negative space

· Rhythm

All of these elements aid the photographer to compose a message into a much more pleasant or aesthetic view of reality. The message is something that only exists in the fraction of a second the photographer decides to include into his camera settings. The message is part of the moment that the photographer decides to capture. Therefore, the message is presented better rather than realism that accurate color can render. Color photography is great for many purposes, but when talking about a message, its instant punch is quite softer than when it is presented to the viewer in a monochromatic format. The much accepted theory behind this statement, is that color pretends to achieve a greater grade of realism, and that black and white turn apart and intend to see things differently, and by removing color we have:

  • Something different from reality
  • A greater message by removing the distraction that color gives

Another magnificent aspect about black and white photography, is that it has been a very democratic and almost generous medium. Developing black and white film is a work of art and creativity in a much larger scale if compared to color film. The thing is that black and white film can resist much more different changes in the development procedure (temperature, time of development, time of fixation, etc.) and color film is much more precise work, it is a more elaborate chemistry if you like to view into the chemical line. And this was somehow inherited in the digital format by allowing black and white photography to end more extreme settings when contrasting than color photography. Color photography starts to get weird looks much earlier than black and white when cranking up the controls in RAW development. Even with printing, black and white photography has a richer history than color photography thanks to papers and printing processes.

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Lavish Bedroom Ideas Inspired From Bollywood Movies

Are you a fan of Bollywood movies? You must be familiar with the famous stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. They are very popular among the Bollywood fans. The term Bollywood is used to define movies produced in India. The qualities of Bollywood movies are seen from the dazzling costume, traditional dancing and splendid music. Use the Bollywood characters into the bedroom for selecting the furniture, color schemes, bedding, accessories and artwork. The space will appear dramatic, welcoming and exotic. Do not be afraid to dominate it with bold patterns, gorgeous prints and rich colors.

Jewel And Metallic Tones

One easiest way to infuse the Bollywood spirit is using the suitable color palette. The metallic colors like silver and gold evoke the grandeur and sparkling effect. Both increase the luxury of Bollywood bedroom design. The silver framed mirror is nice to match with a luminous white crystal chandelier on the decorative gypsum ceiling. The primary shade in the room can be inspired from jewel tones like emerald green, ruby ​​red, sapphire blue, fuchsia, jade green and teal. Add a hint of white tone to decrease the overwhelming effect of bold tones.

Elaborate Wooden Furniture

Pair the bold color schemes with a dark stained wooden bed frame. The traditional look is perceived if a rich wooden bed frame features an ornate floral printed headboard. Other furniture ideas like chairs, benches, nightstands, and dressers should be antique too. The hardware like pulls and knobs is ideal in silver or gold finish.

Extraordinary Bedding

The bedding set for Bollywood bedroom decor should be lavish and comfortable. Satin and silk are the common materials for the linens. Purchase an Indian garment or sari to create a unique handmade patchwork comforter. Stimulate the luxurious feeling by having the pillow shams ornamented with gold embroidery and beads. The violet, teal, hot pink or magenta colored bedding is charming. If you want elegant style, opt for paisley batik or floral printed bedding.

Bollywood Art and Accessories

Banish the boring wall by hanging a Bollywood movie poster. Get a picture of your favorite Bollywood movie on the internet and print it. Then use the multicolored mosaic frame to display the picture on the wall. The ceiling is perfect to beautify with a mosaic tiled lantern. The side table is shining with a mirrored candle holder. Put a high gold vase filled with pretty flowers and greenery at the corner. The bedroom will be fresh and outstanding.

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5 Best Italian Marble Tiles for Interior and Exterior – Tips of Residential and Commercial Decor

The leading importer-cum-manufacturer is bringing the best Italian Marble tile into the market. Now, the people can desire for sublime beauty and comfort. Here, you can know about some inspiring Italian Marble and its strengths.


An astonishing white marble of Italian style is Statuario Marble. This Italian pattern is perfectly installed on the surface. The quality and price are not out of the box, but the style is rare. It looks amazing with the peaceful interiors. Mainly, this marble can be used in bedroom, dining, balcony and libraries. People can find enough stock of this marble. This posh marble is broadly popular for its get-up and function.

Rosso Verona:

This Rosso Verona Marble is one of the largest marble design and colors of Italy. This marble is imported from Italy and précised in the company. Cutting, edging, and polishing of the tiles can afford the required size for bathroom, kitchen, foyers and the halls of the commercial building. The designs are sketched on the dark color palate. Therefore, it does not need the regular whipping. This Italian Marble tile has reasonable rates and easy installation facility.

Gray Williams:

One of the popular marbles of Italy is Gray Williams Marble. The huge slabs of authentic gray Williams marble have imported from Italy and précised in the company to distribute to the buyers. A huge stock can cover any size of the floor of halls of residents and commercial apartments. The Italian Marble tile is highly used in garden pathways. The low price and powerful bricks of the slabs are very good to take more pressure. Some stores can apply this to get beautiful floors.


The Botticino town is the birthplace of this marble. Therefore, the name is Botticino marble. This tile has amazing color and pattern. The color of this item has not explored in any other space of the world. The rare color is designed by amazing lines. Therefore, it became a popular item for tasteful people. The Botticino Fiorito Marble is an extension of it. The category is the same, but the design is different.

Calacatta White:

Another top quality white marble is Calacatta White Marble. It is one of the rare marble slabs of Italy. Mostly, people can not find this everywhere. A certain number of online retailers and stores have great stock. This amazing Italian Marble tile may bring the best fad in modern architectures. The benefit of this item is many. Designers are used this in Urban houses and rural houses both.

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Vintage Collection of Glass Bottles

Ever wondered, what is the basic thing we can never live without in our life? It is water. Water is one of the basic necessities of our life. Everything from a simple sip of water to a glass of wine, it is a fuel to our daily life. With the number of drinks that we take in our whole life, we also make piles of a glass bottle. The rise of bottles that we have, it would be a waste if we just pack and throw them away. Do not you think, it is wise to turn something of those bottles and re-use it in the most creative way possible?

As much as the new bottles are useful to pour us fresh juice or a wine, the bottles are fast becoming mean to polluting our environment. Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles can always turn to be in use anyway. They are 100% recyclable and reusable. So what do you think, what really comes to your mind of those used bottles? Every bottle is unique in its own way, so it is best to start collecting them. Quite inexpensive, monochrome or bright colors, bottles can be used in many ways and also gives an elegant touch to almost any decor in your house or office or anywhere.

If you are looking for a small garden for yourself near your study room or even a kitchen, bottles in a new form can add that extra charm and deck up your space. Many of you might not be aware, but bottles are really good home to little baby plants. However, it has to be assured with ventilation and sunlight.

When it comes to decorating to your place, we know you take that extra effort to pull off a great decor. If you quite admire wine bottles and thinking to turn them into some fun decor, well, we say go for it. Generally, the older the bottle, the better it is. Wine bottles, especially are a huge hit in terms of vintage bottles among the class of people. During a hearty and light conversation in an event at your place, the collection of decorative printing bottles would definitely bring the attention of your friends and family, and you know exactly, how good that would make you feel about your creativity.

There are thousands of ideas that can be used with the bottles and make them look classy and edgy. You may decorate your private bar in quite a style, with the lighting lines in the bottles. You could put glitter or sequins and gift them as present in any occasion to your loved ones. (Remember glass bottles make a very nice addition to decor.) One should know decorating glass bottles requires a lot of cleaning and should be decorated neatly; otherwise, it will simply kill the effect of the charm.

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Kid’s Room Interior

Are you brainstorming yourself for the perfect ideas to decorate your child's room? Well, we definitely believe you, about how difficult it is to come up with the best interior design for the toddler. These days, children are more creative than what we can even think of. It is very important to design the kid's room interior with the perfect taste of your child.

A child's room is one of the safest and secure places that the child feels comfort. Painting the right color on the wall, setting up the furniture correctly, accessorizing the room as per your child's preference are some key factors one should definitely take care of. We bring you some brilliant ideas all put together to help you decorate your kid's room interior.

Read on to know more.

1. Decide a theme

One of the crucial decision of all times before starting on with room interiors! Deciding a theme for the room is one of the foremost things you should check and decide with your kid by your side. There are plenty of ideas one can choose from. Choose a colorful, lively, bright and whimsical kind of theme for your kid's room interior.

2. Space is what they love most

With the amount of energy, they have in their body, as a parent who would know it better than you. The more space you give the room, the better it is for them. Do make sure while designing the room, you give an ample of space to make the room functional in the most efficient way possible.

3. Right use of the corners

Your child loves to play with the toys or read books? Well, using the corner of the room for their 'solace of personal love' is a right investment. Pick a corner with enough lights and if there is a window nearby, then it makes it even better to use the corners. you may make use of the corner with their favorite books and night lamp and make it as a mini-library. You may use the corner by keeping lots of stuffed toys and make it an in-house play way for them.

4. Walls or a drawing board?

With a crayon or pen in hand, your child thinks every wall is their canvas. Well, let's make them feel they are a 'Picasso'! Provide them a single whole wall to themselves where they can paint or sketch as much as they want to. One day you will find the wall a souvenir of their growing up days.

5. Hide n Seek: Closet

One of the most important places for a child is his / her closet. Place the closet in the right place with a lot of drawers and hanging space. Make sure you take suggestions from your kid about what kind of closet they wish to have and what kind of styling would they prefer. Adding a little flavor of requirements, you may design the closet, keeping in mind the tone of the theme you are going on with.

Beside above factors, one also needs to decide on providing the right accessories in the room.
Find below some points about accessorizing the room.

1. A wall art place
2. A small sofa / recliner / bean bag
3. A study table with correct lighting
4. A comfortable bed with cushions and covers

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